MacX MediaTrans: Best iTunes Alternative to Backup iPhone to Mac

Backup iPhone to Mac using MacX MediaTrans

With the latest iPhone coming out soon, it’s time to upgrade and enjoy the exciting new features. But we all know how things can turn out while updating to the new iOS version. Issues like data loss and iPhone stuck can kill all the fun. In case of switching to a new iPhone, it is … Read more

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Here’s how to delete all the emails on your iPhone – open the Mail app and select inbox. Tap Edit then tap the first email to mark it. Swipe down until all are selected. Once they’re all selected, tap Trash at the bottom right corner to delete them. Have you ever wondered how to delete … Read more

How To Take Screenshot Without Buttons On Android, iPhone, Windows

How to screenshot without buttons on iPhone and Android

Are your smartphone’s volume or power buttons damaged and not functioning anymore? That doesn’t mean that your phone cannot work anymore. Here we bring to you a useful app available on Play Store which can help you screenshot without buttons on Android. For iPhone/iPad users the functionality is built right into iOS. So, let’s get … Read more

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone or Mac

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone or Mac

Auto-correct is a handy feature to avoid spelling mistakes while writing text messages, iMessage, document, browsing on Safari and whatnot. But let’s face it that it is not so convenient as it seems when we are communicating or writing in our local language. The feature automatically converts the word into closest possible English word which … Read more

How To Save iMessage Photos To Camera Roll At Once On iPhone

Save iMessage Photos to Camera Roll on iPhone

If you are someone who exchanges a lot of media files via iMessage then you are not alone. Most of the iOS users make use of Messages app more than any other third-party messaging apps. More so after a plethora of additions made to iMessages in iOS 10. Even though there is no direct option … Read more

How To Easily Stitch Photos Or Screenshots Together On iPhone And Android Using These Apps

Stitch Images or Screenshots on iPhone or Android

We all take a lot of screenshots for some reason or the other. As a blogger, I take them on my iPhone to explain the steps for any procedure clearly to the readers. You might take them to share a particular conversation with someone else. The problem arises when one screenshot is not enough for … Read more

How To Translate Webpage In Safari On iPhone Or iPad

How to Translate Webpage in Safari on iOS - Featured

There is so much valuable content available on the internet which remains inaccessible to most people due to language barriers. On average, a normal person knows one or two languages at most, but websites, blogs, and articles are written in several languages that most people don’t understand. To break this barrier, Google Chrome introduced the … Read more