How To Download Music From Shazam: Get Your Favorite Tunes Now!

Shazam is one of its kind Music app that lets you recognize music playing around you. You can listen to all the identified songs from your library on Apple Music and Spotify. Not just recognize but can also Discover songs by searching for Artists and Songs on the app itself. However, Shazam doesn’t let you … Read more

How To Sync Mac Notes With Android Phone

How to Sync Mac Notes with Android device

When you’re using iPhone/iPad and MacBook, the syncing of notes happens before you know it. With everything Apple, the data is synced very well and quickly between devices via iCloud. However, what happens when you use a Mac and an Android phone instead of an iOS device? That’s exactly what happened when I recently switched from … Read more

How To Export WhatsApp Contacts To Android, iPhone, And Computer: Save Your Contacts To CSV Or Excel Easily!

Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer or Smartphone

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How To Save iMessage Photos To Camera Roll At Once On iPhone

Save iMessage Photos to Camera Roll on iPhone

If you are someone who exchanges a lot of media files via iMessage then you are not alone. Most of the iOS users make use of Messages app more than any other third-party messaging apps. More so after a plethora of additions made to iMessages in iOS 10. Even though there is no direct option … Read more

How To Share Notes On iPhone: 3 Methods

Use Collaborative Notes on iPhone or iPad

Do you take a lot of notes on your iPhone? Maybe you use the Notes app to write out your grocery lists or to make a packing list for your next trip. Whatever the case may be, there may come a time when you want to share those notes with someone else. Whether it’s because … Read more

How To Email Multiple Photos Or Videos(More than 5) At Once From iPhone/iPad

Email more than five photos or videos at once from iOS device

As you might have found out that iOS has this irritating limit of emailing only five photos/videos at once from Photos app. It is pretty annoying and inconvenient when you want to share a large number of photos and videos taken on a trip. Personally, I face this issue daily while working. While writing tutorials … Read more

How to Transfer Contacts/Pictures/Music/Video From PC to iPhone

How to transfer data from PC to iPhone

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How To Transfer Apps From One Android Phone To Another

One thing about Android users is that they like to install and use various apps on their phones. Most of these apps are social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But there are a lot of other apps that can be really important and fun to use. And it happens quite often that you … Read more

Best Cloud Services for your privacy

Best Cloud Services for Privacy

Here in this article we talk about Cloud Services conisdering the privacy and security of your data. 4 Best Cloud Services for your privacy mentioned and why you need them. Today, people are adopting cloud services that are offered to them at a tremendous speed. Dozens of services provide free space to you just for … Read more

How To Share Files Between iPhone, iPad, And Mac Via AirDrop: Follow These Steps

Wondering why are you not able to transfer files from your iPhone using Bluetooth? To put it clearly Bluetooth in iOS devices does not support file transfer even between iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. However, with iOS 7 Apple provided a feature named AirDrop with which you can transfer files between iPad, iPhone and … Read more