How to See Company Name Of Email Senders in Gmail Inbox Preview

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In this guide, I will share a useful Chrome extension which helps you in getting logo and company name of Email senders in Gmail Inbox folder preview. It is an extension developed recently by Amit Agarwal, the first professional blogger in India. He is a web geek and comes up with effective web utilities time and again and this time it is no different.

See company name of email senders in gmail Inbox preview

Gmail Inbox folder lists the name of the sender, subject and date/time of the Email. You may think that this information is enough but there are situations when you need to know the domain/company of the Email sender as well to figure out the actual sender.

For example, I received Emails from two different domains/companies with the sender name as Health Insurance India. Now, there is no way to figure out the sender of the Emails without opening them. Keeping in mind our busy schedules it is useful to save even a few seconds wherever possible.

Using the extension mentioned below, you can save time by getting to know the company of the sender in the Inbox Emails preview. Hence you won’t have to open the Email saving you a few seconds and thus improving productivity.

Get Logo and Website Name of Email Senders in Gmail Inbox Folder

Most importantly you will need a Chrome browser to achieve this. If you don’t use Chrome browser then this can be one of the best reasons to install it now.

After installing Chrome browser add Gmail Sender Icons Chrome extension to your browser.

Once the extension is installed, reload the web page where Gmail is opened. You will see your Gmail inbox with additional company favicon and name. Refer to the image below for more understanding.

Website Name and Logo of Email Sender in Gmail

Apart from Inbox folder, the extension works for all other folders including Trash and Spam.

If you are concerned about your privacy, then this extension doesn’t share any Gmail data with anyone outside your Chrome browser, as stated by Labnol(developer of the Plugin).

This extension is a big help for me to quickly know the company website of the senders. At times, there are Emails in the Spam folder which I don’t want to be marked as spam. Using this extension, I can identify those companies in a jiffy and unmark them as spam.

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If you found this article helpful, then share it on social media to spread the word about this handy extension. What do you think about this Chrome extension? Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments.

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