Is mSpy Worth The Money? A Comprehensive mSpy Review

Is mSpy Worth The Money? A Comprehensive mSpy Review

There are many spy apps available, but many don’t work as expected. However, mSpy is different. I have used this app myself and can conclude after review that mSpy is legitimate and offers excellent features when it comes to spying. Do you want to use mSpy for monitoring your child’s online activities but are unsure … Read more

How To Block Adult Content On Android: 5 Ways To Protect Your Kids

How To Block Adult Content On Android

Gone are the days when children used to spend all their free time playing and running outside the house.  In fact, the opposite has become true in recent times. Due to advancements in technology, children who own mobile devices are now getting younger and younger, which means they’d rather spend most of their time inside … Read more

How To Delete Pictures From Google Chat: Video Guide Included

a laptop with the Hangout logo

You can easily delete images from Google Chat by long pressing the picture and selecting “Delete” from the options. Earlier, you had to delete the photo from the Google Album Archive. But now you can delete pictures from Google Chat itself. Have you ever accidentally shared an image on Google Chat and wanted to delete … Read more

How To Block Email Tracking In 4 Ways

how to tell if email is being tracked in Gmail

There are multiple ways to stop email tracking from monitoring your mail activity. The best way to do this is to turn off autoloading images for your email clients. You can do this on your desktop or mobile device with any popular email platform, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Do you know exactly how … Read more

Reporting Comments On Instagram In 2 Ways

How to Report Abuse on Instagram

Reporting Instagram comments is simple. Swipe left on the comment, then tap the report icon (exclamation mark inside a chat bubble). Next, select report comment, select why you’re reporting the comment, and tap submit report. Afterward, you won’t be able to see the reported comment. Do you want to know how to report comments on … Read more

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live

Disable Comments When Watching Instagram Live

Here’s how to disable comments on Instagram Live – start your Live session via the Instagram app. Next, tap the three dots in the comment box and then select Turn off commenting in the menu. This will turn off comments for the Live broadcast. You enable it the same way, too. Have you ever thought … Read more

How To See Mutual Followers On Instagram In 2 Ways

Find mutual instagram followers

Here’s how to view mutual Instagram followers – tap on their profile to access it, then tap “Followed by…” beneath their bio. You’ll see all the mutual followers you share with that account there. You don’t have mutual followers if there is no mention of accounts underneath the bio. Have you ever wondered if you … Read more

How To Make Instagram Photo Tiles With The 5 Best Apps

how to tile photos in instagram for android and iphone

You can create photo tiles for Instagram using an app to split images to upload to your Instagram feed. There are numerous apps to choose from, such as Grids, Grid Post, and Griddy. Upload your photo, select your grid format, save the tiles, and upload them to Instagram. Have you ever seen those cool grid … Read more

How To Zoom In/Out Or Flip Camera While Recording Instagram Stories

Zoom and switch camera while recording on Instagram stories

As more users are starting to use Instagram stories every day we thought that the two tips mentioned in this tutorial will help you click pictures and record videos conveniently. So, if you are having a hard time zooming in/out or switching the camera while recording videos in Instagram stories then this guide will put … Read more

Return To Normalcy: How To Get Out Of Safe Mode On Android Phones

how to disable safe mode on Android phone - featured

You can get out of Safe Mode on Android by restarting the target device or troubleshooting and uninstalling disturbing third-party apps. You can also get out of Safe Mode on an Android device by going through the notification panel or doing a factory reset on the target device. Did your child mistakenly install an app … Read more