How to Schedule Emails in Gmail to Send them at Later Date/Time

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Do you wish to delay the sending of an Email in Gmail? If yes then you can follow this easy tutorial to schedule Emails in Gmail and send them at a later date and time. In the past, we have mentioned a few Chrome extensions like MailTrack to get read receipts for your Emails, Gmail Offline to use Gmail without internet connection. The extension we are going to share here is better than most of these as it adds an exceptional feature to Gmail.

Schedule Gmail Messages for Sending at Later date and time

Did you ever find yourself on a trip or busy in a conference but needed to send or reply to urgent Emails? If that sounds like your story then continue reading.

It will be quite handy in situations like these to save Emails in the draft and schedule them for a later date and time. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have the official feature to schedule Emails in Gmail. But you can use the following extension on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers to schedule Gmail messages.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

1. Add Boomerang for Gmail from their official website to your browser.

2. After installing the extension, reload Gmail.

3. Now, hit the Compose button and fill out the Email as you would usually do.

4. You will see a new row at added at the bottom of New Message window. Click on the area where it shows In 2 days to set the date and time you wish to send the Email.

There will be a variety of quick options and you can even select your own date/time using the Calendar icon.

5. There will be a new window pop-up where you have to allow Boomerang access to your Gmail account. This needs to be done for the first time only.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

6. Finally, click on Send Later to schedule the Email.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

Did you miss something in the Email? Don’t worry you can edit scheduled Emails. In order to do that click on the Boomerang icon on the Gmail screen and select Manage Scheduled Messages.

Edit Scheduled Emails in Gmail

Here you can reschedule and edit Email content if desired and save the changes.

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We hope you will find this extension useful for Gmail. If you think it is helpful then share this article on social media to let others know about this extension.

Do you schedule Emails? If yes, then which method do you use? Please share it in the comments.

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