Bubble Shooter™ Classic For Android: A New Mind Bubbling Game

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With catchy graphics and new illustrations rolling out every now and then, ‘vintage’ is never getting old. Bubble Shooter is an exciting bubble game which will surely give you nostalgia for lots of things like enticing colors, candies and the old brick games. With catchy effects and thousands of levels, this free game will awake the spunky gamer inside you. It is basically about matching the perfect bubble, shoot and win. Here is our review.

Bubble Shooter ™ Classic Game Review

Bubble Shooter Classic game is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

Installation And Setup

Once you install the app you can directly play the game. This game doesn’t ask for any permission or registration. You can even play it without connecting to the internet. If you want to play with your friends then you can link your Facebook account with the app. It will not post anything on your Facebook wall. You can change the sound and music settings and then tap on Level to start this mind bubbling journey.

Bubble Shooter Classic Game For Android

Features Of The Game

1. More Than Thousand Amazing Levels

Bubble Shooter™ Classic has currently got 1750 levels (when I am writing this review). They keep on adding the levels and the game becomes more and more challenging. Just 4-5 levels in the starting are too easy then you really have to play with perfection.

Bubble Shooter Classic App For Android

2. Graphics And Sounds

This game has got one of the best graphics and effects in bubble games category. The bubbles have too catchy colors. If this isn’t enough, there are some bubbles in the game which are of two colors and can be shot with any of one similar color ball.

Not to sound crazy but when many bubbles pop and drop at once, it really looks soothing. Apart from this, it has a pleasant music playing in the background and the shoot sounds are also nice.

Bubble Shooter Classic App Features

3. GamePlay

Bubble Shooter has a very cool gameplay in comparison to similar games. Its gameplay has 4.1 ratings on Play Store. You have to find minimum 2 matching bubbles and just shoot from the bottom end. There are limited shooter bubbles and the game demands you to leave the greed of the bubbles in the front and start finding a way to blast them all at once. Bigger your blast is, better the chances of getting the boosts.

Then there are grey bubbles on the board which can’t be shot by a bubble of any color. You have to go for bubbles beyond them. If you clear the board too early, you get 300 points for each shooter bubble you saved.

4. Puzzle For Your Mind

This game isn’t just about finding the matching color’s bubble. You need to find the correct angle to hit the right bubbles of the same color. As the next bubble is visible, you need good planning to make the best use of both the bubbles. You can even hit them indirectly like on a snooker table. So, sometimes it gets challenging to make the correct angle.

Android Game Review - Bubble Shooter Classic

5. Coins And Other Rewards

When you start the game you get 30 coins initially. Coins can be used to get extra bubbles when you run out of them. And also at the times of difficulty, you can get Fireball and Bomb with the coins. You also get 5 coins after completing every 5 levels. Apart from that, there are daily bonuses just to open the game.

In every level, after you drop more than 10 bubbles you get a Bomb which can be used to blast many bubbles at once. And if you pop more than 7 bubbles at once you can get a Fireball which burns every bubble in its way when it is released.

Bubble Shooter Classic Android Game

6. Game for Everyone

This game is fun to play with all categories of people. You can play it with your friends and family and also when kids are around. If you are a kid, it can be played even when guardians are around. You can turn off the sound and music if it disturbs anyone.

7. Free And No Time Limit

As it happens with many games that have levels, here you are not forced to buy anything and there is always another way to proceed. Another good part of the game is that you do not have to wait for 10 minutes or a day to unlock the levels. I won’t suggest doing this but you can play all day and night without a break.

Game Performance

Despite beautiful graphics and effects and so many levels, the performance of the game is quite impressive. I even played the game for straight 3 hours once and level after level it ran seamlessly. The phone I used was Redmi Note 5 Pro which has 4GB RAM. I am sure the game will face no lag in other phones too as it does not occupy much memory.

Ads And In-App Purchases

No doubt this free game has lots of ads but they never come in the way of a running level. When you run out of bubble before completing the level, you can choose to watch a video ad and then continue with the game. Watching the video advert gives you 3 extra bubbles.

You get 30 coins initially. You can purchase 15, 45 or 160 and so on up to 1850 coins at once with the respective amounts. Remember any purchase will also lead to removing the ads.

Bubble Shooter™ Classic Review - Android

Downloads And Ratings

At the time of writing this review, Bubble Shooter™ Classic has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play Store and it has a good rating of 4.4 stars. The game has got 4.1 for Gameplay and Graphics and 4.0 ratings for Controls.

Pros And Cons

Now it is high time to analyze what all plus and minus points we would experience in this game.


  • Runs seamlessly without any lags.
  • Thousands of exciting levels.
  • No time limit for the levels or for unlocking next levels.
  • 30 free coins in the beginning and 5 after every 5 levels.
  • Play offline.


I didn’t find any con as such but a small thing I would like to point out is that after some levels it becomes important to watch the ads for clearing the level. The ads give you just 3 extra moves, Otherwise, you have to play the same level again. If you don’t want to watch the ads then you have to buy the coins (or spend coins if you already have). The ads are short though.

Final Verdict

If you really like to tease your brain with some puzzles this game is worth a try. Even if the internet is down, this pleasant retro game continues. The levels are clingy and you do not feel uninterested even for a while. You may have some negative thoughts on the ads. But trust me, after some levels, you’ll feel like the ads are to help you get extra bubbles otherwise you would have to play the level again.

So, I would definitely recommend you to give it a chance. Just download the game and explore the surprising levels of Bubble Shooter ™ Classic.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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