7 Apps Like Bitmoji To Create Your Cartoon Avatar And Stickers

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Sharing messages and having conversations with the help of emojis & stickers is really cool through social media. Nowadays there are several apps for creating stickers using face. Sending cartoon version of yourself is really a great way to convey your message and express your feelings. Bitmoji is an app that allows creating stickers with your avatar in it. You just have to take a photo of your face and the app provides all the cartoon version of yourself.

Bitmoji became more renowned since it got attached with Snapchat. Though it has great cartoons for different moods, feelings, and greeting, there are still many other apps to create your cartoon avatar. Have a look at these new apps like Bitmoji available for Android and iPhone to create your cartoon avatar with different themes and customization options.

1. Bobble

Bobble Keyboard - Best apps like bitmojiThis is one of the best alternatives for the Bitmoji app with various stickers and cartoon effects. You can use your face by clicking a photo or selecting one from your device gallery. While Bitmoji only has stickers for limited feelings and themes, Bobble provide cartoons for a number of them.

You will get various cartoon themes like superheroes, feelings, dialogs and for different occasions or festivals. It can be shared via multiple social media platforms and chatting apps. Apart from this, it also creates GIFs and sticker with your personal texts and dialogs. If you want you can download different new sticker themes from the Bobble store for free. This app also has a keyboard that you can use to send texts with different fonts, languages and quick access for the created stickers.

Download: Bobble for iOS | Bobble for Android

 2. MojiPop


With MojiPop you can create stickers & GIFs with different cartoons and animations. It allows creating your avatar using your face. You can click photos from the camera or selecting an existing image from the gallery. There is an option to customize your avatar by editing the face with different styles. It can add different facial expressions and accessories like glasses, caps, etc.

You can use stickers with different reactions, activity, and greetings accordingly. These stickers can be shared via multiple social media and messaging apps. If you want you can save them in your devices in formats like GIF, MP4 video or JPG images. Apart from this, you will be able to use them directly from your notification bar above any app. Though there are various stickers available for free, you can also make in-app purchases to buy different themes and cartoons.

Download: MojiPop for iOS | MojiPop for Android

3. MomentCam


This app is similar to, and the perfect alternative for MojiPop. All the features and the method of creating stickers are similar to the above app. The only difference is that here you will only get still images and stickers. There are Caricatures and Emoticons for making stickers created by artists and users from around the globe.

You will get to choose from different styles of stickers like sketch art and group stickers. It allows adding more than one face for your stickers with the group. In addition to that, you can also draw doodles, add emoji stickers, texts, and filters to the created image.

Download: MomentCam for iOS | MomentCam for Android

4. Your Personal Avatar Maker | Zmoji

Your Personal Avatar Maker - Zmoji

On this list of apps like Bitmoji which can be used for Snapchat and other social media platforms next comes Zmoji. Unlike other apps, you will not be able to use your photos to create your avatar in this. It will allow you to customize your avatar as per your gender with different face type, eyes, hairs, features, and clothing. You can try different options until the avatar looks like yourself.

Like the above app, this will show you different stickers, GIFs and animations with various reactions. This app will show you all the latest and popular Zmoji which you can use as per the situation. Furthermore, you can see your avatar floating on your home screen and move it around with a few special effects. There also will be a widget in the notification panel and keyboard that you can use for quick access of your Zmojis.

Download: Zmoji

5. Cartoon Maker

Bitmoji Alternative - Cartoon Maker

This app is similar to the above Zmoji app where you can create your cartoon avatar by customizing the characters accordingly. You can select and make the cartoon characters according to your desire and requirements. It allows editing the face shape, skin tone, hair style, eyes, and many other facial features.

Not only this, but you can also add various dresses, accessories and smiley expression to your face. You can then save this image to your device, share via social media platforms or set it as your wallpaper from this app itself.

Download: Avatar Creator for iOS | Avatar Creator for Android

6. Zamoji – Make Your Personal Sticker


This app like Bitmoji will also allow you to create stickers using your face with different cartoon characters and their emotions. You can share these stickers via Facebook and Messenger directly from the app or download and share it via other social platforms. The only place where this app lacks is language. Though the app is available in English, all the stickers are in Vietnamese which is not good.

Download: Zamoji for iOS | Zamoji for Android

7. XPRESSO 3D Avatar Anime Animoji Gif Sticker


Xpresso will let you create your cartoon avatar in 3D animations and GIFs stickers. You can select from the given avatar or create your own. It allows customizing the characters like in the Cartoon maker app so that you can make it look like yourself.

There are various categories for stickers like greetings, activities, superheroes etc. that you can use. These 3D GIF stickers can be shared via multiple social media platforms or you can save it in your devices. You can also buy packs with different categories of stickers with coins. The coins can be earned by watching videos or making in-app purchases.

Download: XPRESSO for iOS | XPRESSO for Android

Best Apps Like Bitmoji To Express Yourself Through Stickers

Sending texts can be boring sometimes, so you can use these apps to create awesome stickers and GIFs. You can use different themes and characters according to your requirements. Most of the apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms. Now send stickers as messages to impress your friends and saving you the time of typing the text.

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