How to Unblock yourself on WhatsApp

Tutorial on Unblocking Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account. Use the method given in the article to unblock yourself on WhatsApp from others.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service which was released in January 2010 and ever since has been available for download on most of the prominent smartphone platforms. In the 6 years of existence, Whatsapp has grown into a household name with a massive 1 billion customer database who exchange approximately 100 billion text messages and 8 billion multimedia messages every day across the world. Whatsapp has outgrown any other messaging service like SMS and iMessage, on its way to becoming an immensely popular application on Apple’s App store, Google Play, and on Windows Store.

How to Unblock yourself on WhatsApp

It is an embarrassing situation if you’re blocked on Whatsapp by your buddies, especially when it was something you regret that created the tiff. Often people find themselves blocked for sending drunk texts, mean comments to people they really care about. Don’t be disheartened yet. We understand that Whatsapp is the most extensive messaging app that you use for keeping in touch with your friends. This article gives you one more chance to redeem yourself to the person that blocked you with a trick where you can unblock yourself from someone’s Whatsapp account.

How to know you’re blocked

To begin with, you must first validate if you’re blocked or not on WhatsApp. Most people confuse deactivated or inactive accounts to be blocked. The indications that you have been blocked are that you won’t be able to view the contact details like, the profile photo, ‘last seen’ i.e. the time they were last active on Whatsapp, and their ‘status’. In comparison, people who have deactivated their Whatsapp accounts do not appear on the ‘favorites’ list whereas inactive users do. To be sure, trying sending out a message to the account and if you see that your message has just one tick which means that even though your message was sent out it was not received, which is a clear indicative that you’re blocked. A screenshot of the Whatsapp profile of a person who has blocked you is attached below.

How to Unblock yourself on WhatsApp

Profile of someone who has blocked you

To unblock yourself, you’ll need your Android or Apple smartphone and an active internet connection (2G/3G/4G/Wi-fi)


1. The following tutorial will guide you through unblocking yourself from someone’s account on Whatsapp. It is only applicable for older Android versions of Whatsapp prior to the v2.12.69 released in March 2016 and anything before 2.12.1 for iOS. You can downgrade your current version by downloading the apk file for the WhatsApp older versions and installing it on your device.

2.  You will have to delete your Whatsapp account which means you will lose all your WhatsApp chat history if you don’t have a backup. Whatsapp automatically backs up data to your phone’s storage as well as your google account every day, ensure that it is updated to the latest. You can do this by accessing the ‘Chats’ tab in the settings menu of Whatsapp and selecting ‘Chats Backup’ option.

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

Instructions to follow:

Please follow the steps of the process and the screenshots of the application to ensure that you benefit the most from this tutorial.Open the Whatsapp app on your smartphone.

1. Tap on the Options menu (three dots on the right-hand side) and go to the Settings.

WhatsApp Settings to Unblock anyone

2. Tap on Account

3. From the options displayed, select ‘Delete my account’. You can recover the application later, do not hesitate.

Delete WhatsApp Account Unblock

4. You’ll have to enter your country and your phone number to delete your account.

Confirm Deletion WhatsApp account unblock myself

5. This will restart the application. Now, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

6. Restart your phone.

7. Now, download Whatsapp from Play Store(Android)/App store(iOS) and install it.

8. Open the application and enter all the necessary details like country code, phone number, your name, profile photo and a status (optional)

Unblock yourself on WhatsApp

9. You will find that you are now unblocked from any account. You know have an invaluable chance to redeem yourself and convince the person that you didn’t mean to hurt them.


You can confirm whether you are able to the complete profile which you couldn’t view previously. Check for the profile photo, ‘last seen’, and a status. If you still find that you aren’t able to view it completely, it is likely that the person has deleted the application and is no longer active on Whatsapp. On the other hand, if you are able to view their complete profile, try sending a message and talk them through how you felt and be kind to them.

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