How to Bulk Unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail

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Is your Gmail inbox cluttered with a lot of Emails from multiple newsletters you subscribed to earlier? Subscribing to newsletters of websites which interests you is a really convenient way to receive timely updates from them. Down the line, most of us end up subscribing to too many websites. This results in a plethora of Emails in Gmail Inbox which makes it tough to identify important Emails which require response or action. If you have been a victim of missing urgent Emails because of the newsletter Emails then follow this easy guide to bulk unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail.

Unsubscribe from Bulk Newsletters in Gmail

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Bulk Unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail

To make it clear upfront this article is not against subscribing to newsletters. In fact, newsletters are a great way to get deals, updates etc. delivered directly to your mailbox. But here is the catch, you might have had expectations from a particular website newsletter. But it didn’t live up to your expectations and you didn’t receive anything that added value to you. In these cases, it is wise to remove them from your list as suggested by many Email productivity hacks.

Here are 2 easy ways you can unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail.

Method 1: Using Gmail Website

This feature is only available on Gmail website and you won’t find in their app.

Gmail offers an easiest possible way to unsubscribe from Emails. For specific Emails, it gives Unsubscribe link to the right of the Email address of the sender when the Email is opened. Click on it to cut yourself off from their mailing list.

Unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail

There are two limitations with this method. First, it is not recommended if you wish to unsubscribe from a large number of newsletters. As going through all the Emails to find newsletter Emails and unsubscribing individually will take a lot of time.

Second, you won’t find that Unsubscribe link for all the newsletters. At least, I didn’t find them for certain newsletters in my case.

So, let us move on to the second method which takes care of these restrictions and allow to unsubscribe from Bulk Emails in Gmail.

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Method 2: Using 3rd party tool

There are quite a few tools which help in unsubscribing from Emails in bulk. I have used and had a good experience with one of them. The tool you are looking for is It is a free service and here’s how you can use it.

1. To get started, visit official website.

2. Click on Get started now. official website

3. On the next screen, click on Signup with Google followed by Continue to agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Unsubscribe from Bulk Emails in Gmail

4. Now, login to the desired Gmail account or select if you’re already signed in.

5. will ask for access to your Gmail account. If you don’t have any issue with it click on Allow.

6. Wait for a couple of minutes for the tool to scan your mailbox for subscriptions. Upon successful completion of scanning, you should see a message similar to the one shown below. Of course, the number of subscriptions will differ.

Bulk Unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail

Click on Continue.

7. On the next screen, all the subscribed websites will be listed. Easily use the Unsubscribe button next to each website to stop receiving Emails from them.

how to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters in gmail

Oops, did you just unsubscribed from a useful website accidentally? Do not panic, select the Unsubscribed tab and click on Keep in Inbox.

Add Subscription Emails to a Separate Folder

I would like to mention another handy feature this free tool offers. You can add to your subscriptions to Rollup folder by clicking on Add to Rollup.

This way all the newsletters will be at one place and won’t hinder with your important Emails. You can look at the best time whenever desired. After adding the subscriptions to Rollup folder click on Continue and select the time you wish to receive the rollup. Finally, click Finish.

Add Newsletter Emails to Separate Folder in Gmail also has an iOS app to make use of it on iPhone/iPad.

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We hope will help in putting an end to your misery by removing unnecessary Email subscriptions in bulk and consolidate all of them at one place/folder.

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