5 Best Beard Apps to Know What Would You Look Like With a Beard

A survey reported that men with beard look more attractive to most of the women than clean shaved. Are you also planning to grow facial hair? Wondering what would you look like with a beard or a mustache? Why force your brain to visualize so much when you have the apps for it. Here I am listing the best beard apps that will show different beard styles on your face and you can pick up the best-suited one.

Get Stylish With These Best Beard Apps

1) Beard Photo Editor – HairStyle

This app not only puts a virtual beard on your face but also gives you options to add glasses, mustache, and hats to check out the best look with a beard. You can directly take a picture from the app using the camera or upload from your device gallery. Once you apply any style, you can decrease the density of hairs on the face to get the best-suited beard. Apart from all this, you can even try different hairstyles too.


Below you can find my picture I tried with this app. I don’t keep mustache but I tried to add one using this app and below is the result ­čÖé

best beard apps for android and iphone - beard photo editor


I faced one problem while importing my photo, it was not loading completely. But when I tried to import after a couple of times, it loaded properly. You can give a try to this app as it is a complete package for your face look and hairstyles.

Link: Google Play Store

2) Beard Booth

get to know how you look like with a beard using android app -beard booth android

This beard maker app for Android has a quite interactive interface. Beard Booth lets you check many beard styles on your face. Not only beard, you can also try mustache, caps and even girls hairstyles for fun. Once you are finalized with the style, you can add text to it and share it with your friends from the app itself.

Install this app and try out all the trendy styles on your face and get a cool look. This app is available only on Android. However, there is another app I have listed with the same name for iPhone users.

Link: Google Play Store

3) Men Stylish Beard

beard app for android - men stylish beards

Men Stylish Beard is another beard photo editor app. The app is very easy to use. Import image or directly use from the gallery. Choose any style from 15 different cool beard styles available.

To add more charm to your photo, you can try different hairstyles available in the app with different glasses. It has mixed reviews on Play Store, for some user’s it didn’t work out good while many users reviewed it as the best app.

Link: Google Play Store

4) Beardify

beard app for iphone- beardify

Beardify is another app for beard lovers available in iOS platform. This app not only helps in applying beard styles but also helps in matching it with your hair color to get the realistic look. You can also create videos of your new look apart from the photos.

This is a paid app where you need to pay extra for unlocking new styles. And the app requires a minimum of iOS 8.0 version.

Link: iTunes Store

5) Beard Booth by Dollar Beard Club

apps for beard -beard booth for iphone

Another app for iPhone users to surprise your friends that you have grown a beard in no time. Open app, upload your photo and start testing new styles. The app has tons of beard and mustache style collection. You can also add stickers to your pictures.

Once you have done with it, click on the share icon and share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Messenger or directly on social media websites.

The app is free to download but to try out new different styles, you need to purchase it.

Link: iTunes Store

Choose one from the best beard apps list and get the perfect style on your face you haven’t even wondered. Do share with us via comments if you have experience with any such Android or iOS apps.


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