How To Stop People From Tagging You On Facebook

Tagging is a feature provided by Facebook to create a link of the post on tagged person profile. It’s a very useful feature that allows other people to know who was with you or who is in the photo. But people do get annoyed and irritated when someone tags them unnecessarily on Facebook. Their timeline … Read more

How To View And Delete Only Unread Emails In Gmail

how to view only unread emails in Gmail

As people get lots and lots of emails day in and day out, they hardly get time to read all the emails. Later people do realize that they might have missed some important emails to read. You can easily differentiate the unread emails as they are highlighted. But what if you want to see all … Read more

20 Best Camera Apps Including Dual For Android And iPhone

best camera apps for android

Choosing a smartphone with a good camera will alone not make it to get amazing pictures. Great apps are available which uses not only the camera of your smartphone but also the sensors of your smartphone to get stunning pictures. In this article I have listed out the top 12 best camera apps for Android which will take your … Read more

How To Turn Off WhatsApp Notification In Multiple Ways: It Works For Multiple Notifications As Well

how to turn off WhatsApp notifications

Earlier, we explained how to hide WhatsApp message preview which hides the message content from notifications and only shows the sender’s name. However, if you are not satisfied with that then you can completely turn off WhatsApp notifications completely or for individual or group chat. So, to get rid of the WhatsApp messages popup on … Read more

How To Change Facebook Color To Any Color

how to change facebook color to any color

Since February 2004, when Facebook was founded, it has gone through many changes in design and interface department. They introduced many new features but always stuck with the same color for their page i.e. Blue. The color of Facebook has been the same throughout since it was launched. Actually, there is a proper reason behind … Read more

12 Most Expensive Phones In The World

most expensive phones - goldvish

One of our earlier article presented about the most expensive laptops in the world, today in this article we will cover the most expensive smartphones in the world. With the advancement of mobile phones technology, a smartphone can do everything that a computer can do. That is why people spend a lot of money buying expensive … Read more

How To How To Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp From Everybody Or Specific Contacts

hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be found on any and every smartphone. That’s the popularity of this instant messaging app. With this high usage, users should also take care of their privacy. There are several privacy settings provided by WhatsApp that you can configure according to your requirement. In this guide, we cover how you can control who … Read more

How To Remotely Log Out Of Facebook: A Handy Feature If You Lost Your Phone

how to remotely log out of facebook-featured

Did you forget to log out yourself from Facebook on another person’s computer, phone, or tablet? Or maybe, you lost your phone and do not want to expose your private info to a person who finds it? No worries as you can still log out of Facebook from that device without having that device with … Read more

How To Open PDF File Without PDF Reader

You try to open a PDF document but not able to do that because you don’t have Adobe reader or facing some issue while opening it. Now, what to do? Well, take a deep breath because you can also open a PDF file without making use of PDF reader. Not only you can open the … Read more

How To Hide Friends List From Certain Or All Friends on Facebook

how to hide friends list from certain friends - image

With the increasing number of friends on Facebook, you might very well consider the Privacy settings Facebook has to offer. One such Privacy setting lets the user hide friends list on Facebook. Using this setting you will be able to hide your Facebook friends list from Public or friends depending on your choice, hence no one … Read more