How To Make Boomerang From Existing Video In Camera Roll Or Gallery On Android And iPhone

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We all know how entertaining boomerang can be. With a moment or object looping backward and forward in a video, it does transform a dull moment into a funny one. But have you ever wanted to turn a video into Boomerang that is saved on your smartphone?

We are here with this tutorial to make your desire come true. Follow the steps here to make Boomerang from existing video in Camera Roll or Gallery on iPhone and Android respectively.

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First, let’s see the quick steps for Android phones.

How To Create Boomerangs From Existing Videos On Android

  1. Install the Looper – Boomerang Video Converter from Play Store.
  2. In the app, tap on Drawer under the Camera button.
  3. Select the desired video and wait until it loads.
  4. Select the desired part of the video and tap on Select Scene
  5. Use the buttons at the bottom to change the audio, choose the order, or apply a filter.
  6. Once you are done, tap Loop It.
  7. Add a caption to your video.
  8. Now, you can upload it to the Looper server by tapping Upload to Looper.
  9. Or you can share the video by tapping Share.
  10. Find your video in the folder Recoil in your Photos on the phone.

Now, let’s look at these steps in details including screenshots and also how to do it on iPhone.

Make Boomerang From Existing Video With Screenshots

So, as you have guessed already, there are apps for both Android and iOS that let you convert videos to Boomerang. After trying out a few, we found the ones that work like a charm.

So, let’s get to the method for Android first. iOS users can skip to the next one later in the article.

Convert Video To Boomerang On Android

  1. Install the app Looper – Boomerang Video Converter from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app after the successful installation. You can create an account or use it as Guest.
  3. Give the app the necessary permissions.
  4. Open the app and inside the app, tap on Drawer under the Camera button.
Drawer Icon

5. Select the desired video that you want to convert and wait until it completely loads in the app.
6. Select the part of the video that you want to include by dragging the sliders for the beginning and ending at the bottom (see the screenshot below).

7. Now, tap Select Scene to proceed.

Select Scene

8. Use the buttons at the bottom to change or mute the audio, choose the order, and apply a filter (see the screenshot below).

9. Once done, tap Loop It.

Loop It / Modify Audio & Filter

10. Tell a little something about your video and add a caption make it exciting (see the screenshot below).

11. Now, you can upload it to the Looper server by tapping Upload to Looper or you can share the video by tapping Share.

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Turn Video Into Boomerang On iOS

1. To get started you need to install AvivA – loop videos & photos app. It is available for free on the App Store.

2. Launch the app once it is installed and give it access to your Photos. The app will fetch the videos from your Camera Roll and show them to you. Tap on the desired video from the Camera Roll that you wish to convert to Boomerang.

Make Boomerang from existing video iPhone

3. The selected video will load in the app. Move the white dot in the video timeline at the bottom to select the starting point of the boomerang. You have options to select the length of the boomerang video/GIF. You can choose from half a second, 1, 2, or 3 seconds.

4. Now, if you want more editing options then swipe upwards in the section where you see the options for selecting time. Here you can add text to the video if you want and select the speed for Boomerang using the slider.

Boomerang Existing Video

5. On sliding upwards again, you’ll find options to set the direction for the video. By default, it is set to forwards backwards which is nothing but Boomerang. If you want you can select other directions like backwards forwardsbackwards only, etc.

6. After you’re satisfied with all the settings, you can save the video to Camera Roll using the save icon at the bottom left. Or you can directly share the boomerang to other platforms using the share icon at the bottom right.

Convert Video to Boomerang

With this, you have made boomerang from a pre-recorded video on iPhone.

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Can you turn a video into a boomerang?

You can turn a video into a boomerang by using apps on Android or iPhone such as the Looper – Video Boomerang Converter app from the Play Store. It has various options including Order and Audio to make a boomerang clip.

How do you save a boomerang video?

You do not need to save a boomerang video yourself since they are automatically saved to your phone once you are done creating them in the app. To view your Boomerangs, go to your phone’s camera roll. The Looper app saves the video to the folder Recoil.

How do you put boomerang videos on Instagram?

To put boomerang videos on Instagram in Looper app, tap on Share after you created your video. Select Instagram Stories or Instagram feed depending on where you want to post your video.

Can I loop a video on iPhone?

You can loop a video on iPhone by using the AvivA – loop videos & photos app. Choose the desired video, select the fragment you want to that convert and the direction of the video and share it or save.

Wrap Up

These were the easiest ways to turn saved videos in Gallery or Camera Roll to Boomerang. Give these apps a try and let us know your experience with them or any other similar app in the comments below. Also, don’t forget that now you have an option to make reels out of your videos – try it and see how amazed your followers will be!

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