How to Post GIF on Instagram from iPhone and Android

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At TechUntold, we have written a lot of useful Instagram tutorials to enhance your experience while using the popular photo-sharing app. To include one more in that list we will be sharing ways with which you can share or post GIF on Instagram from iPhone and Android smartphone.

The official Instagram app doesn’t allow you to upload GIFs and it is only photos and videos that you can share.

In this guide, I will share with you ways to get around this limitation and post GIF on Instagram.

Post GIF on Instagram

Here we will be sharing two easy methods to post GIF on Instagram. I am sure you are excited to know about this so, let us get started without any further chatter.

Post GIF on Instagram

The steps and screenshots in this article are from iPhone but the method remains same for Android.

Method 1: Boomerang

If you are not aware of Boomerang the let me tell you that it is created by Instagram. Boomerang can be used to create funny videos which loop back and forth when played.

There are two ways of making use of this method.

Option 1

Open the Instagram app and tap the Camera icon at the top left or swipe right on your Instagram news feed.

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On the screen which accesses the Camera, tap on Boomerang to the right of Normal.

how to post a gif on instagram from iphone

Now, you can either use the front or rear Camera(flip using the arrow icons) to click funny photos. When you are all set, tap on the Infinite icon enclosed in a circle.

It will shoot 10 photos in a short span of time. The photos will then be put together and played back and forth infinitely which is nothing but a GIF.

On the next step, you can choose to upload it as your Instagram story or send via Instagram Direct using the right arrow icon at the bottom right.

If you wish to upload it to your Instagram profile then use the Save option. It will be saved as a video.

upload GIF on Instagram from iPhone and Android

As it is now saved as a video you can upload it as you would share a normal video post on Instagram.

Option 2

Alternatively, to use Boomerang you can install their app.

Boomerang app is available on both Play Store and App Store

.After taking the pics, simply tap on Instagram. You will be taken to the Instagram app and your post will be set up with the GIF you just created using Boomerang app.

how to post gif on instagram android using Boomerang App

Method 2: Using  GIPHY to Share GIF on Instagram

If you haven’t heard of GIPHY which is highly unlikely then please be informed that GIPHY is the largest resource online for GIF’s. It is basically a search engine for animated images where you can find and share GIF’s with anyone.

Again, to make use of GIPHY to send/share GIF on Instagram you have 2 options.

You can either make use of their website or app.

Option 1

If you wish to use it on your smartphone then go for their app. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

Here, I will be using steps and screenshots from GIPHY iOS mobile app.

Open GIPHY app.

Search, browse and open the desired GIF by tapping on it.

You will see sharing icon below the GIF. If Instagram doesn’t appear then tap on the three horizontal dots to get more sharing options.

Now, select Instagram and Allow access to Gallery/Photos.

share GIF on Instagram using GIPHY

It will save the GIF as video on your smartphone Gallery/Camera roll. If you wish you can stop here and share the GIF later on Instagram.

But if you want to post it right now then tap on Open on the next pop-up. You will be taken to the Instagram app with the GIF loaded.

You can go ahead and post it after adding the filter and caption.

Option 2

It makes sense to make use of their official website if you are using your PC/Mac.

If you are using GIPHY’s website then you will have to enter your Email id after clicking on the Instagram sharing icon. You will receive a mp4 file of the GIF you selected on your Email id.

Use GIPHY to Post GIF on Instagram
GIPHY Website

Once you have the video file of the GIF you can as usual post it as video on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

So these are all the methods and options you can make use of to send/share/post GIF on Instagram. Also, you can turn it into a reel and share; I am sure your followers will love it!

If you think this article adds value then share it on social media with your friends. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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