6 Alternatives To Klout For Finding Social Media Influence

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For those who are not familiar with Klout, it was a website that measured your influence on social media by analyzing your data on social networks. The way this tool worked was by enabling users to link their social media accounts. Measure their online influence on social media and then rated them between a score of 1 and 100. The higher your Klout score is, the higher you are on the list of social media influencers.

You were not just restricted to knowing your score with Klout. It also provided you with topics and keywords that are relevant to your posts and tweets. You could know you if your posts are relevant enough and targeting the right audience or not. It also allowed you to find other key influencers associated with any topic.

Why Klout Alternatives?

Klout was launched in 2008 to help out social media influencers and people searching for influencers and it was very popular back then. But in March 2014, it was taken over by Lithium Technologies, which shut down the services provided by Klout later in 2018. However, there are other alternatives to Klout for those who are still curious about social influence. Here I’m going to address 6 of them.

1. Social Mentionsocial mention

Unlike Klout, this tool will not provide you with a score based on your influence on social media but it will tell you other statistics about your keyword, brand or product. You can also see your mentions collected from all over social media and download the resulting statistics. It searches from various social networking platforms to determine the strength, sentiment, and passion of your keyword.

Strength is the probability of your keyword being discussed over social media. The sentiment is a ratio of your keyword mentioned positively and negatively. You will get a high passion percentage if your keyword is mentioned repeatedly by a limited number of users and a low percentage if it is mentioned only once by several users. Reach determines your range of influence i.e. how many new users are mentioning your keyword.

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2. Right RelevanceRight Relevance

This is a great website for finding the topmost and relevant articles and influencers associated with your desired topics. For every article and influencer a Topic Score is assigned, so you can filter them according to their topic scores. Articles can be filtered according to their location, relevance and time. You can also opt for articles containing videos and see how many influencers shared a particular article.

In the case of influencers, you can filter them according to their influence in a location. Also, you can choose whether you want the influencers as a person or an organization. Further, you can follow any influencer by clicking on their profile and know the topics covered by them. In addition, you can know your own Twitter influence, where your followers and people you follow belong to.

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3. BuzzSumoBuzzsumo

BuzzSumo provides you with a more detailed and in-depth analysis of your content and provides more information about the influencer you are searching for. It lets you sort the influencers with their number of followers on Twitter and their Instagram Authority Scores. You can save key influencers and view the links shared by them on social media. It lets you filter the influencer by type as all influencers on BuzzSumo are categorized by type.

The other tool it has is Content Analyser, with the help of which you can know everything about how the content on a particular topic is doing and what are the most engaged articles related to that given topic. You can sort them according to their engagement and shares on different social networking websites. An evergreen score is assigned to the article that indicates how much that article is shared long after it was published. It lets you filter your content by date, word count and content type. There is another feature in BuzzSumo that will help you monitor your brand or your competitor’s brand by notifying you via email.

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4. Tweeple SearchKlout alternative - Tweeple search

This search tool is ideal for finding the topmost influencers on Twitter for your business. It will provide you with all the relevant ones and their Twitter profile sorted by the most number of followers on top. Whether you are an author, singer, model or a photographer, if you need to promote your work or content then it is the best place for you. You can filter the Twitter profiles by location, language, minimum and the maximum number of followers they have.

If you are already an influencer then you can study your competitor’s profile by Analyzer. Additionally, you can compare Twitter accounts and see how they are different from each other in their business strategies.

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5. Rise.globalrise.global

Just like Klout, this website tells you what influence score is out of 100. The higher your score is, the higher your influence is on social media. It will show you the real-time leaderboard of the top 100 influencers based on their influence score calculated at Kred. Once you open their profile you can view their performance and ranking over time. You can search for a keyword and get a list of influencers and their profiles on different social media platforms. If you sign up and create your ScoreBook, you can check your own progress to motivate yourself and improve the scorecard.

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6. Brand24Brand24

It measures the impact of a brand or influencer on every social media platform. This tool will tell you how many times your keyword or brand name has been mentioned each day. It also lets you know where your keyword was mentioned the most. If you need you can get a day wise graph of your number of mentions and social media reach.

Filter your results with positive and negative mentions by sentiment filter slider. You can also access the list of articles and posts where your brand was mentioned. Downloading the PDF of your detailed report at the end is also an option.

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With these Klout alternatives, you can measure your online influence and find the best influencers for your content marketing. However, these tools may not provide the same results as Klout because there is so much rise in social media data. Most, if not all of these websites, results are solely based on their Twitter profile. Therefore do your proper study before selecting an influencer for you from these websites. We would love to hear about some of the tools that you use to find influencers.

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