How to Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs on Desktop/Website

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The social media behemoth Facebook makes clever moves every now and again. Recently they launched Stories feature to give competition to its rival Snapchat. Another update which has to feature in the latest category has to be pop-up tabs for posts which you are a part of in some way or the other. I started seeing these pop-up windows a few weeks back on Facebook’s website and most probably you too are getting them. These pop-up tabs are rolled out by Facebook to keep users on their news feed hence increasing the chances of sharing. But if you didn’t quite like the tabs and they are clogging your news feed with unnecessary posts showing up in those tabs then you are at the right place. In this quick guide, we share how to turn off Facebook pop-up posts tabs for all or certain posts on the desktop.

Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs

Facebook Pop-Up Posts

Pop-up tabs which appear for posts similar to Messenger tabs not only increase the chances of users sharing more content but also is convenient. You don’t have to leave your news feed to check the activity/notifications for that post. This comes in handy when you are looking at some important information in the news feed and don’t want to end up losing it while navigating to the post.

These popup tabs will appear for the following posts:

1. When someone comments or replies to your comments on your posts/status.

2. For the posts where you are tagged or mentioned in a comment.

But there are drawbacks as well of these posts tabs. Unnecessary tabs can hamper your Facebook experience. So, follow the method below to disable or hide them.

Disable Facebook Posts Tab Pop-ups Completely for All Posts

If you don’t want them at all for any of the posts then you can use the steps below.

1. Visit Facebook website and login if you haven’t already done that.

2. Now, on the Home screen, click on the Gear icon at the bottom right corner and select Turn Off Post Tabs.

Disable Facebook Posts Tab Pop-ups completely for all posts

With this, post tabs will be turned off for all the posts.

Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs For Certain Posts

If you wish to receive these pop-ups but at the same time get rid of them for specific posts that are not important for you then use the following steps.

Click on the gear/cog icon at the top right of the pop-up window and select Hide this tab. You will no longer get the pop-up window for that post.

Turn off Facebook popup posts

Similarly, you can use this method for other posts you don’t want to see the pop-up tab in the news feed.

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5 thoughts on “How to Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs on Desktop/Website”

  1. This new feature is extremely annoying to me. I frequently get a popup when I’m trying to look at something so it’s more in the way than anything. I was fine opening new browser tabs for notifications I wanted to look at while keeping my place. Would be better if, like messenger, when you clicked on the notification it popped up as a tab. I don’t like that it happens without me having any control over it. I will definitely be turning this feature off if they make it possible. I don’t want to turn off the notifications, just don’t want the windows automatically opening.

    • Hi Cait,
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You can turn these popup tabs from the gear icon at the bottom right on the Facebook website home screen.


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