How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp without deleting account

Have figured out that you have been blocked on WhatsApp? And now you are looking of ways to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. You’re lucky as you are at the right place we can definitely help you with this. You might have come across ways to unblock yourself on WhatsApp but that method includes deleting WhatsApp account and losing the data, of course WhatsApp data can be recovered but it’s too much of work. To overcome this I have come across a way with which you can Unblock yourself from someone in WhatsApp without deleting account. This method works on WhatsApp new version 2.16.6 for iOS and version 2.12.510 for Android.  Let’s learn about it.

Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp without deleting Account

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp without deleting account
With this method you can unblock yourself on WhatsApp new version without deleting account. Unlike other methods which only work on WhatsApp old versions and involves deleting of account. You will need help from a mutual friend, colleague, family member. I will consider my example for this article and explain the Process. I have used WhatsApp for iOS version 2.16.6 for screenshots.

1. I am Hemant and blocked by Akshay(my friend) as you can see from the below screenshot. Profile and Status are not visible even the messages are not delivered.

Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp without deleting account

2. I seek help from my another good friend Rahul who is a mutual friend to create a WhatsApp Group and add Akshay and myself to it.

3. Now if I send messages to that Group those will be received even by Akshay. His replies will be received by me as well even though  Akshay has blocked me on WhatsApp as shown in the picture below.

Unblock yourself on WhatsApp from Others

Messages delivered, read and reply received even if blocked

If you want to keep the chat Private you can ask your mutual friend to leave the group(In my case Rahul). After which only both of you can chat as if you would chat in Invidual/personal conversation on WhatsApp.


1. You still won’t see the Profile picture, Status, last seen or online status of contact who has blocked you with this procedure. But most importantly you can chat with them.

2.  This is a flaw in WhatsApp which let’s you chat with person in Group who has blocked you on WhatsApp. This might be fixed anytime but till then you can use this WhatsApp trick to Unblock yourself from anyone on WhatsApp.

Did this solve your problem? Share your experience or if you have any other method to do so.

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