EyeZy App Review: A Full Guide

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Nowadays, it’s all too easy for your loved ones to face danger online. Suspicious people, cyberbullying, and dangerous content are all too easy to stumble on.

As responsible parents, we need to be in control so that we can keep our children safe; and the EyeZy App is a good way to do it.

In this comprehensive EyeZy review, let’s find out how we can protect our loved ones on social media apps and the internet the easy way!

EyeZy Review: App Benefits

EyeZy website landing page

The internet is great, but it’s not the safest place to be, especially for children. They can easily get into trouble, especially if they’re left unsupervised.

The solution is to be vigilant, even in the internet sphere. Parental control apps, sometimes also synonymous with spy apps, such as the EyeZy app can help you monitor and control what your children see online.

EyeZy lets you see the contents of the target device, whether it’s iPhones or Android devices.

With this app installed on the target phone, you can view both incoming and outgoing data. This includes information such as SMS, emails, and phone files. You can even capture specific keystrokes typed on the device, thanks to this spy app.

It can also control social media accounts so that you can see what they do on their various networks and how people interact with them.

The EyeZy app has a lot to offer; it has features such as alerts, connection blockers, phone analyzers, web magnifiers, and more. If you want to know more about how every feature works on this spy app, read our in-depth EyeZy review below.

EyeZy Review: Features 

EyeZy has a ton of features to offer. In this section, I’m going to discuss each one so that you know what to expect from this competent parental monitoring app.


The EyeZy dashboard is a critical part of using your spy app: it’s where you can get all of the data you need to keep your children safe and all of the other features besides.

Luckily, the EyeZy dashboard is a mix of different windows that display highly useful data.

The center of the window contains fields for accounts, device information, and even the GPS location of the device.

EyeZy web app dashboard

Below those fields, you can see that the EyeZy dashboard window contains other useful information such as the most visited websites, as well as top calling and top messaging contacts.

EyeZy dashboard window contains useful information such as the most visited websites, top callers and top messaging contacts

From this information, you get a quick bird’s eye view of everything you need to know about the device. You can also easily access the other tools that EyeZy offers on the lefthand side of the dashboard.

Keystroke Capture

One of EyeZy’s main features is that it has a tool that lets you actively capture certain things from the target device. The two data that these advanced features capture are the device’s keystrokes and screen.


The keystroke capture feature, also called the keylogger, will capture all of the keystrokes typed while the phone is open. It also saves details such as the time stamp and the app the keystrokes were made.

I tested this feature for my EyeZy review, but during my trial, the keylogger was only able to partially record the keystrokes I made on the target phone.

EyeZy feature shows in the dashboard that it partially record the keystrokes made on the target phone

In the window above, you can see that the keylogger could capture some of the keystrokes made on certain apps. However, it couldn’t capture the entirety of the messages for each of the entries.

Screen Recorder

This feature takes pictures of the target device’s screen whenever a social media app is opened.

This is useful if you want to have a closer understanding of what your children do on social media apps: there are just some things that keystrokes alone can’t catch, such as the things they like and react to on their social media accounts.

According to the EyeZy Screen Recorder window, it will take pictures whenever WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram messages and likes, or Snapchat is opened.

EyeZy screen recorder page on its dashboard

However, as you can see from the screenshot, this feature didn’t work during my EyeZy review trial. Although I opened and closed Messenger multiple times, it wasn’t able to take a single screenshot.

Social Spotlight

The Social Spotlight tools let you zoom into specific social media accounts that the target device might have. For EyeZy, every social spotlight feature specifically reveals the specific messages that are sent and received for every noted app.

There are quite a few tools under this category, including text, email, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, LINE, Hangouts, Skype, and Kik.

So, how well does this feature work? Let’s find out in this EyeZy review.

Text Messages

Although SMS is not the most-used form of electronic communication nowadays, it’s still a common tool that many people use to communicate. This is why the ability to see SMS messages on a phone is a valuable feature for many spy apps.

In the case of the EyeZy app, the SMS function worked wonderfully.

SMS feature inside the EyeZy web app dashboard

Surprisingly, EyeZy was able to uncover all the SMS messages on the device. Messages were displayed in thread format. On the left, you can see each conversation, and you can reveal a specific conversation simply by selecting it.

Messages displayed in a thread format in EyeZy SMS feature


Email is also a common communication platform that would make sense to monitor.

Unfortunately, EyeZy’s email monitoring feature didn’t work at all for me.

EyeZy's email monitoring page on its web app dashboard

As you can see from the screenshot, the email monitoring tool couldn’t gather any data, even though I made sure that the target phone had active email conversations.

Screenshot of blurred active email conversations


WhatsApp is a widely-used instant messaging platform. Because of how common it is, the app is often used by scammers, predators, and even bullies.

Plus, WhatsApp is also known for its strong security and encryption: anything that you delete from this app is very unlikely to be recovered.

Due to this, many people use WhatsApp in order to do sketchy things, which is why you should keep an eye out on your children if they’re on WhatsApp.

Sadly, the WhatsApp monitoring function did not work at all during my trial for this EyeZy review.

WhatsApp monitoring page on EyeZy web app dashboard

This is even though I had WhatsApp messages in my app.

Screenshot of WhatsApp application with blurred messages

Facebook Messenger

Lastly, we’ve got Facebook Messenger, another commonly used social media platform.

While EyeZy’s Messenger tracking tool was able to uncover full conversations, some messages did not have the right details, such as timestamps.

EyeZy Messenger tracking tool uncovers full conversations with timestamps

The Messenger chat box displayed on the EyeZy dashboard also didn’t make a distinction between sender and receiver, making the experience somewhat confusing.

Phone Analyzer

EyeZy’s phone analyzer feature lets users gather important data from the device, including Contacts and Phone Logs.


Knowing the target device’s contact list can give you a clue regarding who they’re talking to.

Luckily, during my trial for this EyeZy review, the contacts feature was able to deliver a comprehensive list of contact information saved on the phone.

EyeZy contacts feature shows comprehensive list of contact information saved on the phone

Phone Call

EyeZy can also reveal phone logs of the target device, which you can use to know who your child has been talking to.

It works well in this regard and I was able to see a full list of both incoming and outgoing calls. Every entry contained the call state, contact number, name, duration of the call, and the time stamp of the call.

EyeZy reveal phone logs of the target device


One of the most useful things that you can do with a parental management app such as EyeZy is to use it as a location tracker.

The EyeZy spy app can not only be used to keep your charges secure while they are in the digital realm, but also in the physical world. This is thanks to the phone’s onboard GPS and WiFi networks.

I tested the pinpoint feature during my EyeZy review trial, and here’s how it fared.

GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker lets parents see where the target phone is on a map. This way, parents will never have to wonder about what their children are doing ever again. They will immediately know where they currently are or where they’re heading.

Based on my EyeZy review trial, this feature worked perfectly.

It has two views: list and map. The list shows you a list of where the device registered a location at a certain point in time. It contains information such as coordinates, the margin of effort, map location, address, and time stamp.

EyeZy GPS tracker feature shows a list of where the device registered a location at a certain point in time

On the other hand, the map view will show where the device is currently at on the map.

EyeZy dashboard where the device is currently showed on the map

I actually tested this feature while I was in a moving vehicle, and I found it quite impressive how accurate EyeZy was in pinpointing my location remotely through the phone’s GPS.

WiFi Network Tracker

This tracker lets you locate the target phone by pinpointing on the map the location of the WiFi network that the phone is connected to. Unfortunately, it didn’t work during my test.

EyeZy shows Wi-Fi networks that the phone is connected to

Plans Breaker

The Plans Breaker feature of this app is just a fancy way of saying calendar detector.

During my trial for this EyeZy review, the app was able to determine the holidays that are saved on the phone’s calendar, but only that and nothing more.

EyeZy determines the holidays that are saved on the phone’s calendar

Files Finder

If you want to be able to see saved files on the device, the Files Finder is the best tool for that. According to EyeZy, this feature can detect videos, and photos, and install apps on the phone.

However, upon my trial, the app could only see installed apps on the phone.

EyeZy Installed apps feature can detect videos, and photos, and install apps on the phone

Sadly, it couldn’t display the stored photos, videos, and documents, which it should’ve been able to.

EyeZy web app dasboard showing the Photos feature

Web Magnifier

The web magnifier toolbox features tools that can show the history and bookmarks of the device’s browser. I also tested it for this EyeZy review.


Knowing the target phone’s browser history is important if you want to keep an eye on the device user’s interests, hobbies, and more.

During my trial, I was able to get this feature to work at first. The app displayed at least one link that I tried searching for on the trial device.

However, after that, it didn’t work anymore. I tried searching for more items, but none of them appeared on the app again.

EyeZy web app showing the browser history and bookmarks


Bookmarks reveal pretty much the same things as browser history. Unfortunately, this feature didn’t work during my EyeZy review trial.

EyeZy showing Browser Bookmark feature on its web app dashboard

Connection Blocker

The next few features are more for prevention rather than monitoring.

While the monitoring aspects merely let you see what your children are up to with their phones, the connection blocker, and other advanced features let you prevent the user of the device from accessing undesirable content online.

The features that this toolbox offers are: block websites, block WiFi, and block applications.

For this feature, we see that the sample website to be blocked was Twitter.com

EyeZy Blocked Websites page on its web app dashboard

However, when I tried it out for my EyeZy review, the phone was still able to access the website that was entered into the block website feature.

Similarly, the block WiFi tool did not feature anything on the window.

EyeZy Block Wi-Fi page on its web app dashboard

On the other hand, the Block Applications feature was able to display a comprehensive list of apps installed on Android devices.

However, it doesn’t make a distinction between system apps and user apps, and it also doesn’t let you search for the specific apps on the window so that you can easily specify what you want to block. This is a bit inconvenient, but it’s still better than nothing.

Magic Alerts

Lastly, we have the magic alerts feature, which contains geofencing and keyword tracking. After all, most of us don’t have the time to wait around and wait for things to happen, so the magic alert features only notifies users when something has triggered the alerts.

This means that you won’t have to wait around for the target device or to scan every inch of data. You will only access what’s important when it’s the best time for you to know.

As mentioned, EyeZy has two great alerts features: geofencing and keyword tracking. In terms of keyword tracking, I chose to have the term “pirate video games” be the trial piece.

EyeZy web app showing keyword tracking feature

I then tried searching for that term on the trial device.

Searching a keyword on a mobile phone browser that is tracked by EyeZy web app

I then checked the detected keywords section of the window but sadly, did not find anything detected.

Detected keywords page on keyword tracking feature in EyeZy web app


It’s essential to know about the installation process of any parental control app because you need to know whether you can do it or not. Although most spy apps can be easily installed by regular people, the degree of effort that you need to go through can vary.

This section will discuss the installation process required with the EyeZy App is easy and will discuss the specific steps that you need to go through in installing this app.

EyeZy is a paid app, so the very first step should be to buy a subscription. Once you have your subscription, you can then go to the first step in this installation tutorial.

  1. Open the EyeZy installation wizard by going to their website and clicking the log-in button.
EyeZy web app official website landing page
  1. You will then have to enter the login information that you got as you signed up for a subscription. Once you’re in, you can start the setup by choosing what language you want the wizard to be in. After choosing your preferred language, click Confirm.
Starting the EyeZY setup by choosing what language you want the wizard to be in
  1. To continue with the wizard, simply click Get Started and follow the setup instructions.
Clicking Get Started to follow the setup instructions in setting up EyeZy
  1. Through the installation wizard, you will then see what you need to do, which is to disable Play Protect on the target phone. The window that you will see on the screen will have instructions for you, so just follow it and click Next.
Installation wizard requires to disable Play Protect on the target phone
  1. Once Play Protect is turned off, you can now disable the rest of the instructions.
Disabled Play Protect on an android device
  1. With PlayProtect disabled, your phone now won’t mistake EyeZy App as harmful malware, and you can proceed with downloading the installer for the app. You can do so by following the instructions on the next screen of the installation wizard. Click Next when you’re done.
EyeZy App can now be installed for after disabling Play Protect
  1. All you need to do is type the given link to your phone browser’s URL and then hit download. Your phone’s browser might warn you against installing the app; when it does, just download it anyway.
Phone web browser warning against installing an app with options cancel and download anyway
  1. Now that you have the app on your phone, you should proceed with installing the app. Go to your downloads folder, tap the APK file, and then tap Install. An app called Update Service should start scanning immediately.
Update Service app on android device scanning the APK file to be installed
  1. When the app finishes downloading, you should be able to see the Update Service app on your app drawer or home screen. This is the EyeZy app, and clicking it will start the setup process.
Update Service app on the home screen
  1. The setup process will require that you approve all the popup messages that ask for your permission to access data about certain aspects of the phone. Click Got It to continue.
Popup message asking permission to access data about certain aspects of the phone
  1. Next, the app should be allowed to run all the time. You can do this by following the instructions provided in the pop-up window. This is by far the longest process because you will need to give permission manually for all of the required information and access to the app.
Popup message that requires the app be allowed to run all the times
  1. Lastly, go ahead and input the registration code that you can see in the window on the browser. When you’re done, click the Next button on the browser screen.
Fill-up the registration code on the input field of the browser
Clicking the Next button on the browser screen
  1. The EyeZy installation wizard will then instruct you to clear the traces of your installation about the phone by clearing history and deleting the APK installer. Once that’s done, just keep clicking Next until you see EyeZy’s logo in the middle of the screen. This is the animation that appears during setup.
EyeZy's logo in the middle of the screen
  1. When the setup is done, you will then be redirected to the dashboard. Your installation is now complete.
Installation is complete when redirected to the EyeZy dashboard


Lastly, I’m going to talk about the cost of all these great features.

There are three pricing tiers for the EyeZy app depending on length: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months.

The EyeZy app costs $68.56 for one month, $39.98 per month for 3 months, and $14.27 per month if you subscribe for 1 year. They don’t have any free versions, although their prices are somewhat reasonable for the number of features that you will get.

Sounds like what you’re looking for? Try the EyeZy app now!

What I Liked

In this section, I’m going to summarize the advantages of the EyeZy app compared to other apps in the market. 

  • The breadth of features. EyeZy has a huge range of monitoring and control features.
  • Sleek dashboards. The monitoring dashboard presents a lot of useful information that you can use to gain thoughtful insights about the target device.
  • Many advanced features work without root. Compared to other apps, there are many more features that EyeZy advertised that did indeed work even without having to root Android devices.
  • Great SMS and Facebook Messenger tracking. These noteworthy features were able to display a good deal of information about SMS and specific social media.
  • Could display comprehensive contact and call logs. Like SMS and Messenger, the contact info and call logs were also gathered and displayed properly.
  • Great location tracking ability. The app was able to accurately track the location of the target device, even while moving.

What I Didn’t Like

In this part of my EyeZy review, I’m going to summarize the cons of the EyeZy app so you know what to watch out for if you want to buy a subscription.

  • Long installation process. There aren’t any automated parts of the installation process, unlike other apps such as uMobix. As a result, you will have to go through each permission that you have to give before you finish.
  • Somewhat pricy. EyeZy’s pricing isn’t as good as competitors. If your needs are more basic and you’re fine without the extra features, there are several apps that you can get for less price.
  • Some features did not work as advertised. Although many features worked as intended, many did not.


Is the EyeZy app legit?

The EyeZy app is a legit spy app. It was developed by a team of dedicated professionals and did not perform any malicious acts during its testing on the team’s device. You can be sure that EyeZy legitimate and is not malware.

How is EyeZy installed?

EyeZy is installed by downloading an APK file and then proceeding to the installation process. Keep in mind that in order to install EyeZy on the target phone, you need to manually give EyeZy every permission required.

How do you use EyeZy?

You can use EyeZy in two main ways: monitoring and controlling. You can monitor certain phone data, such as SMS, emails, social media accounts, and even location. You can also use this app to control the target phone, as blocking sites or network connections.

EyeZy Review: In Conclusion

As you can see from my EyeZy review, EyeZy is a pretty comprehensive spy app with a wide variety of features to use. Among its arsenal, many features work wonderfully, even if there are also others that did not work at all.

Overall, if you want to protect your children from the dangers of the online world, an app such as EyeZy will work wonderfully. Don’t be afraid to try it out now!





Ease of Use




Value for Money



  • Offers a wide range of functions including alerts, connection blockers, phone analyzers, web magnifiers
  • Rooting device not necessary to access range of features
  • Robust SMS and Facebook Messenger tracking
  • Accurate location tracking


  • Pricier than similar apps on the market
  • Many functions did not work upon trying
  • Installation is a lengthy process
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