Bubble Shooter™ Classic For Android: A New Mind Bubbling Game

Bubble Shooter Classic Android App Review

With catchy graphics and new illustrations rolling out every now and then, ‘vintage’ is never getting old. Bubble Shooter is an exciting bubble game which will surely give you nostalgia for lots of things like enticing colors, candies and the old brick games. With catchy effects and thousands of levels, this free game will awake the … Read more

7 Best eBook Reader Apps For Android And iPhone/iPad

Best eBook reader apps

The fast pacing world doesn’t give you enough time to sit at your home and read a book that is on your wishlist. You cannot carry the books everywhere obviously, but you can’t compromise with your hobby of reading. The eBook reader apps come to the rescue in such times. There are hundreds of apps … Read more

How To Mention Or Tag Someone In Your Snapchat Story: Watch Our Video!

mention someone in your snapchat story

Snapchat is a fun app and it’s full of various features. For example, Snapchat has group video calling and voice calling. Apart from that, the app has a feature allowing you to mention friends in a Snapchat story. Read our post to find out how to use it. Tag/Mention Someone In Your Snapchat Story Mentioning … Read more

How To Create Memes With White/Black Background And Words

create memes with white or black background and words

Memes have become most important part of the internet now. People just love to create, share or view it almost daily. Did you ever feel that you too can make a few eye-catching ones? Or maybe you have some weird pictures or videos of your friends to create a funny meme. All you need to do is … Read more

7 Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android

Sometimes, we need to copy more than one text while we are surfing the Internet or reading something on our phone. Android clipboard copies just one item at a time. It is often more problematic when you forgot to paste some copied item and then you copy some other stuff. In that case, you cannot … Read more

10 Best Apps For Writers On Android And iPhone/iPad

Best Apps For Writers Android iPhone iPad

Writing allows you to unleash your thoughts, happiness, pain, desire and whatnot. It takes years to be a writer who is read widely. But the long time does not necessarily mean that one is going to make it big. All it takes to be a writer is lots of patience, practice and of course reading. Patience … Read more

How To View And Recover Android Notification History

Recover Android Notification History

Has it ever happened that you have loads of notifications on your mobile but out of habit you accidentally deleted all of them? Well, there is quite a chance that you deleted a useful notification without checking (for example, a status update from your friend’s WhatsApp) or some notifications simply didn’t show. It can be … Read more

7 Best Music Visualizer Apps For Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, And iOS To Rock-N-Roll With Style

Best Music Visualizer PC Mac Android iOS

It is at the height of love for music that we even want to see the music happening. Sometimes we are into some songs so much that we would love to visualize their beats in all possible patterns. Music visualization is possible because of amazing music visualizer apps and software. Most of you might be already loving … Read more

19 Best Android Widgets To Customize Your Home Screen

Best Android Widgets For Home Screen

Smartphone widgets are basically some tools or important component of an app to help you navigate things faster on your phone. Widgets were not always this cool as they are now. It took a while, but now widgets can make your smartphone experience much easier and quicker. You don’t have to open an app every … Read more

7 Best Piano Apps For Android And iPhone/iPad

Best Piano Apps For Android iPhone iPad

It is a little tough to carry a piano everywhere. But it is tougher to leave behind the musician inside you. There are now lots of apps available which can help you to unleash your desire to play some fine tune for your perfect mood. You can even learn to play piano without a music … Read more