7 Of The Best Beard Apps To Know What Would You Look Like With A Beard

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Did you know that women prefer men with a beard? Yes, they are! This was confirmed by a survey showing that men with facial hair look more attractive to most women than clean-shaven.

Are you also planning to grow facial hair? Wondering what would you look like with a beard or a mustache? Why try to visualize it when you have the apps for it!

Here, we present the best beard apps that will show different facial hairs styles on your face so you can choose which one you like the most.

Not only to visualize, but you can also use these apps to determine which beard style looks better on you. And whether you would like to keep it the same or to change it later.

So are you ready to grow some beards in no time? Then let’s get started with the list where you will learn about the beard photo editor apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Get Stylish With These Best Beard Apps

Beard Photo Editor – HairStyle

This app not only puts a virtual beard on your face but also gives you options to add glasses, mustaches, and hats to check out the best look with a beard.

You can directly take a picture from the app using the camera or upload it from your device gallery. Once you apply any style, you can decrease the density of hair on the face to get the best-suited beard. Apart from all this, you can even try different hairstyles too.

Below you can find the picture that I used in this app. I don’t keep mustache but I tried to add one using this app and below is the result 🙂

best beard apps for android and iphone - beard photo editor

I faced one problem while importing my photo, it was not loading completely. But when I tried to import after a couple of times, it loaded properly. You can give a try to this app as it is a complete package for your face look and hairstyles.

Link: Google Play Store

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Beard Booth Studio

apps for beard -beard booth for iphone

Apart from Android, this app can also be used if you’re an iPhone user to surprise your friends that you have grown a beard in no time.

Open the app, upload your photo and start testing new styles. The app has tons of beard and mustache style collections. You can also add stickers to your pictures.

Once you are done with it, click on the share icon and share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Messenger or directly on social media websites. The app is free to download but to try out new different styles, you need to purchase it.

Link: App Store

Mustache Booth – Grow A Beard

Mustache Booth - Grow A Beard app for iphone

Mustache Booth is another app for beard lovers available on the iOS platform for free. This app not only helps in applying beard styles but also adds text to them. Unfortunately, only the option to select the images from the gallery is unlocked as of now. To unlock the camera option you will need to purchase and upgrade the app.

Apart from this, there are a number of free beards and mustache styles that you can select from. And to unlock the rest, again you will need to upgrade the app. Once the image with the beard is created, you can either save it to the device or share it on social media platforms from the app itself.

Link: App Store


beard app for iphone- beardify

Beardify is for beard lovers available on the iOS platform. This app not only helps in applying a beard style but also helps in matching them with your hair color to get a realistic look. You can also create videos of your new look apart from the photos.

This is a paid beard booth studio where you need to pay extra for unlocking new styles.

Link: App Store

Beard Booth

get to know how you look like with a beard using android app -beard booth android

This beard maker app for Android has a quite interactive interface.

Beard Booth lets you check many beard styles on your face. Not only beard, but you can also try mustache, caps, and even girl hairstyles for fun. Once you are finalized with the style, you can add text to it and share it with your friends from the app itself.

Install this beard photo editor and try out all the trendy styles on your face to change it and get a cool look. This app is available only on Android.

Link: Google Play Store

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Mooch - best beard editor app

Like most of the apps, this beard photo editor also allows you to select the photo either from the gallery or directly take it from the camera.

After this, you can start adding beards or various kinds of mustaches from this app. Now what more it has to offer is a wide range of funny and colorful beards to be used. And the option to control the brightness of the image and even select to save the final photo in black and white.

Furthermore, you can also add different hairstyles to make the photo more amazing. Initially, you will only get a handful of beards and hairstyles.

But you can easily unlock the rest by rating this beard booth studio and writing a review on the App Store. And it seems like a good option, rather than paying for the additional styles.

Link: App Store

Beard Cam Live

Beard Camera Live

This is one of the best beard apps that you can get for your Android devices. Even despite the fact that it has the same features as most of the apps in this list, namely to add a beard to the photos from the gallery.

What makes it different from others is that here you can use the Beard Camera option to see live images with the beard filters.

Amazing, right?

No need to add the photos, just open the camera and adjust your face in the marked area. And then select from the list of beards. You can also take pictures from the live Beard Cam.

All the pictures will be saved in Your Creation which you can open from the app’s main screen, or from the device gallery. The only drawback here is that the app will add a watermark to the image which can be a bummer for some users.

Link: Google Play Store

Bonus – Grooming: Philips Beard App

Apart from all these apps, you can also try this Philips Grooming beard app available for both Android and iOS devices.

This beard photo editor will help you in managing, taking care, getting advice, and even selecting the beard styles that will suit you.

Link: Google Play Store | App Store

Here are some other entertaining apps that you might find useful.


Choose one from the best beard apps list and get the perfect beard style on your face you haven’t even wondered about.

So which style you are going with? Or how funny the final photos are after using these apps? Do share with us via comments if you have experience with any similar apps.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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