How To View Contacts List In New WhatsApp Update On Android And iPhone

A few days back WhatsApp rolled out a major update where it transformed text status into media updates similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. To include this feature WhatsApp app GUI is changed a bit and there is a new Status tab which has replaced the Contacts tab which used to there in earlier app versions. Users like you and me are getting irritated as all of a sudden we can’t have a look at all our contacts on WhatsApp. The good news is that WhatsApp has not removed the Contacts tab but placed it at different locations on iOS and Android. In this short tutorial, we will let you how you can view Contacts list in new WhatsApp update.

 View Contacts List In New WhatsApp On Android And iPhone

Depending on your smartphone being iOS or Android you can find the Contacts list on WhatsApp at the following locations.

1. Open WhatsApp and select the Chats tab.

2. For iPhone/iPad users, tap on the Compose new message icon at the top right under Chats tab.

Android users need to tap on the new icon at the bottom right as shown in the image below.

View Contacts List in new WhatsApp update

iOS users will see Frequently Contacted section at the top followed by the Contacts list which is because of the Storage usage feature on WhatsApp for iOS.

That’s all you need to do to see the contacts list on WhatsApp in iPhone and Android.

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We hope that you are now able to see the Contacts list on WhatsApp latest version. If you think this article will help your friends then share it on social media with them.


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