10 Best Cooking Games Apps For Android And iPhone

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Cooking is one of the most loved hobbies of many people. Not only they love to eat but experiment with the food to make new and exotic dishes. Now you can fulfill this hobby without making a mess by playing cooking games on your devices.

These games will keep you up for hours, allowing to cook multiple dishes, manage your restaurant and satisfying your customers. It will test your management and task handling abilities. Get ready to drool with these best cooking games that can be played by people on their iPhone or Android devices.

1. Cooking Joy

Cooking Joy - Best cooking games

Manage your kitchen and satisfy your customers by giving them their orders in time with Cooking Joy. Your aim in the game is to serve all your customers with their desired dishes and earn coins for each successful order. If you are unable to fulfill their order before the meter is empty they will leave. Remember to keep an eye on the meter for both, the customers and dishes so that you can deal with them before the time is up.

Complete the daily tasks to earn some extra credits. There are different locations like the Cruise ship, Greenhouse, Sea World etc. These locations will unlock once you reach the required level. With each new location, you will get new dishes and various levels each harder than the earlier. Apart from this, you can also upgrade your kitchen and its equipment for fast cooking.

Get it for Free: Cooking Joy

2. Kitchen Craze

Kitchen Craze

This game is similar to play like the above one but with different animations. You have to serve your customers with their desired food like burger, hotdogs, and sodas before the time runs out. The game has many levels and each of them will have different goals that you have to accomplish to clear them. For e.g. serve four customers, earn 50$ and so on. You will earn stars as per your game for each level.

There will be new dishes added according to the levels making it harder to manage your kitchen. It has powerups that could be used to speed up your cooking time. You can earn tips by satisfying and serving the customers as quick as possible. This game also allows upgrading the kitchen and the utensils to reduce the cooking time thus serving the customers faster.

Get it for Free: Kitchen Craze for Android | Kitchen Craze for iOS

3. Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry Hearts Diner

Help an old grandma to run her old-style Japanese dining restaurant and bring it back to track. You will get to cook some typical Japanese food for your customers in return of which you will earn coins. There are several dishes to be made, and each time you cook a dish its level will get higher. These levels will unlock new dishes that you can serve to your customers.

Apart from this, you can buy objects to upgrade the restaurant, expand it for more people to come and eat. In the game, you will get to see different kinds of customers like Businessmen, Monk, Schoolgirl, Officer etc. You will be able to have a conversation with them, get to know their story and keep track of their satisfaction levels. Just keep making the dishes and serving your customers to earn and save money for your restaurant.

Get it for Free: Hungry Hearts Diner for Android | Hungry Hearts Diner for iOS

4. Cookbook Master

Cookbook Master

This one of the best cooking games app that will let you cook different kinds of foods with perfection in order to complete the levels. Unlike the above games, you will not have to manage any restaurant or kitchen. You will get to cook the dishes from the book to earn profits. There are 3 books Beginners cookbook, Intermediate cookbook, and Master recipe book filled with lots of dishes to cook.

The dishes in the books have to be cooked as guided with precision to score higher points. There will be items and groceries that you will have to purchase for making the dishes accordingly. You will have to take care of all the ingredients, cut them, mix, pour and cook as per the given instructions. The score will be given as per your fulfillment of those instructions once the dish is cooked.

Get it for Free: Cookbook Master for Android | Cookbook Master for iOS

5. Crazy Chef

Crazy Chef - Best cooking games

This app is similar to and the perfect alternative to Kitchen Craze with different kinds of dishes. You will get to cook multiple cuisines and severe your customers to satisfy them. Just like Kitchen Craze, you will have to accomplish tasks and goals given in each level to proceed to the next level. The customers will pay for each dishes which you can use to upgrade your kitchen and buy new outlets for your business. This game is only available on Android platforms.

Get it for Free: Crazy Chef

6. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Who does not loves pizza? Well, now you can make and run your own pizza outlet. Your job will be to serve pizza to the customers in return of money. The pizza has to be made as per the customer’s choices. There will be happiness meter for each customer and you have to serve them before it becomes to low.

At the starting, there will be not many ingredients to be used. But as you progress through the game there will be new toppings that you can unlock or buy with the money you earn. You will play this game as per day, and at the end of each day, you will see how much profit or loss has been made. The game has challenges which you can complete to rank your outlet higher and earn some extra credits.

Get it for Free: Good Pizza, Great Pizza for Android | Good Pizza, Great Pizza for iOS

7. Masala Express: Cooking Game

Masala Express Cooking Game

In this game, you can cook a different kind of Indian dishes and help Priya serve it to her customers. Like the other cooking games, you have to interact and use your management skills to serve the customer. There will be different kinds of goals that you have to fulfill in order to complete various levels. The difficulty of the game will also increase with more number of customers and orders to make as per the levels.

You have to keep track of the meter of customers and serve them as fast as you can. There will be different kind of dishes unlocked as you keep on clearing the levels. The customers will give you money that can be used to buy appliances, upgrade the kitchens and its decor.

Get it for Free: Masala Express for Android | Masala Express for iOS

8. Colorful Cotton Candy

Colorful Cotton Candy

Make beautiful colored cotton candy by using different colors and decorating items. There are two modes in this game, one where you have to make the cotton candy by selecting different flavor and colors. You have to select the bottle with different colors as guided and then make the cotton candy in the machine.

The second mode will open once you are done making the cotton candy. In the second mode, you can decorate the cotton candy with the given options as per your desire. You can also save the image of your created cotton candy and share it with your friends.

Get it for Free: Colorful Cotton Candy

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9. Fruity Ice Cream Cake Cooking

Fruity Ice Cream Cake Cooking

Just like in the above game you make cotton candy, in this, you will get to make delicious and attractive cakes. At first, you will have to buy materials that will be used to make the cake from the shop. Then you have to mix the ingredients as guided in the game.

You will have to interact with different objects like scissors, microwave oven etc till the cake is completely baked. Once the baking part is done, you will have the option to make the topping for the cake in the same way. There is also an option to add extra decoration in the cake if you wish to and add different kinds of texture to it.

Get it for Free: Fruity Ice Cream Cake Cooking

10. My Bakery Empire – Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes

My Bakery Empire

Be the part of the journey of Lizzy and help fulfill her wish of running a successful bakery of her own. This game is really fun to play with. Your job is to take orders of the customers and bake different kinds of sweet dishes for them. The game will guide you through the process which you have to do.

Furthermore, you have to mix the ingredients and bake the cake in the ove7 Best Food Tracker Appsn. There are different colors of topping and decorations that can be used. Once you are done making the cake, the customer will pay for it. This money can be used to buy different items and clothes for your character. You can also upgrade the shops, expand your menus to increase your bakery chain and its popularity in the city.

Get it for Free: My Bakery Empire for Android | My Bakery Empire for iOS

Best Cooking Games For Android & iPhone

There are different kinds of cooking apps with various kinds of foods to cook. You can also get the chance to try your luck by running different kinds of food joints and helping it become successful. Enjoy reading the articles and do let us know if we miss any of your favorite food game in the list.

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