How to Copy Someone’s WhatsApp Text Status/About

Sometimes our WhatsApp contacts put so amazing text status that we like to copy it and put it on our WhatsApp Status. You might be wondering that what is the need to copy the text status, it can be simply written. But what if the text Status contains special symbols which are not available on your smartphone soft keyboard. Then the only choice you are left with is to copy their status. So in this article, I will help you out to copy someone’s WhatsApp text Status/About on Android or iPhone. You can also set blank WhatsApp Text Status or to copy WhatsApp status(stories) like pictures, videos, you can also do that, simply save/download anyone’s WhatsApp Status and put it as your own.

how to copy someones whatsapp text status or about

In Android, you cannot simply copy your WhatsApp contact’s text status. However, in iOS, the inbuilt feature is available and you can easily copy it, here is how.

How to Copy Anyone’s WhatsApp Text Status/About on iPhone

1) On iOS, what you have to do is head over to someone’s WhatsApp profile and long tap on About(text status).

how to save someones WhatsApp text status on Android or iPhone

2) A copy option will pop up, tap on it to copy. After this, you can paste this status on your WhatsApp status.

This feature copies all special symbols and smilies also.

How to Copy Someone’s WhatsApp Text Status on Android

Unlike iOS, the feature is not available for Android to copy anyone’s WhatsApp Status directly. Here we will use WhatsApp web.

1) Open WhatsApp web on your PC.(On WhatsApp App: Tap on three dots at top and choose WhatsApp Web and scan the code available on WhatsApp web site on your PC).

how to copy anyones whatsapp text status or about

2) Next, open the WhatsApp profile of the user whose text status you want to copy.

3) Now, with the cursor select the status of the WhatsApp contact and use Ctrl+C keys to copy it. Now paste it into your About section on WhatsApp. That’s it; you can even copy special symbols and smilies with this method.

It’s very easy to copy someone’s WhatsApp text Status on iOS than Android. However, WhatsApp may bring the option to copy the status directly in Android also like iOS.

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