9 Best Food Recipe Apps For Android And iOS

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With the new trend in the world today where technology is the new order of the day, we discover new things we can do with our smartphone every passing moment. Asides making calls, sending text messages, playing games and the likes; it has also become an avenue to learn more about the food we eat. Whether you love eating or simply love cooking, all you need is right there on your gadget. Various food recipe apps are created daily to meet your food goals, below are some of the best food recipe apps for Android and iOS smartphone. All you need to do is download them and enjoy the luxury of having diverse recipes right in your closet.

Best Food Recipe Apps

1. Cookbook Recipes

Cookbook Recipes app

It provides recipes in different categories: by diet, by cuisine, by course, by ingredients, by meal type and much more. Cook Book offers tons of cooking recipes you would love to lay your hands on in a really quick and easy manner. Whether you are diabetic or not, this app meets you right at the point of your recipe needs.

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2. Fast Food Recipes

Fast Food Recipes app

Are you in need of new and varieties of delicious and tasty fast food recipes? If your answer is yes, then Fast Food Recipe is exactly what you need. This app provides you with hundreds of recipes ranging from European to American dishes. Fast Food Recipe application saves you the stress of buying expensive cookbooks and provides all you need in one place. It includes recipes for sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, shawarma, chips etc.

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3. HelloFresh

Hello Fresh Food Recipe App iOS

This cooking app provides you with several delicious recipes and also ingredients required to prepare them right in the comfort of your home. With thousands of recipes to discover, you also get to save them to your favorites and share with your loved ones.

HelloFresh also provides you with videos where you get to learn more tips and a step by step guide to cooking your meals. You would think it ends here but it doesn’t; if you ever get tired of spending time at the grocery store to purchase ingredients, HelloFresh will do your shopping for you and deliver it right to your doorstep at no extra charges.

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4. Stew Recipes

Stew Recipes Android app

This cooking app contains 40 stew recipes for beef, lamb, chicken etc. it is an app that provides you with instructions on how to make all kinds of stew recipes. It makes available the time frame required to make each recipe and the number of people your stew can serve. It also provides an avenue whereby you get to search for the recipe you want after which you’ll be lead to a page containing the recipe in question. Some of the recipes on Stew Recipe are beef stew, vegetable stew, pork stew amongst others.

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5. Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich Recipes app

This real tasty sandwich recipe app provides a complete step by step instruction on how to create a perfect sandwich and burger recipe. Although sandwiches are mostly taken in parties, it is also a healthy food with good calories.

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6. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Android and iOS app

Whenever you find yourself searching for a new recipe, then All Recipes Dinner Spinner should be your first stop.  Its vast array of recipes allows for a good variety of meals with nutritional information which is very helpful.

This is one of the best food recipe apps with over 30 million home cooks and helps cooks in discovering and sharing the joy of home cooking. It provides users with feeds, improved search options, step by step cooking videos, shopping list etc. You also get to cook what’s on sale as it helps to see the recipe ingredients that are on sale near you.

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7. All Rice Recipes

All Rice Recipes app

To all rice lovers out there, things just got better. This app helps you learn easily various methods of cooking rice including white coconut rice, leaf pepper rice, jollof rice, turmeric rice etc. For video lovers, this food app also provides you with step by step guide and video tutorials.

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8. Food.com

Food.com app

Here, we have an app that provides you with 500,000 rated and reviewed recipes with an organized recipe box, meal planning tool and also instant access to savings at your local grocery store. Food.com enables you to save recipes to your recipe box, build your menu, organize your meal plan and also search with a ‘what’s in your fridge feature?’ to find recipes that require you use ingredients you already have.

App Store

9. Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes Android app

This app provides you with diverse techniques for making potatoes and also puts together a variety of favorite ways to enjoy it amongst which are potato salad, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, corned beef hash casserole etc.

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You really don’t want to miss out on cooking that food of your choice or making that recipe you’ve always longed for. Get started today by downloading these apps on your Android and iOS devices and make your food goals a reality.

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