10 Best Virtual Pet Games Apps You Can Have On Your Smartphones

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Who doesn’t wants a pet? They are cute, cuddly, sometimes brave and very friendly. Though they are lovely to play with, many of us have reasons not to have them. Maybe we are not allowed to keep a pet or hate the mess they make sometimes. But what if we say now you can have a pet of your own without having to clean any mess or worry about the permission to keep it. For all those people who want to have an experience with the pet, we bring the best virtual pet games. With these Android and iOS apps, you will be able to carry your pet with you and play with them anytime you like.

Best Virtual Pet Games Apps For Android And iPhone

1. Bubbu

Bubbu - My virtual pet

Bubbu is a cat, which now you can keep as a pet with this game app. You have to clean, feed, play and put him to sleep. There are various actions like patting, hitting etc. that you can do to him. You will have to interact with various objects and the cat to play. As the day passes you have to keep all the requirements of the cat up to the level.

Apart from this, you can take Bubbu on an adventure and explore the world where he lives in. He has friends with whom you can interact and the cool thing he has his own cell phone. Furthermore, it also has various minigames that you can play to earn gold and diamonds. You can use these golds and diamonds to unlock and purchase food, accessories to play with, clothes, locations, new minigames etc.

Bubbu for Android | Bubbu for iOS

2. Duddu

Duddu - best virtual pet app for Android

This app is for those who would like to have a dog rather than a cat. It’s almost like the above app, the only thing where it differs is the character, animations, and backgrounds. Here you will get to pet a dog name Duddu. Rest all the methods and activities of feeding, cleaning, patting, etc. are done in the same way as the above game.

You can dress him, play games and visit other dogs houses, friends of Duddu, in the map. There are different kinds of dogs in the neighborhood that you can visit or interact with. Just like the above game, you will earn coins in the game and it can be used to unlock and buy various objects for your dog.

Duddu for Android | Duddu for iOS

3. Pug

Pug - Virtual pet game

Pugs are cute, little and adorable dogs and here you will get to have your own. You have to clean, feed and make him sleep to keep up his energy. It has the same gameplay where you have to interact with different objects to use it. The dog will also give you feedbacks and different gestures when you tap him.

You can buy clothes, glasses and use various accessories to make him look cooler. There are minigames with different categories that you can play to earn coins. It allows customizing the background, floor and all the possible aspects of the rooms where he eats, baths and sleep. In addition to that, it has a mic recorder function in the kitchen room. Here you can record a clip of your voice and listen to the Pug speaking it back.


4. My Virtual Pet Dog: Pug Louie

My Virtual Pet Dog - Pug Louie

Another virtual pet Pug Louie that you can take care of and the best thing is it is available for both Android and iPhone. This app has some really sweet graphics and animations. You can pet, feed, clean and make him sleep like other virtual pet game apps. In addition to that, it has WC button which you can use to take your dog to the loo. And he has his own swing which he enjoys a lot.

You can play various minigames with Louie to earn credits. It allows customizing the features, eyes, hair colors, and various accessories of your pet. There is also an option to buy shoes which really looks cute on Louie. In this app, new accessories and rewards will unlock as you keep progressing to higher levels.

Pug Louie for Android | Pug Louie for iOS

5. My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game

My Boo - Best Virtual pet games apps 2018

Boo is not like any regular pet that you can have, he is cute, he is little and he is round. But apart from the look, his requirements are all the same as any pet. You will have to feed, wash, play, put him to sleep and give all the attention he requires. There are different rooms where you can do all the activities said above. You will gain coins and experience which will increase the level of your pet. To earn extra coins you can complete given tasks.

It has the option to customize your pet by buying him clothes, hair, and various accessories. You can unlock new style and accessories for your pet as you reach higher levels. The background and the decorations of the room can also be customized. In addition to this, you can play minigames and help Boo get social by interacting with his friends in the community. It can be connected via Facebook to meet with other pets like him.

My Boo for Android | My Boo for iOS

6. Wildagotchi


On the list of best virtual pet games apps for Android and iOS users, this one is the smallest and the simplest. Unlike other apps, it does not have colorful animations and graphics. It has a pixel-based retro representation with various pets in the list. You can select a monkey, wolf, panda and a few more animals. To unlock more animals, you will have to finish playing with the given numbers of pets as given. Once you select any of the desired pet, it also allows selecting the gender for it. You can even name the pet.

Like every other virtual pet game, you have to feed, clean, and keep their hygiene up to the mark. The best part about this is that you can do all of these with just a tap of the dedicated icons. In addition to that, it even has minigames that you can play to increase the pets fun meter. These minigames may differ with each pet. It allows changing the colors of the background and fonts if you wish to.

Wildagotchi for Android | Wildagotchi for iOS

7. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

This is another retro virtual pet app. Here you have to raise Cthulhu a cute monster who with your help will evolve into a giant one. You have to take care of all his need and keep him happy. Because if he gets angry he starts eating people. You can let him destroy buildings, ships, scare people in their nightmare, feed him and do various activities to keep the satisfaction meters balanced.

There are minigames which can be played to increase its fun meter and earn credits. These credits will let your pet to do the activities mentioned above. Cthulhu will keep evolving as the level of the game will increase. Here you will get a Deep sleep option. This can be used to freeze the game if you cannot play it for a while. It will resume once you open the app again.

Cthulhu for Android | Cthulhu for iOS

8. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

No doubt, My Talking Tom is one of the best apps that anyone can play with. You can interact by tapping him and he will give various kinds of gestures. With great animations and response, it is really a fun thing to play with. Like every other app, your job is to take care of Tom and fulfill his requirements. There are food items, clothing, and other accessories that you can buy for him.

You can play minigames to earn coins to buy all the required objects. He will grow as his levels will increase, from a baby to a young cat. To increase the levels, complete tasks, challenges and keeping him satisfied. There is one more thing that My Talking Tom is famous for. As most pets like to copy their masters sometimes, Tom does the same. He will listen to you speaking and then repeat it in his own voice, which really is fun to hear.

My Talking Tom for Android | My Talking Tom for iOS

9. Dog Simulator

Dog Simulator - Best Virtual pet apps for iPhone

This Dog Simulator differs from all the above virtual pet apps with different gameplay. Here you have to control the dogs with the help of the onscreen buttons provided. You can select from a range of good breed dogs like Shiba, corgi, husky, collie, bulldog, greyhound and even a wolf or a giraffe.  There will be tasks given that you can complete to progress through the levels and earn stars & gold.

You can also interact with different animals and people in the surroundings. Just jump, bark and break all the household stuff like a real dog. Not only this it can also be played in multiplayer mode. It will allow you to play it with other pet lovers from around the world. There is an option to buy clothes, hats, glasses, etc. for him. You will get 6 locations to play with your dog with different challenges and difficulty. The controls are super easy and the graphics are decent.

Dog Simulator for Android | Dog Simulator for iOS

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10. Dragon Pet

Dragon Pet

Here you will get a chance to raise a dragon. At the start, you will get a dragon egg from which the dragon will hatch. You can select the color of skin and scales before the egg hatches. Like every other app in the list, you have to take care of him and help him grow into a giant dragon. The aim is to keep him happy and healthy.

In addition to these, here you will get an option to Observe what the dragon does, where it flies and how he acts on his own. You can interact with the dragon by using gestures with your fingers and even make him fly. Apart from this, you can play games to earn coins and battle with other dragons in the Arena. It also allows shopping for food items, potions, etc. from the city market. To unlock more potions and goods for your dragon increase his level by fulfilling his requirements.

Dragon Pet


These apps or virtual pet games will let you play and raise a pet without even worrying for any mess. The best thing is that you can carry them in your pockets. You will get different kinds of pets whom you can help to grow up healthy and happy. We hope you enjoy having a virtual pet and do let us know which pet you decided to love and cherish.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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