How to SetUp Windows Hello and Everything you Need to Know

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In this article, we are going to share everything you need to know about Windows Hello. What is Windows Hello, why do you need it, it’s benefits and finally how to configure or setup Windows Hello on your computer/PC.

How to Setup Windows Hello

Most of us are used to signing into our computers by typing in a password. The problem with that sign in method is that you can easily end up forgetting your password. Trying to recover the password can be a real headache. Since you don’t want to go through that again, you probably end up creating a very easy to remember password.

That’s something that the experts in online security say you should never do. By creating an easy to remember password just about anyone who knows what kind of password you’re most likely to create can get in. Windows users have Windows Hello to help protect their computers even more since it requires something no one else can give. Your Face, eyes, or fingerprint.

What is Windows Hello?

According to Microsoft, Windows Hello is a more personal and secure way to sign into your Windows computer. Instead of typing in a password, you can either use your face, Fingerprint or Iris. Your personal information is encrypted and stored only on your computer.

Not every computer has it. You can use Windows Hello on the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and most PC’s that have fingerprint readers. More devices that can support Windows Hello will be coming out in the future.

You’re also able to sign into your computers with Windows Hello companion devices. For example, you can use Microsoft Band and some Windows 10 phones.

How to Configure/SetUp Windows Hello

Once you’ve made sure that your Windows computer supports Windows Hello, this is how you can set it up. First, you’ll need to access Settings > Select Accounts > Select Sign-in options and then scroll down to the Windows Hello Section.

Choose Setup from the Face section and click on Get started on the Windows Hello setup dialog. Hopefully, you’ve remembered to brush your hair since you’ll need to look at your camera while it captures the 3D view of your face. If you forgot, you can go ahead and do that now.

It will also tell you to keep looking directly at your screen, and it will tell you when you can stop. If you want to perform more captures just click the Improve recognition button.

You can also set it up so it can auto unlock as soon as your Windows 10 computer sees you and if you want it to require a turning of your head left and right for verification. Your Windows 10 computer should now be locked, and you should see a small eye and text saying that it is looking for you.

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As you can see that setting up Windows Hello is easier than you probably thought it was. You don’t have to enter long and complicated-looking commands. Everything you’re going to need to be able to use Windows Hello finally is in the Settings section.

You’ve probably seen it before but were probably a little hesitant to click on it since you didn’t know what it could do. So, do you think that you are going to give Windows Hello a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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