Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit: Everything You Need To Know

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We are on the way of creating many useful technologies. Not so long ago, scientists developed the muscle wire moving hand kit. It is an artificial hand, which can function as a real hand because of the muscle made of smart wires.  

Many scientists worked to create a robot hand that will operate as a real human hand. The demand for this mechanism is rising every day. Of course, many people may have different reasons to purchase this product. For some people, it is just a toy, with which they can play and do some experiments. However, there are many people, for whom this flexy hand is the second chance to live normally. Anyone can face different unpleasant situations. But still, things can be better when there are some solutions.

All About Muscle Wire Robot Hand

Actually, it was not an easy thing to create a robot hand. The device comprises of muscles, which are made of Nickel Titanium alloy wires. The wire can remember its form and turn back to the original position after it is moved.

Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit

The technology does not stand in one place. Today, we can create lightweight flexy hands, which can be used for industrial purposes or new prosthetic mechanisms. As for the muscles, they are made of the bunch of ultrathin Nickel Titanium alloy wires that can easily stretch and flex. To create such a device, a special material is used, which has sensory characteristics. With the help of it, the device is able to perform highly exact motions.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Muscle Wire Hand Kit?

In fact, earlier, to develop the artificial hand people needed to use hard technologies and complicated calculations. But still, the final results were not as fantastic as desired. Scientists had to use many technologies and types of equipment (a pneumatic, electric motor, etc.). Moreover, these technologies and equipment are not the cheapest things and they are loud, inflexible, and heavy. But now, things have got easier.

To create a muscle wire moving hand kit, you need to take a few components. You do not require old technologies and heavy equipment anymore. New robot hands are lightweight and have a higher effectiveness. Also, you do not need to spend much money, as the materials are rather cheap. You just need to take Nickel Titanium alloy wires for the muscles of your robot hand. With the help of it, the hand will function as a real human hand. And what is more, it will be rather flexible and easy in use.

Smart Wire

In general, the smart wire that is used to make a robot hand is rather simple and raises the effectiveness of the device. Due to its structure, it has a great option of the form memory. In other words, it just remembers its form and turns back to its original position after it was moved. It just represents the human hand moves. The muscle of this device acts with the help of Nickel Titanium alloy wires. When the wire gets warm, the stuff will transform its lattice structure. As a result, it will act like a human muscle.

Robotic hand

Speaking about the structure of this hand, several stripes of this wire bind the finger joints and function as flexors on the front side of fingers and as extensors on the back side. These wires are very thin, but still, they demonstrate a rather high effectiveness. As a result, these wires go through fast contractions/extensions performing quick and fluent finger motions. Also, it causes natural reactions to some actions. All these features make this hand alike to the human ones.

Final Words

Muscle wire moving hand kit is a great impact on the prosthetic mechanisms. Scientists have done a great job while creating this robot hand. With the help of high-quality materials, this device is able to function as a real hand. At the same time, it is lightweight, flexible, and performs all the motions in a natural way.


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