10 Best Fart Sound Apps To Prank Your Friends

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Farting is natural, but considering farting at a public place could be really menacing, well you could definitely try to prank someone with the fart sound apps and annoy them in public or in private. There won’t be anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a good laugh. So break your boredom and go out to annoy your friends and loved ones with the apps mentioned here for Android and iPhone.

Best Farting Sounds Apps

All you need is your smartphone and you could search for apps from your Play Store or App Store. Here we have mentioned some of our best picks, that we hope, you might like as well.

1. Fart SoundsFart Sounds

This fart app has a beautiful design element and is very simple to use but on the contrary, the sounds are equally disgusting. The app has 75 different sound effects, and in case if you seriously intend to plan a prank on someone, it also has a timer called “Fart bomb”. Which could be accessed from the top left menu button. The timer could be ranged from up to 0 to 60 sec and has 10 different sound effects.

Play Store: Download

2. Whoopee CushionWhoopee Cushion

This hilarious application has 43 different sounds with weird names, which will be enough for you to die out of laughter. But wait it’s not over yet, you can still unlock more sound effects every time you watch a video. Just go to the “UNLOCK SOUNDS” and tap the play button to watch an ad and 5 more sound effects will be added to your list. The timer is also very impressive, there is no limit to the timer and you can select from 48 different sounds provided in the timer section.

Play Store: Download

3. iFartFart sound apps - iFart

This app really packs some decent features, you can tap the “FART NOW” button to play a selected sound from the list below or you can select the “IM FEELING LUCKY” to play randomly. Other than the given sound effects you can record your own fart by tapping the “RECORD A FART”. Another great feature that you can have is the “SECURITY FART”, after tapping the button you have to put your phone to rest within 5 seconds, and after that, whosoever moves the phone, it will blow up a disgusting sound which is kind of hilarious.

Just tap on the “SNEAK ATTACK” button and you will get a window to set time to blow up a sound.

Play Store: Download (Free) | App Store: Download (Paid – $1.99)

4. Soundboard & PranksSoundboard & Pranks

This is the best app if you are planning to prank someone. You can tap the farting image at the top, it will take you to a new window. On the left, you get “sounds” which houses many different sounds and on the right, you have “songs” where you get a playlist of 10 songs whose vocals were replaced with sounds and it is really hilarious. You also get a reward of 3 more sounds if you watch a short video. You’ll get this option in the middle of “sounds” and “songs” section, it will automatically pop up in between.

Other than a Timebomb prank, and a Recorder, it also has a “Motion fart” feature. So if you put your phone into a constant motion the phone will never stop farting.

It also houses a “Camera prank”, it opens the camera application and whenever you ask your pals to get a snap, tapping the shutter button will lead to a disgusting sound. Another great feature of this application is “Invisible pranks” it overlays the app screen with the picture of the home screen of your phone so whenever someone tries to use your phone it will make a farting sound.

The app also provides you with two games as well, they are “Fart Saga” and Avoid the farts” which are pretty amazing. The application also provides you with a Piano app, which really works fine.

Play Store: Download

5. Tap And FartTap and Fart

One of the most entertaining and hilarious apps you can find on the App Store. It is simple to use and has some quality sounds in it. It is disgusting to hear yet entertaining, you can have a good time with your friends and loved ones.

App Store: Download

6. Fart MachineFart Machine app

There is a ton of different sound experience, and the best thing is that you can set a fart sound on an infinite loop by double tapping the clip you want to play and make everybody laugh. On long pressing a clip, it will allow you to share it or you can set it as your ringtone. You can also play multiple clips in a loop and create some unique sound effect.

When you tap onto the menu button, which is on the upper left-hand side of your screen you’ll get some other options as well, like “Sign in”, “Play random”, Stop all”, etc. Which we think isn’t much necessary. You also get “Record Sequence” and “Load Recording” which can be useful to record sounds. But these features do not come for free you have to go for the premium which also makes your app ads free.

Play Store: Download

7. Fart WorldFart World

Best app to irritate and disgust your loved ones. If you have any younger siblings or elderly guardians, their reaction to these unique sound effects will be worth watching. Fart World gives you 20 unique sound clips and if you go for the premium version you get 20 more. Other than that you also have a timer and you can also select the intensity of the sound.

App Store: Download

8. Fart Machine (Game)best Fart app - Fart Machine game

This is such a great entertaining game. It doesn’t provide you with any kind of sound, instead there is a round-faced character who sits in an awkward position. You’ll be given a time limit of 15 seconds and you have to tap on the character to make it fart. The faster you tap the higher will be your scores.

The app will ask you to view the tutorial. If you are using this app for the very first time, a tutorial is necessary, but every time you tap on the play button it asks to show the tutorial, which could be annoying. So you can go to your “Options” menu and click on “Disable Tutorial”.

You also get to change the sounds, just get to the options and select the “Change Fart Sounds”. Which will take you to the new window and you will get to select from 24 sounds.

Play Store: Download

9. Fart CushionFart Cushion

Fast Cushion is a very satisfying app, it doesn’t have much functionality but gives the user a kind of a funny feeling. It takes the help of your phone’s motion sensor and the magnetic sensor to detect any kind of motion, to make sounds. It also takes touch responses and along with that, the cushion animation makes it quite entertaining to use.

On the settings menu, which you can access from the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you will get 4 options to control the features. You can control the “MOTION Sensitivity” by adjusting the bar. On setting it to 100%, with just a little movement it will make sounds or you can simply turn off this feature by sliding the ON/OFF slider button which is placed right above the sensitivity bar.

It also has the “GPS distance” option. Using it you can select a specific range of distance from 10 meters to  1000 meters, and whenever you cover the distance you have specified the app will make a sound, which comes in handy when you want to prank your friends, or you can also turn it off as well.

If you want to play around with this app with your sensors and does not need touch responses, you can just turn it off by moving the ON/OFF slider.

Play Store: Download

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10. Fart Sounds From Ninesoft

Fart Sounds From NinesoftThis app is quite similar to Tap and Fart, it does not give you many functions like a timer, loop etc, but it packs some decent sounds that can make you go ROFL. It gives you a total of 24 clips. The most embarrassing thing that we didn’t like about the application is, it shows too much of ads. For every feedback that you give, it will show an ad.

Play Store: Download


All these fart apps mentioned above are distinct and equally fun to use on Android and iPhone. Our recommendation is, you can download and use these apps or there are other plenty of similar apps in the Play Store and App Store, you can try them as well. And do let us know about your experience in the comments.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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