How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices In 2 Ways

how to logout of instagram on other devices

Here’s how to sign out of Instagram on all devices: Go to your Instagram account, tap the hamburger icon, then Settings and Privacy. Next, tap Accounts Center, then Password and Security. Under Security checks, tap Where you’re logged in, then tap your account and select devices to log out of. Are you logged into Instagram … Read more

How To Send Location On iMessage: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Share Live Location in Messages on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably used the Messages app to communicate with your friends and family. Did you know that you can also send your location to them using Messages? It may come useful when you want your child to report their location and you do not want to use any spy apps … Read more

Discover Friendship Duration on Facebook: Video Guide Inside!

How To See How Long You’ve Been Friends With Someone On Facebook In 3 Ways

Here’s how to view how long you’ve been friends on Facebook with someone – tap Friends in the Facebook app. Next, tap Your Friends, then tap the three horizontal dots next to the selected friend’s name on the list. In the popup menu, you’ll see when you became friends on Facebook. Are you wondering how … Read more

Create Instagram Line Breaks In 3 Ways

You can create line breaks on Instagram to add spaces between lines of text in your Instagram captions or bio. At the end of a text line, press Return or Enter to add line breaks to create open spaces. These spaces break up text for increased readability and clarity. Have you ever wondered how people … Read more

How To Untag Yourself On Instagram In 4 Ways

Untag Yourself from Instagram Photos

Here’s how to remove a tag on Instagram – head to the tagged posts section on your profile, then select the post you want to untag. Next, tap the three dots in the post’s top-right corner and select Tag options. Tap Remove Me from Post to untag yourself. Have you ever been tagged in a … Read more

How To Track WhatsApp Chats On Another Phone: A Full Guide

How to Track WhatsApp messages and calls

Track WhatsApp chats on another phone by using Whatsapp web /desktop to access the target WhatsApp account or restore the target WhatsApp chats on your phone. You can also use a free/paid spy app, like mSpy or uMobix, to track WhatsApp messages on another phone. Are you concerned about your child’s safety on WhatsApp? Do … Read more

2 Ways On How To Delete Everything On iPhone

Erase Data on iPhone from iCloud

To erase everything on your iPhone, you can use the Erase All Content and Settings option. Here’s how: Open Settings Click General Tap Transfer Or Reset iPhone Select Erase All Content And Settings Enter your passcode or Apple ID password Follow the onscreen instructions to permanently delete data on your iPhone. Have you ever wondered … Read more