How To Delete Online Accounts When Someone Dies

how to delete online accounts when someone dies

When a person passes away, it gets very important to close all their online accounts including Google and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. You should completely remove all the accounts so that no one would be able to steal the data. The credentials of the accounts are not required in order to delete … Read more

How To Control/Reduce Data Usage On Facebook And WhatsApp Calls

how to control or reduce data usage in facebook

A major part of the data is consumed by Facebook videos. You have to control data used by the Facebook videos in order to save a large amount of your internet data. So this article will take you through how you can reduce data usage on Facebook. Moreover, if you use WhatsApp calling extensively then … Read more

How To Turn Off Facebook Popup Notifications On Your Phone And Computer

How To Turn Off Facebook Popup Notifications On Your Phone And Computer

Are you tired of Facebook notifications popping up and disrupting your focus and workflow? The best thing to do is to turn off your notifications completely and check them when you can. Trust me, I get it. Facebook can be fun but it can also be a timesuck. That’s why it’s important to make your … Read more

Discover Friendship Duration on Facebook: Video Guide Inside!

How To See How Long You’ve Been Friends With Someone On Facebook In 3 Ways

Here’s how to view how long you’ve been friends on Facebook with someone – tap Friends in the Facebook app. Next, tap Your Friends, then tap the three horizontal dots next to the selected friend’s name on the list. In the popup menu, you’ll see when you became friends on Facebook. Are you wondering how … Read more

How to Download Facebook Chat History to PC

How to Download Facebook Chat History to PC

Do you want to download Facebook Messenger conversations? Maybe you want to keep all the messages to use later or to reminisce. Or maybe you’re planning on leaving Facebook and want to save your Facebook chat history. Whatever the reason, saving your Facebook conversations is pretty easy.  Read on to learn how to download your … Read more

How to Use and Create Facebook Stories on its Latest iOS and Android App

Everything you need to know about Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories were speculated for some time now and finally, they are here. If you see on a broad level there isn’t much of difference in the concept of Facebook Stories when compared with Instagram, Snapchat stories or even WhatsApp Status for that matter. Facebook, with this cloned Snapchat feature, is definitely going to give … Read more

How to Add and Use Facebook Trusted Contacts to Recover Your Account

What are Facebook Trusted Contacts and how to use them

Did you forget your Facebook account password? Well, there is an easy way to reset your Facebook password using Phone number or Email. But what if you also end up losing the phone number you might have attached to your Facebook account and no longer use the Email account associated with FB account. To prevent … Read more

How To Post Image Or Video In Facebook Comment In The App And On The Website

Post Image or Video in Facebook Comment Thread

We have reached a point where most of us communicate more on Facebook than we do in our real life that’s outside of social media. To make the interaction even more vibrant Facebook allows you to add photos and videos in comments on any post. If you want to post an image or video as … Read more