How to hide files inside an image file

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Do you have any secret files which you want to hide on your hard drive? Do you want to share a file secretly inside another file without getting caught? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Do you know you can actually hide any type of file inside an image file, including txt, exe, mp3, avi etc and you can hide many files inside a single image not just one. And all this without any knowledge of any encryption-decryption technique.

In this post I will take you through how to hide a file inside a JPEG image file and then how to extract it simply.

Steps to hide files inside an image file

Step 1:

Create a folder on your hard drive. Give any name you want to give, like I have create a folder by name “TestFolder”.

Put all the files in this folder along with an image.hide files - folder


Now select all the files you want to hide and right click on them to choose the option to add the files to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. hide files - archives-min

You can give any name to the compressed file, here I have given “secret.rar”. After doing as instructed above your folder should look like as shown below:hide files - folder look-min


Open the command prompt. There are two ways to do so :

  • Press Windows Button + R  type cmd  and hit ENTER
  • START>RUN>type cmd  and hit ENTER

 Now at the command prompt type CD  to go to the root directory.

Then type CD followed by your folder name eg. CD TestFolder and hit ENTER.

Now type the following

copy  /b <image name with extension> + <compressed folder name with extension>  < new image name with extension>

Note: New image name can be the same old name of the image file.

Eg. copy /b   sherlock.jpg + secret.rar   sherlock.jpg hide files - cmd-min

Phew! you just created a secret image file containing the hidden file.hide files - zip file-min

How to access/extract the hidden files inside the image file

There are two ways to find or extract the hidden files from an image file.

  • Right click on the image file you created and open it with winRAR or winZip or any such application.
  • Change the extension of the image file to .RAR or .ZIP and double click on it to open.

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All said and done, this is one of the simplest and great way to hide any number of files and of any type inside a single image file but only flaw it has that the size of the image file will be on the larger side compared to the original image as it now contains hidden files which may make it look suspicious.

hide files - size-min

Try it yourself and hide your personal/ private files in an image. Were you able to hide your files in an image? Do you like this trick? Share your thoughts in comments section below.

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