5 Best Moon Phase Apps To Know Its Shape Timings

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Have you ever looked at the moon in the sky at night and wondered about its shape? Sometimes it’s crescent, sometimes half and sometimes full. But how to know when the moon will be in which shape? Or maybe you want to see a full moon but don’t know the exact day when it will be so. To find that out you can use Moon Phase apps.

As the moon completely disappears and again comes back to its full shape known as a lunar phase or phase of the moon. There are many apps that will give you the information about the shape of the moon and even its position in the sky just from your smartphones. So here we have made the list of best moon phase apps for Android and iOS that will give you all the information mentioned above.

Moon Phase Apps For Your Smartphones

1. Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon - moon phase apps

With this app, you will get to know the shape of the moon for different days in a 3D simulation. You can see when is the next full moon, or manually select a date to know the shape of the moon for that day. It allows swiping the screen in different directions to change the days accordingly.

Apart from this, it will show you the name for different shapes and age of the moon, zodiac sign, eclipse and even a lunar calendar for various months. Though this app is available for both Android and iOS, the Android users can download a free version while iOS users only have the option to buy it from the App Store.

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2. My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

My Moon Phase - moon app notifications

This is a simple moon phase app where you just have to swipe through days or select the desired one to see the phase of the moon. You will also be able to see the timings when the moon will be in the sky and when the sun will rise. Just like the above app, it will show you the information about the moon’s name, age, altitude, and zodiac.

You will see the graph with a date for the full moon and other phases. Furthermore, in this app, there are timings given for the Golden hour and Blue hour for photographers. And you will also get notified for a various moon occurrence like the full moon, new moon, supermoon, solstice and a few more.

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3. Daff Moon Phase

best moon phase apps - Daff Moon

Daff Moon Phase will show you the current phase of the moon and its information like name, age etc just like the above two apps. You can browse through the date, time or select it manually to see the phase of the moon at any time. The information shown in this app is more detailed than others apps in this list, you can even see the position of the moon in a spherical diagram.

You can see date wise information on various events like supermoon, eclipse, rise and set time of the sun and moon, etc. What it has extra apart from the moon is, you can also have the information about the sun, sky orbits, and other planets. It also allows setting notifications for various phases and events of the moon if you wish to. The only downside is it’s only available for Android users.

Download on Android

4. Simple Moon Phase Calendar

Simple Moon Phase Calendar iphone android

This moon phase calendar app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. As the name sounds, it is a simple app showing the phases or shape of the moon for different days and months. You will be able to see the day of new moon, full moon and other phases written on the days of the calendar.

For having further information on any day, just tap on the day on the calendar and it will show you the details for the moon for that day. It will show name, age and a few other details. Apart from this, you can add a widget for this calendar on the device home screen and even set the background from this app itself.

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5. Lunar Solaria

Luna Solaria app

Lunar Solaria, another Moon Phase app for smartphones. Like all the apps mentioned above, Lunar Solaria will also provide you the information about the phases of the moon with respect to various dates and days. You can also see the graphical representation of the moons with respect to its shapes.

Apart from the moon, you can also see the Solar/Sun position from this app itself. The only drawback of this app is that it will only show you the current phase of the moon for the current day. For having access to different days you will need to buy their premium plans.

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So these were the best Moon Phase apps with help of which you can have information about the phases of the moon. You will also be able to have the information about the name of its shape, age, when it will be full, no moon, eclipse, and so many other things.

All the apps are perfect and provide accurate information for the Moon’s shape and its position.

If you need it for your kid who needs to do a school project about the moon, any of the apps is good! Just remember to have parental control installed on your child’s phone to protect them from the dangerous web. Any of these free apps will do the job.

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