11 Useful Gmail Tips And Tricks You Don’t Know

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Email accounts are used by every one of us in today’s world. To be honest, it is more out of necessity than anything else, as most of the communication whether professional or personal is carried out via emails today. Talking about emails, Gmail is a widely used email service.

Gmail currently has more than 1.5 billion users. Though it is a simple email service, and not that difficult to use, still, there is more to it like various tricks, tips, and hidden features. These will let you use Gmail in a more efficient and productive way. Here in this article, we will share a few useful Gmail tips and tricks which most of the Gmail users don’t know or use. So let’s begin.

Gmail Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Features

1. Two Email Addresses For A Single User

You will be surprised to know that with every Gmail account you create, you get one more address for the same Email account. For example, if you create a Gmail account with id [email protected], then you get one more id for the same account which is [email protected].

Now if you know this then you can take advantage of this in many ways. For example, XYZ service gives a discount of $10 for the first time if the user registers through Gmail. You can use the second address for your same account i.e. the one with @googlemail.com to take benefit of the offer for 2 times 🙂

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2. Period/Dots In The Email Address Do Not Matter

If you are sometimes quite irritated while keying in the email address of people having dots in their address, then this Gmail tip will make you happy and relieved. As a matter of fact, dots in the Gmail address doesn’t matter at all.

For example, for the above email address [email protected] you can send an email to [email protected] and it will still be delivered to [email protected]. Another example, suppose email address is [email protected] you need not worry about the dot and can use [email protected] and the email will still be delivered to [email protected]

3. Make Unlimited Number Of Addresses For Your Email Account Using +

Do you know that you can make an unlimited number of addresses for the same email account? In order to do that, just add + at the end of your id. For example, for id [email protected] the other id’s can be [email protected], [email protected] and so on.

This tip is useful when you want to register to a site but you might be worried about the site spamming your Gmail account. In that case, you can register with one of these ID with an identifier which you can remember. Let’s say [email protected] Just an example you can use any desired word after the + symbol and the emails will still be delivered to [email protected] Now if searching for [email protected] shows up emails in the Spam folder of your Gmail then you can clearly figure out the site which is spamming your Gmail.

4. Gmail Add-Ons

Did you know that you can use add-ons inside the Gmail itself? Like the extensions for Chrome, add-ons works the same way. It helps in adding various tools, utilities, cloud storage, etc. with which you can make your Gmail work easier.

To do that, click on the gear icon at the top right and then select Get add-ons from the given options.Gmail Tips and Tricks - Get Addons After this, you can search and select from various types of add-ons as per your requirements.

gmail addons

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5. Customize Inbox Mail Tabs

As you open Gmail on the web browser, you see tabs with different categories of emails. Though the default structure is neat, not everyone needs all the tabs. You can easily customize the tabs to be shown. If you too wish to remove them, then head to Settings and select Inbox.

Gmail - Inbox tab categories

Now under this, you will see Categories, check the tabs you wish to keep and uncheck the ones you wish to hide. Then scroll to the bottom and select Save Changes to apply the settings.

6. Send Large Files

Well, as we know there is a file limit of 25 MB for various attachments that could be sent via Gmail. But if you wish to send larger files then that is also possible. To do that, simply while composing an email click on the Goole Drive icon as shown in the screenshot below.

send large files via Gmail

Then a new window will appear where you can either select an existing file from Google Drive or upload any new ones before sharing them via email. Easy, Right?

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7. Grant Access Of Your Email To Others

Sometimes it happens that you are out of town or someplace where you might not be able to check your Gmail account because of the internet issues. For such situations, if you wish, then you can simply grant access of your account to any other Gmail account holders. This way they can read and reply to the emails on your behalf. It can be your assistant, office colleague, friend, family or any trusted one.

To do this, inside Settings go to the Accounts and Import tab, scroll down you will see Grant Access to your account. Here select Add another account and simply add the email id of the person you are going to grant the access and then send email to let them know.

Grant access to your Gmail account

8. Set Up Auto-Reply

As the title says, you can send auto-replies for the emails you receive on Gmail. It can be useful in case you are going for leaves or any other work outside the office. This way anyone who will try to email you will get an automatic reply and know that you are not available. You can set auto-reply and provide the content for the email to be sent. To do that, inside Settings under the General tab scroll to the bottom.Auto reply on Gmail

Then click on the radio button for Vacation responder on to turn it on. Now select the days(First and Last) for which you want to send the auto-reply and then write the message that you wish to send. If desired you can select the option to send an auto-reply to just your contacts. This means only the contacts saved in your Gmail account will receive the auto-generated mail, rather than all those who email you. Once all is set, click on Save Changes.

9. Remotely Log Out  From Other Devices

It can happen many times that you might open your Gmail account on any public PC or friends device but forgot to log out from there. Not worry as you can sign out from all the other devices with just a few clicks. Check out how to do that in this Gmail tutorial.

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

The best way to increase the productivity and speed of working in a PC is the keyboard shortcuts. And Gmail has its own set of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the Gmail website. But before that, you will need to enable the shortcut feature. For that go to Settings and under General tab scroll down and find Keyboard Shortcuts. Then click on Keyboard shortcuts on option to enable them.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts that you can use:

  • C – Compose(In a small window)
  • D – Compose(In a new tab)
  • E – Archive
  • F – Forward
  • R – Reply
  • J and K – Down And Up in the email list(Like the arrows keys work)
  • S – To add a star to any highlighted email
  • X – To mark or select the email from the list
  • N and P – Move up and down inside the conversation

11. Offline Mode

You can use the offline option in Gmail to read and reply to any email without an internet connection. The reply will initially be saved to outbox and sent once there is an internet connection. You can save Gmail as a bookmark or visit mail.google.com to access it without the internet. But before that, you will need to enable this option. That can be done inside Settings under the Offline tab.

read and reply to email using Offline mode in Gmail

You can even select to save the emails offline from last 7, 30 or 90 days and whether to download the attachments with them or not.

Here are other Gmail tips for which we have dedicated articles.

Wrapping Up

These were the few useful Gmail tips and tricks about which most of Gmail users are not aware of even though they’re there to be used. As one does not always explore apart from sending emails, but we did and provided you with the same. If you think they are useful, share them among your colleagues and friends. Let us know which tip you liked the most, and comment below if you have something to add.

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