Social Network Elite Review: Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

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Anyone still underestimating Instagram for their business or brand is either naive or living under a rock. In the past 2 years, Instagram has skyrocketed in terms of user base and popularity. Which is why if you are not on Instagram then you’re missing out on reaching to a heck lot of users. For the same reason, we also started focusing on our TechUntold Instagram account. It was then when we were contacted by an Instagram growth service – Social Network Elite. It has been 5 weeks now since we have been enjoying their services. Here, in this review, we will be mentioning our experience with them and while we are at it you will be able to make a decision if you should use them for your Instagram growth.

So, let’s cut to the chase and start the review.

Social Network Elite: Organic Instagram Growth Service

As I mentioned earlier, in our case Social Network Elite approached us via DM on Instagram. They might have definitely noticed our recent activity on Instagram and our interest in growing our account. From there, we exchanged Emails and also scheduled a Skype call for a quick discussion.

Initially, I was skeptical about them. As there are a lot of automated services for social media accounts in general. When it comes to Instagram, there are platforms that offer Instagram growth but all you gain are bot followers which are of no use in the long run. Plus you also put your account at risk as not all of the services follow Instagram guidelines.

I cleared all these doubts upfront on the Skype call with SNE. They were quite confident and convinced us about providing us with the automated growth of relevant followers without any risks.

So, yeah we went ahead and gave them a try!

How SNE Works?

You will have to provide them with the following details so that they can start your promotions.

  • Instagram account credentials
  • Hashtags to Target

In order for them to successfully log into your account, you need to verify the login in your Instagram app when they access your account from a different location.

If you have enabled 2-factor authentication then you need to provide them with the code as well when they try to log in or you can simply disable 2-step verification for this time.

That’s it! You have done your part and SNE will take it from here.

SNE Algorithm

There’s nothing fancy but a lot of sense here.

Social Network Elite algorithm starts engaging with the accounts/pages using the hashtags you provided which are similar to the ones you use in your account. On your account’s behalf, it likes photos/videos which gives your account to get noticed and hopefully post owners will follow you.

Apart from that, they also follow relevant accounts which more often than not make those accounts follow you back.

On top of all this, the algorithm also learns from its own results. Meaning, if following posts from particular hashtags perform better than other hashtags then it will target those hashtags rather than all of them so your account gets maximum and fastest possible growth.

If you are already worried about your following count getting crazy then let me tell you that they won’t leave your following high as well. The system is programmed to unfollow the followed accounts in a couple of days after it has given enough time for the accounts to follow you.

They follow and unfollow accounts in a moderate amount which does not put your account at any risk whatsoever. Personally, we never faced such issue in the 5 weeks so far.

Note: Their system doesn’t post anything on your account or unfollow anyone who is not followed by its algorithm.

It’s time to show you the results we achieved!


We were at 539 followers when SNE took over the reins. Fast forward 5 weeks and we have 1800+ followers. Gained 1250+ relevant followers in 5 weeks without putting in any work at all from our end apart from uploading photos/videos of course.

Social Network Elite Review - Instagram growth service

Speaking of engagement, here are a few photos and videos posted recently.

100+ likes and a few comments are not bad at all considering we are still working on our content.

Looking at our account results, I can vouch for the following with SNE.

  • Relevant Followers – Users who are passionate about your content.
  • Good Engagement – You will not only increase your followers count just for the sake of it but those followers will also like/comment on your photos/videos/stories.
  • No risk for your account.

Final Thoughts

The interactions which we were doing manually to grow our Instagram account were handled very well by SNE. They did the mundane and laborious task while we worked on other areas and Voila! Our Instagram account grew on auto-pilot by 1250+ followers. We are definitely going to use SNE services in near future again and would recommend you to try them as well.

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