How to Report on Instagram: Fake Profile, Spam Pictures, Abusive DM & Comments

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Instagram has gained a lot of popularity and has come up through the ranks in the past year or so. With over a 700 million users currently using Instagram for sharing photos and videos, it definitely opens up room for spam and inappropriate content. But Instagram got your back as it allows you to report spammy and abusive content. Report on Instagram is available for all types of content in their app. You can report a fake account, spam posts(photos & videos), abusive messages, inappropriate stories and harassing comments. We have covered the steps to report each one of them in this tutorial. Read on to learn them so that you are able to do your part the next time you come across offensive content.

Report on Instagram

The reporting option is present for all types of content you see on Instagram. Also, note that reporting is anonymous. So, the person whose content you are reporting will not come to know that you reported it.

Important: We highly recommend you to not report someone or their content out of envy or revenge. It’s not fair and in any case, Instagram looks into the report before taking any action.

Here’s how you can report abuse them if required.

The steps and screenshots are from iPhone app but there is hardly any difference for Android.

Report Fake Profile

If you come across an account that doesn’t follow Instagram community guidelines and looks like spam then report it.

  • Go to that account profile.
  • Under their account, tap on 3 dots at the top right.

Report on Instagram - Fake account

  • Tap Report.
  • Select the reason and you’re done.

Report Inappropriate Posts

  • Tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the photo or video you wish to report abuse.

Report Spam Pictures on Instagram

  • Select Report.
  • Tap on the reason.

Report Offensive Comments

  • Swipe left on the desired comment.

Report Offensive Comments on Instagram

  • Tap on the i icon.
  • Select the reason and it will be reported.


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Report Instagram Stories

With over 250 million users making use of stories you can very well see spam here. All you need to do is while viewing that particular story tap on the 3 dots at the bottom right and select Report. Tap on the reason and that’s it.

Report Inappropriate Instagram stories

Report Abusive Instagram Messages

If you receive a spam text message or photo/video in Instagram direct message then there’s a way to report that too.

  • Long tap/press on the desired message.

Report Abusive Instagram DM

  • Tap on Report from the menu.
  • Select the reason on the next screen.

So, these were the ways you could use to report abuse on Instagram anonymously. If you think this information can help someone then don’t forget to share the article with them.

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