GroupMe Review: Is It Better Than WhatsApp?

GroupMe Review

GroupMe, a Microsoft owned messaging app that lets users add multiple contacts in a group and have conversations among all of them. Well, it’s nothing new as other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger also let you create groups for the same. So what makes it different? In this GroupMe review, we are going to … Read more

How To Create And Send Custom WhatsApp Stickers With Your Own Photos

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature where you can send cool stickers to any of your desired contacts or groups. Now, if you are looking for a method to create custom stickers for WhatsApp with your own photos then go through this article. Though there are several ways to create stickers, we wanted perfect … Read more

Facebook vs Facebook Lite: Which One To Use?

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

A while ago, Facebook introduced a new messaging app called Facebook Lite which is specifically designed for those users who face Internet connection issues. The main idea of the new app and the old one is still the same and they share similar functionality. For example, you can ignore and unignore messages in both of … Read more

Never Miss Your Friends’ Birthdays: How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook

Never Miss Your Friends' Birthdays: How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook

You can get birthday notifications on Facebook by enabling them from the settings. Go to profile settings > notifications > birthdays. From there, toggle the “Allow notifications on Facebook” option to receive birthday notifications. Do you keep forgetting your friends’ birthdays? I do. Call me absentminded or scatty, but I seemed to keep doing this. … Read more

Six Of The Best Apps Like Bitmoji To Create Your Cartoon Avatar And Stickers

Apps Like Bitmoji For Android iPhone

Sharing messages and having conversations with the help of emojis & stickers is really cool through social media. Nowadays there are several apps for creating stickers using face. Sending a cartoon version of yourself is really a great way to convey your message and express your feelings. Bitmoji is an app that allows creating stickers with … Read more

How To Put SoundCloud Songs On Instagram Story

Put SoundCloud Songs On Instagram story

SoundCloud is one of the best music sharing and streaming platforms. With over 175 million users worldwide, it is a go-to service for users to upload and promote their music. To further improve their platform, SoundCloud has given its users a pretty easy way to share and promote SoundCloud music on Instagram Stories which is … Read more

Social Network Elite Review: Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Social Network Elite Review

Anyone still underestimating Instagram for their business or brand is either naive or living under a rock. In the past 2 years, Instagram has skyrocketed in terms of user base and popularity. Which is why if you are not on Instagram then you’re missing out on reaching to a heck lot of users. For the … Read more

Transform Your Snaps: Learn How To Loop Snapchat Videos with Our Video Tutorial For Android And iPhone!

Make and send Looping Videos on Snapchat

Have you ever used Instagram’s Boomerang and wanted to use the same on Snapchat? Well, both Boomerang and looping videos are pretty similar. The only difference is the video direction. In Instagram’s Boomerang, the video switches its direction back and forth as soon as it ends. In contrast, Snapchat’s looping video keeps moving forward until … Read more