Reporting Comments On Instagram In 2 Ways

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Reporting Instagram comments is simple. Swipe left on the comment, then tap the report icon (exclamation mark inside a chat bubble). Next, select report comment, select why you’re reporting the comment, and tap submit report. Afterward, you won’t be able to see the reported comment.

Do you want to know how to report comments on an Instagram post or the post itself? While Instagram may be a great place to share funny reels and insightful data, it also has offensive content that Instagram itself doesn’t immediately flag. 

When this happens, the best bet is to report these comments or posts to Instagram. I’ve done this a few times with offensive comments that I see under some of my favorite gaming accounts’ posts. Read on to see how to report harmful comments and posts on Instagram

What To Do Before You Report Instagram Comments & Posts

Here’s what you need to do before you report posts and comments on Instagram:

  • Update your Instagram app if it’s outdated. This way, you can follow the tutorial directly, as I’m using the latest version of Instagram. 
  • Secure a stable internet connection. A spotty internet connection can prevent you from reporting offensive comments or posts.

2 Ways To Report Instagram Comments & Posts

Report option in the menu with icon

It’s quite easy to report Instagram comments and posts. The caveat is that reported content is not immediately removed from Instagram. This is good and bad because it means trolls cannot easily flag safe content. However, as I’ve experienced, it also means harmful content can remain live until Instagram removes it. 

Content that’s removed is considered harmful and violates Instagram Community Guidelines. According to the Instagram Help Center, here are a few violations:

  • False information
  • Hate speech or symbols
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Nudity or sexual content 

Read on as I detail how to report a comment or post on Instagram.   

How To Report Instagram Comments

Instagram comments can sometimes be a source of inspiration, affirmation, or bullying and harassment. If you’re a victim of harassment, you can disable your Instagram comments on your own posts to take some of the power back. 

I have a friend who did this when he was going through a particularly rough time and didn’t want negative comments to add to that. According to NPR, Instagram has taken numerous steps to deal with harmful comments to help protect Instagram users.

Reporting comments in one of them; here’s how to do it:

It will take you about 2 minutes

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

    Instagram app icon in the social folder

  2. Tap the comments icon on the desired post.

    This will allow you to comment and view other comments on the post.
    Comments icon below an Instagram post

  3. Swipe left on the comment you want to report.

    Doing so will reveal two additional options for the comment.
    A comment on an Instagram post

  4. Tap the report icon.

    This is the exclamation mark icon in the chat bubble.
    Report icon to report the selected comment

  5. Select Report this comment.

    Report this comment option in the pop up

  6. Afterward, tap the reason for your report in the popup menu.

    This abusive comment in question started a racist comment thread, so I chose hate speech or symbols.
    Hate speech or symbols option in the report menu

  7. Tap Submit Report.

    Instagram doesn’t require additional information for comments with Hate Speech.
    Submit report button at the bottom of the screen to submit the comment report

Here’s a video demonstration of how to report an inappropriate comment on Instagram

How To Report Instagram Posts

While comments may be the source of a lot of harassment for many people, some users have to deal with harmful or annoying Instagram posts

As I mentioned, inappropriate content that violates Instagram Community Guidelines is removed. However, according to the Instagram Help Center, you can report content so that Instagram shows you less of that specific type of content. This is one way I’ve cleaned up my feed before.  

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the three dots on the top of the post you want to report.
Three dots menu icon at the top right corner of an Instagram post
  1. Next, tap Report on the popup menu. 
Report option in the pop up menu
  1. Next, tap the reason for the report.

For this demonstration, I simply chose that I didn’t like the post.

I just don't like it option in the report menu
  1. Tap Next. 

This will complete your report.

Next button to submit reporting of the post
  1. Afterward, choose to block or restrict the account.

This isn’t a must, but you can opt to restrict or block the account so you don’t see their posts anymore. I chose to restrict Valorant’s page for this tutorial. 

Restrict valorant option in the support actions pop up menu
  1. Tap Dismiss when you’re done. 
Dismiss option on the final pop up menu
  1. You can see where I’ve restricted the user’s profile in the screenshot below. 
Restricted profile of the Instagram user

Here’s a video on how to report a post on Instagram:

YouTube player


What happens when you report comment on Instagram?

What happens when you report comment on Instagram is that Instagram hides or removes it from the platform. Whenever you report any content on Instagram, a story, post, or comment, Instagram will either hide or remove the content from the platform if it violates the Instagram Community Guidelines.

Can someone tell if their comment was reported?

Someone cannot tell if their comment was reported on Instagram. If their comment was reported and found to violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines, then Instagram will hide or remove the comment from the post. If the comment is on your own post, you can always delete it.

How can I see a comment I reported on Instagram?

You can see a comment you reported on Instagram by visiting the Support Requests for your own account. To do so, go to your Instagram Account Settings, then tap Help, followed by Support Requests. Here, you’ll see details about the comment you reported and Instagram’s decision.

Reporting Instagram Comments And Posts – Wrapping Up

What do you think of this tutorial? I know comments on Instagram can get messy and sometimes quite hurtful. That’s why it’s important to report any inappropriate comments on Instagram that you come across. The same goes for harmful Instagram posts. 

I don’t hesitate to report a post or comment on Instagram that’s hateful or offensive. And I suggest you don’t either. 
If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below. Share this article, too, if you like it.

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Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder of TechUntold and a passionate tech blogger, avid gamer, and social media guru who keenly monitors useful apps and gadgets. He is the ideator of our Instagram tool StoryHoot which allows watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can connect with him on: Facebook, Twitter.

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