5 Best Road Trip Apps for travelers

Road Trip Apps

Fantastic Road trip apps mentioned which you should download before your next trip. Make Your Road Trip a Memorabilia with these 5 Smart Apps. If you are a frequent air or rail traveler then these travel accessories and gadgets are must for you. However, if it comes to Road trips it’s a completely different experience when all … Read more

How To Transfer Apps From One Android Phone To Another

One thing about Android users is that they like to install and use various apps on their phones. Most of these apps are social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But there are a lot of other apps that can be really important and fun to use. And it happens quite often that you … Read more

WhatsApp Notifications Not Working: How To Fix It

whatsapp notifications not working or getting delayed

If there’s an issue with your WhatsApp push notifications, the best solution is to restart your phone. You can do this by holding down the power button for roughly 10 secs. In addition to rebooting your phone, you should also make sure to clear the app cache for your WhatsApp. Have you been missing your … Read more

How Good Doctor Disk Cleaner is for Your Mac? : App Review

Optimize Mac using Doctor Disk Cleaner

If you are looking forward to installing a Mac optimizer or cleaner or whatever names you may like to use, there is no dearth of options. There are all sorts of optimizers and cleaners available but unfortunately, not all are worth your bucks. What’s the point in installing a pricey application that does exactly what … Read more

How To Take Printout Of An Email In Gmail Or Save As PDF

In certain situations, you might want to take a printout of an email but don’t know the right way. You can take the screenshot of an email and then take the printout of that screenshot. But the issue with this approach is that you don’t get the proper printout of the email. Like you miss … Read more

How To Stop Autoplay Videos Or Mute Their Sound On Facebook

stop autoplay videos in Facebook

Did the videos in your Facebook news feed start auto-playing? Don’t be baffled as there is a setting available to disable that. In this tutorial, we will let you know how to stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook from their website, iPhone and Android app. Moreover, if you want to keep the autoplay enabled but turn … Read more

How To Email WhatsApp Chat Or Conversation By Doing Export

If you are looking for a way to export and email WhatsApp chat or conversations, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we are going to explain how you can share your WhatsApp chat history via email with or without media files for groups as well as individual contact/chat. If you choose … Read more

How To Disable Automatic App Updates In Android, iOS

Updating apps is necessary in order to make them work properly in the long term. However, updating all apps at once consumes a lot of data. Unless you have an unlimited data plan never update apps with your mobile data. You should rather prefer a WiFi network to update apps on your device. However, on … Read more

How To Rotate Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

As technology is advancing the smartphone cameras are getting better day by day. Nowadays no one needs a professional camera to take a perfect picture of something or someone, as the smartphone cameras are capable enough to take some good shots. On top of that, camera filter apps add a cherry on the cake by … Read more

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Or Deactivate It: Here’s What You Need To Know

Facebook has a huge user base. Hundreds of new accounts get registered with Facebook daily. But on the other side, hundreds of already existing accounts get deleted from their servers too. And if you too have seen enough of Facebook and want to get rid of the app then we are going to show you … Read more