4 Of The Best Tattoo Design Apps To Create Your Own Tattoo: It’s So Much Fun!

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Getting inked is surely a difficult task and I am not talking about the pain associated with it. No, in fact deciding which tattoo design to go for is the main issue. There are so many different designs and so many categories that it can be overwhelming, especially for those who are about to get a tattoo for the very first time. But that is why technology is here to ease your problems by providing different solutions anywhere and anytime. So, here are the best tattoo design apps for Android and iPhone which can be very helpful to both tattoo artists and tattoo lovers out there.

Best Tattoo Design Apps

These are the best apps to design your own tattoo which you can install and try now.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs app

This app is perfect for those who are looking for a variety of Tattoo designs. It is well laid for beginners. You can choose your design from so many genres available under Category tab like TigerTatto, GunsTattoo, dog tattoos, YinYangTattoo and so on.

The app is regularly updated with new Tattoo drawings which can be seen under the Recent tab. Best way to figure out which tattoo concept is trending can be done by browsing through the Popular tab. There is also a Top tab where you get to see most downloaded designs along with the number of downloads.

If you are looking for a tattoo shop around you then it can be also accomplished by going to the Shop module. And this is one of the perfect apps for tattoo artists because they can add their tattoo parlor or shops to the map.

Install it on Android


inkHunter Tattoo app for android and iOS

This app lets you make your tattoo designs virtually. How exactly? I’ll tell you in 3 simple steps

  1. Add your text tattoo or an image one in My Tattoos.
  2. Touch your tattoo which will redirect to the camera. Now, make a square smiley on the body part where you want your tattoo. Align both the camera smiley and the smiley on your body.
  3. After saving, you can view or edit your tattoo in My Photos.

You can also take inspiration from Tattoos Gallery which displays various artists and their designs.

Install it on Android and iOS

Tattoo Maker

Design your own tattoo app - Tattoo Maker

This is a great app to make virtually analyze how a certain tattoo will look on your body. Let me guide you through it.

  1. You can either click a photograph of the body part where you want your tattoo or select from gallery.
  2. Now you have different options to design your tattoo like drawing, text or even choosing tattoos from the gallery.
  3. Next, place your tattoo on the body and adjust it accordingly and Save.

Users can view their design and photos in My work tab.

Install it on Android

Tattoo Apps For Men

Tattoo apps for men

This app is particularly designed for men. It provides a lot of variations in terms of tattoo designs and concepts.

Similarly, like the apps mentioned above, you can select an image from the gallery or open camera to click pictures. And also you can select from Bodies. Now after selecting, you need to choose your favorite tattoo design. It can be anything like a sketch, or text or tattoo design from the gallery.

Now just and drag your design onto the body to make it look perfect. It is easy to use and best tattoo design app for men.

Install it on Android

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My pick would definitely be INKHUNTER because of its availability on both Android and iOS platforms. Plus, it is so easy and fun to use therefore making it the best tattoo design app for Android and iPhone.

Which one did you like? Do let us know in the comments section.

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