How To Set Home Or Work Address In Google Maps? It’s Easy!

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If you think that Google Maps can only help you out in getting to unknown or new locations then you need to think again. A couple of simple settings can make your daily commute a hell of a lot easier and plan like never before. You don’t have to type your frequently visited places like home and office every time. By adding home and work addresses in Google Maps you can simply refer them by name to get the route details. So, here we are with the methods that will let you set, change, and edit Home and Work address in Google Maps.

Why Set Home & Work Address? – Benefits

Usually, to get the route and traffic conditions you will type the address. Home and office being the most visited places, more often than not you end up typing the same addresses over and over again. Well, that’s not required, as you can do it once and forget about it.

If you have added a Home and Work address then a couple of taps will get it done for you. Moreover, once you do so, you can simply ask Google Assistant, “How much time to Home or Work” and that’ll do the job. It will automatically pick up the address from where you set it and show the results. From there you can directly start the navigation.

Home Work Address Google Maps benefit

Now then, let’s get on with the methods, shall we?

Set Home Or Work Address In Google Maps

1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone and tap on the Menu icon at the top left. You should be logged into your account. So sign in if you haven’t already.

My Places Google Maps

2. From the menu select Your Places.

3. Next, in the Labeled tab, you’ll see Home and Work. Tap on Home.

Set Home Work Address Google Maps

Alternatively, you can skip steps 1-3 and simply search ‘home’ and select Add in the dialog box.

Search Home Google Maps

4. Go ahead and type in your home address or you can also directly select it on the Map by tapping on Choose on map if you wish.

5. Once you’re satisfied, tap on Save.

Save Address Google Maps

In the same way, you can set Work address by selecting Work in the Labeled tab.

If you are looking to edit home or work address then you can do that as well.

Delete Or Change Home Or Work Address

1. After you’re logged into your account, tap on the hamburger icon and select Your Places.

Change Home or Work Address Google Maps

2. Now, tap on the 3 dots next to Home or Work and select Edit home/work while you need to select Remove home/work if you want to delete them.

3. After you select Edit, you can set a new address either by typing to selecting on a map.

4. Finally, select Save.

After you’ve set the addresses you can get quick access to routes to these places by simply saying Home or Work to the assistant. While from the app you can simply search ‘home‘ or ‘work‘ and click Directions. Effortless, isn’t it?

Get directions to home Google Maps

You can use another setting – Commute after you’ve added home and work to get more insights about your trip. Here’s how you can set it up.

Set Up Your Commute In Google Maps

Commute settings Google Maps

1. Tap on the menu icon and then select Settings.

2. Now, select Commute settings.

3. If you have already added home and work addresses then they will already be set here. In case you haven’t then you can add from here as well by tapping on Home or Work. After that, type or select the address on the map.

Set up commute in Google Maps

4. Next, select the mode of travel under How you commute and tap on Next. The recommended times and routes will depend on this so choose it correctly.

Commute Google Maps

5. Select the days, time you have to reach office and leave for home and select Next to proceed.

6. That’s it! Tap on Finish.

Quick access via Commute Google Maps

From now on, you can quickly access the routes to your most frequent places by tapping on the Commute tab on the home screen. You can easily switch between home and work by simply tapping on To Home/Work at the top and select the desired option.

Commute settings will help you in getting information like when you need to leave in order to reach on time. It will do that based on real-time conditions such as traffic, weather, accidents and other factors. That’s not it, it will also help you in choosing the best possible route to reach the destination with live updates.

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Final Thoughts

Setting up home and office addresses in Google Maps can go a long way to save you some important time and hence help you in being productive. It not only saves you the trouble of entering the same address all the time but it also helps you plan your commute in a better way(if you also set up a commute). With real-time updates, you will never have to be late or hang around unnecessarily. So, what are you waiting for?

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