Trusted Contacts: How to Share Location on Android without Touching Your Phone

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Google has launched an app that allows you to share location on Android smartphone with family and friends quickly. Something that is very useful in an emergency or natural disasters. There will be times when your loved ones will want to know where you are, and you will easily be able to let them know thanks to this app.

Share Location On Android Trusted Contacts

Share Location on Android with Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts is very easy to use, so even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you will still be able to share your location. It will surely become a must-have app on every kid’s phone, so parents can quickly know how far they are from home.

How to Choose Who You Share You Location With?

The app is going to make it more than clear where you need to tap to add contacts. As you can see, I have already added three and below is the button you need to tap on whenever you need to add another contact.

How to Add Contacts in Trusted Contacts

When you press on the location icon in the upper right, you can choose to either share your location with specific contacts or send an alert. By sending an alert, you will be sharing your location with all the trusted contacts you have listed.

How to Give Out Your Location When Your Phone is Off

Once you share your location, it (the location) will be available for 24 hours or until you make it stop. The app also gives the option to open your location in Maps, or you can post a message. To post a message telling everyone you’re OK, you need to tap on the red circle on the bottom right.

Share Location on Android

Once you tap you will see three options; to share a link with your location, share with more contacts or post an update. In Post Update, you can either create your custom message, or you can choose from the ones the app suggests.

It’s best if you create your own (if you can) since there are only two options; ¨I am OK¨or ¨I need assistance¨. These suggested messages are still useful since you might be in a situation where you do need help, but you can’t type it out.

Give Out Your Location Even if Your Phone Is Off

Even if your phone runs out of battery, family and friends will still be able to know where you are. How? Since it’s impossible to give out a location if your phone isn’t on, what the app does is that it gives your last known location. So, if you had an accident and are unconscious, your friends and family will still be able to find you.

When someone asks for your location, you will have five minutes to answer or deny the request. If you do nothing, the app is going to automatically give out your current or last known location.

Trusted Contacts also has an Ignored Contacts option where the people on this list won’t be able to send your any updates or add you as a trusted contact.

Location History

In Settings, you will also find location history. This option allows Google to get location data from the devices that are listed. You will generally see devices that are linked to your Google account and the app will list them all here.

How to See Location History in Trusted Contacts


As you can see Trusted Contacts is a very basic app, but a very useful one indeed. You never know when you’re going to be in a situation where you’re going to want people to know where you are.

If you want to give the app a try it’s available for download on Google Play. So, do you think you will give the app a try? Let me know in the comments.

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