How to Decrease Screen Brightness Below Minimum Level on Android

how to decrease brightness below minimum level on Android - featured

We have got almost every facility on our smartphones. Still, there is one thing even the flagship devices lack. It’s nothing, but prolonged battery life! And battery life depends a lot on the brightness of your device. You may be an Android user, looking for an effective way to retain at least 10% battery juice … Read more

[Infographic]10 Tips To Boost Android Battery Life

Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer

Your phone’s battery, unfortunately, doesn’t last as much as you would like it. Whether your phone’s battery lasts longer than someone else’s is going to depend on what you do with your phone. If you play HD games on your smartphone most of the time, you’re lucky if you can get through half a day. … Read more

How to Search For a Text or Word in Android Chrome/Firefox Browser

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most used browsers in Android devices. So all the Android users who are looking to find a text in a webpage in Chrome/Firefox, can easily locate the words without using any third party apps. This article will tell how you can search for a text or word in Android … Read more

How to Set Charging Limit on Android Device to Keep The Battery Healthy

Set Battery Charging Limit on Android smartphone

I’m sure you’ve read about how you can improve your Android device’s battery life.  Things such as overcharging are one of many things that can shorten your battery’s lifespan but setting a charging limit on Android smartphone is a life saver. If you do your homework and follow the many tips out there, your phone’s … Read more

[Infographic] 13 Amazing Tools to Develop Android Apps

Mobile Apps development is becoming fast-paced, demanding environment. More and more developers are switching to mobile app development. So for all the Android developers, who are either freelancer or working in a company, I have listed out best tools to develop Android apps that will fasten your App development with infographic. All the below-listed best … Read more

How to Get Cortana on Android Device

Cortana on Android

Most users probably think that the only way to enjoy Cortana is by having a Windows 10 computer. While that is true, it’s not the only way to enjoy it. Believe it or not, you can also use Cortana on Android instead of Google Assistant as a personal assistant. You’re only going to need to install … Read more

How to Add Chrome Extensions Remotely From iPhone and Android

Add Extensions to Chrome Desktop from Chrome app

Most of the times we are occupied on our smartphones as they get almost all the things done for us. However, have you ever come across a useful Chrome extension on your iPhone or Android device and wanted to add it instantly to the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac? Unfortunately, Chrome app store … Read more