How To View App Store & iTunes Purchase History On iPhone

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Gone are the days when you had to use iTunes on PC or Mac to check your purchase history for App Store & iTunes store. From now on, Apple will allow you to view App Store and iTunes purchase history on the iPhone or iPad itself. This makes it easier than ever to go through your purchases or transactions as you can do it from the iOS device itself.

And the bigger question is, why exactly would you want to view your past subscriptions? Well, there can be a lot of reasons, and one of them can be to cancel the subscription of some product. So in this tutorial, we’ll let you know where you can find this new feature to look at your purchase history and cancel a purchase if you want. So without bragging more about this, let’s get straight into it.

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Check App Store And iTunes Purchase History On iPhone

  1. Open Settings and then select the iTunes & App Store.

iTunes & App Store iOS

Alternatively, you can just tap on your name at the top and select the iTunes & App Store.

iTunes & App Store settings iOS

2. Now, tap on your Apple ID at the top and select View Apple ID. Next, you will be asked for Apple ID passcode or Touch ID if you have enabled it.

App Store and iTunes Purchase History on iPhone or iPad

3. After you have provided the necessary input for authentication, you will be taken to the Account screen. Here, you need to tap on Purchase History.

purchase history on iPhone

4. With this, iOS will show your purchases for the last 90 days by default, which will be arranged according to the date of purchase.

iTunes purchase history

5. The items present under Pending section at the top are the ones whose payment might not have been processed yet. To view more details about a particular purchase you can tap on that item.

iTunes pending Purchase

6. To view purchases for other time period tap on Last 90 Days at the top and select the year followed by the desired month. You may select All to see the history of the complete year.

Find Past App Store and iTunes purchases on iPhone or iPad

This handly option is a welcome addition to iOS 11. It saves a lot of time and trouble while checking for past iTunes & App Store purchases.

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Cancel App Store Subscriptions In iPhone

Now that you know how to view your App Store purchase history on the iPhone, you should also learn how to cancel a paid subscription. Because sometimes after using a product, you realize that the purpose of the product has been fulfilled and you don’t want to pay for it anymore.

So, if that’s what you want to do, then you just have to tap on the Subscriptions option after following the 2 steps from the above method.

viewing iTunes subscriptions

Now you’ll see all your subscriptions in one place. To cancel a subscription, tap on it, and then finally tap on “Cancel Subscription.”

cancel subscription on iPhone

Cancel Pending Purchase In iPhone

On iTunes, every purchase you make is considered final. But it is quite common that after purchasing the product, the purchase is still showing pending. It may be due to various reasons. One of them is that sometimes Apple takes time to deduct the amount from your bank account. However, sometimes the purchase status shows “Pending” even if the amount is deducted. And it may be that you decide to cancel your purchase during that period.

Now as we’ve already told, there are two scenarios for this:

1. The amount has not been deducted:  Canceling the purchase is much easier if the purchase is pending because the amount hasn’t been deducted. And if that’s the case, then it is important, you haven’t downloaded the purchased app.

Now to cancel the pending purchase, you can contact the Apple Support and ask them to cancel the purchase. Or to make it fast, you can contact your bank and ask them to decline the payment.

2. The Amount has been deducted: Now, if the amount has been deducted, then no matter what’s the purchase status, the purchase is considered final. But still, you can take a chance and ask Apple for a refund by reporting a problem to Apple. Where you’ll see the list of all your purchases after signing in with your Apple ID. And then you’ll have to state your problem after selecting that particular app.

But do note that it is not for sure that you’ll be refunded with the amount after the purchase. If you want to be sure whether you have any chances of a refund or not, then you can read Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions.


It is normal for everyone to download various apps on their iPhone after paying for them. But the thing is that you sometimes want to see how much you are spending on the apps. Or you just want to look at your recent purchases to keep a track. Also, it is possible that after using an app for a while, you want to cancel its subscription. Well, we hope that all of this solved for you after reading this article.

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