How To Move WhatsApp To SD Card On Android? Use These Two Ways!

How To Move WhatsApp To SD Card On Android? It's Easy!

You can’t transfer WhatsApp to your SD card but you can transfer its folders (eg. media and backups) to free up your phone’s internal storage. You can do this by going into your WhatsApp folder, selecting the folders you want to transfer then move them to your phone’s SD card. If you’re like me, you … Read more

How To Back Up And Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive To iPhone

How To Back Up And Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive To iPhone

WhatsApp’s versatility has made it one of the most popular messaging apps in the whole world. It features voice and video calls, voice chats, and messaging and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop, making it a wonderful medium for communication for different kinds of people. Sometimes though, you might need … Read more

How To Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive? Can You Read WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive On PC?

How To Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

Backups are extremely important, especially if you’re the kind of person who always seems to be losing or breaking their phone. When you backup your data, you’re essentially uploading a copy of it to the cloud that you can access when the need arises. One of the things that you should consider backing up is … Read more

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Telegram Including Deleted Telegram Videos And Telegram Files

Recover Deleted Photos & Videos On Telegram

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps. It has lots of extra features if we compare it to WhatsApp or other similar apps. It has self-destructing messages, large file sending capacity, supergroups, channels, and whatnot. We have already listed some best channels on Telegram worth joining. Messages on Telegram are stored on its … Read more

How To Stop WhatsApp Backup On iPhone And Android In WhatsApp, Google Drive, iCloud, Or In Settings

How to stop WhatsApp backup

With WhatsApp being the go-to messaging app for over a billion users, it becomes imperative to take care of your privacy. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to the WhatsApp chats in your WhatsApp backup on iCloud or Google Drive. As the backup is not encrypted, anyone with access to your iCloud or Google Drive account … Read more

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Here’s how to delete all the emails on your iPhone – open the Mail app and select inbox. Tap Edit then tap the first email to mark it. Swipe down until all are selected. Once they’re all selected, tap Trash at the bottom right corner to delete them. Have you ever wondered how to delete … Read more

Return To Normalcy: How To Get Out Of Safe Mode On Android Phones

how to disable safe mode on Android phone - featured

You can get out of Safe Mode on Android by restarting the target device or troubleshooting and uninstalling disturbing third-party apps. You can also get out of Safe Mode on an Android device by going through the notification panel or doing a factory reset on the target device. Did your child mistakenly install an app … Read more

How to get iPhone out of Recovery mode : ReiBoot Review

How to get iPhone out of Recovery mode

This is one of our review articles where we introduce a product as a solution to the problems faced by tech-savvy users. Here we are going to address the problem of iOS device getting stuck at Apple logo or Stuck on Connect to iTunes screen. If you are facing any of these issues then go … Read more

How To Recover WhatsApp Messages You Accidentally Deleted On Your iPhone or Android Phone

Did you have accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages? Don’t panic! You can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone or Android by following the steps mentioned below. You can also do so even if you don’t have a backup. In case you have a backup then it’s quite easy to restore it to get the messages … Read more