How To Export WhatsApp Contacts To Android, iPhone, And Computer: Save Your Contacts To CSV Or Excel Easily!

Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer or Smartphone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for our online conversations. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a copy of the contacts in case of any mishappening which leads to losing your WhatsApp connections. To be prepared for such a mishap we are here with this tutorial, in which we will share … Read more

How to Pin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone and Android

Pin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone and Android

Pin Chat is one of the cool WhatsApp features (here’s another one). Follow this tutorial to know what is the meaning of pinned chat and its benefits. If you think it is something useful for you then you can use the steps mentioned here to pin WhatsApp chat on iPhone or Android smartphones. WhatsApp Pinned … Read more

How To Take WhatsApp Backup Using Mobile Data Instead Of WiFi On iPhone And Android

WhatsApp Backup Using Mobile Data Instead of WiFi on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is the most used messenger with over a billion users. This clearly suggests that most of our conversations are taking place on WhatsApp. Smartphones like any other gadget are prone to failure or damage. It is quite possible that you lose them or they get stolen by someone. This is where the WhatsApp backup … Read more

WhatsApp Pros And Cons You Should Know To Decide If This Chat App Is For You

WhatsApp pros and cons

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app and has been for a while now. However, this doesn’t mean that WhatsApp is perfect and there are no flaws in it. Even though WhatsApp is loaded with amazing features, there are some cool features other messaging apps have that are missing on WhatsApp. If you are … Read more

How To Control/Reduce Data Usage On Facebook And WhatsApp Calls

how to control or reduce data usage in facebook

A major part of the data is consumed by Facebook videos. You have to control data used by the Facebook videos in order to save a large amount of your internet data. So this article will take you through how you can reduce data usage on Facebook. Moreover, if you use WhatsApp calling extensively then … Read more

How To Copy Someone’s WhatsApp Status And About

Sometimes our WhatsApp contacts put such an amazing video, image, or text as their stories that we wish to put it as our own WhatsApp status. You might be wondering that what’s the need to copy About, it can be simply rewritten. But what if “About” contains special symbols which are not available on your … Read more

How To Know If Someone Is Online On WhatsApp With These Whatsapp Online Notifiers

how to know when someone comes online on Whatsapp

Do you want to learn how to determine if someone is online on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging tools in the world, and it has tons of features that let people communicate with each other. However, one of the functions that the WhatsApp app lacks is the online status function. … Read more

How To Update WhatsApp Status from Gallery/Camera Roll Directly

how to update whatsapp status from gallery or camera roll

In WhatsApp status, people can put their status as photos, videos, or GIFs. From the status tab itself, you can upload any media. But if you want to update WhatsApp status from Gallery/Camera roll directly, then follow this article. This method shows how to post WhatsApp status from camera roll for Android as well as … Read more

How To Download Someone’s WhatsApp Status On Android In Two Ways

how to download whatsapp status on android

With the WhatsApp status feature, users can set their WhatsApp status as photos, videos, and GIFs. Unfortunately, if you like someone’s WhatsApp status, there is no option to save it to your smartphone. This is because WhatsApp cares about its users’ privacy. But don’t feel hopeless as in this tutorial I will show you how … Read more