Useful Gmail tips and tricks you don’t know

Email Accounts are used by almost everyone of us in today’s world. To be honest it is more out of necessity than anything else, as most of the communication whether professional or personal is carried out via emails today. Talking about emails, Gmail is a widely used email service. With just over 11 years since Gmail was launched it has currently 900+ million users as of June 2015. Here in this article we will share a few useful Gmail tips and tricks which 80 percent of the Gmail users don’t know.

Gmail Tips

Two Email addresses for a single user

You will be surprised to know that with every Gmail account you create, you get one more address for the same Email account. For example if you create a Gmail account with id, then you get one more id for the same account which is

Now if you know this then you can take advantage of this in many ways. For example, Ola Cabs gives a discount of Rs 200 INR for the first time if user registers through Gmail. You can use the second address for your same account i.e. the one with to take benefit of the offer for 2 times 🙂

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Period/Dots in the Email Address do not matter

If you are sometimes quite irritated while keying in the email address of people having dots in their address, then this Gmail tip will make you happy and relieved. As a matter of fact, dots in the gmail address doesn’t matter at all.

For example, for above email address you can send an email to and it will still be delivered to Another example, suppose email address is you need not worry about the dot and can use and the email will still be delivered to

Make unlimited number of addresses for your email account using +

Do you know that you can make unlimited number of addresses for the same email account. In order to do that, just add + at the end of your id. For example, for id the other id’s can be, and so on.

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This tip is useful when you want to register to a site but you might be worried of the site spamming your Gmail. In that case you can register with one of these id’s with a identifier which you can remember. Lets say Just an example you can use any word desired after + symbol and the emails will still be delivered to Now if searching for shows up mails in Spam folder of your Gmail then you can clearly figure out the site which is spamming your Gmail.

These were the few useful Gmail tips and tricks about which most of Gmail users are not aware of. Share them among your colleagues and friends. Let us know which tip you liked the most.


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