How To See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram And Also See Their Liked Videos, Comments, And More

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On Facebook, you can easily see your friend’s activity on your news feed. But how about Instagram? The news feed in the app doesn’t show anything else other than the photos or videos posted from users, hashtags you are following and ads of course.

You cannot see anymore what photos and videos someone liked on Instagram in the Instagram app since Instagram has removed this feature.  It is not possible to view someone’s Instagram activity from the website either.

To help with this, we share a method to view someone’s Instagram activity and see their liked posts (photos and videos) and even comments.

Our method also allows you to see the Instagram activity of a certain user or a user without following (anonymously). In addition, we have mentioned a tip that will help you to see when someone was last online on Instagram.

See Someone’s Liked Photos, Videos, Comments, And Likes On Instagram Anonymously

If you want to see the Instagram activity of a certain user or a user you don’t follow. What should you do in this situation?

Here is an answer!

Use Snoopreport tool to be aware of the likes, comments and follows of the Instagram users that you’re interested in.

What Is Snoopreport And How It Works?

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring service that lets you track Instagram accounts actions.

You just need to add Instagram accounts for monitoring and the service will provide a complete report containing likes, comments and follows made by an individual or a business Instagram accounts during the monitored weeks.

How To Use Snoopreport

Follow the steps below to see every photo someone likes on Instagram:

1. Before you can manage Instagram accounts for monitoring in a user-friendly dashboard you need to create an account. Click “Sign Up” button on their homepage and enter your Email and password.

2. After registration, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. Here you can add and delete Instagram accounts, buy the time packages for monitoring, look through the reports and more! But first, you should start by adding an account. You can add one or several accounts for tracking: when entering multiple usernames use a comma or a row list.

what is snoopreport

While entering the username, Snoopreport prompts the Instagram users in a dropdown list, you need to select the correct one. But be aware that the service can snoop only on public accounts, not the private ones.

snoopreport - add instagram account

3. After adding the account you should buy a time package of 4, 26 or 52 weeks to start the monitoring. The weeks will be credited to a single account in your dashboard or if you added several – you can distribute the weeks among them the way you want.

Example: you add 14 accounts to your dashboard and you buy 26 weeks and split them this way: 10 weeks to one account, 5 weeks to another and all the rest 11 accounts can get 1 week each.

snoopreport packages

4. After the time is added to accounts, the monitoring starts automatically. If you add more accounts later, you can start their monitoring just by clicking the “buy time” button on them.

instagram activity - snoopreport

For the accounts “Instagram” and “jlo” the monitoring is enabled, for the “jessicaalba” it is disabled.

5. The first report with user’s likes and follows will be available in a week. To see it just choose the time frame of the report and click on it. You’ll be able to view every photo someone liked on Instagram.

Here’s how the report with the Instagram account’s likes provided by Snoopreport looks like.

See Someone's Likes & Comments on Instagram Without Following Them

The report displays all the user activity on Instagram. The largest part is dedicated to the likes made by a user, namely: the photos and videos liked and the user that posted them and the change in the monitored user’s engagement with the other accounts.

The reports contain additional features such as follows, comments (available in future), downloading in PDF and CSV formats, and generating a group report.

Using Instagram Spy Apps

If you want to have more thorough access to the Instagram data of someone, you should use an Instagram spy app.

However, installing it requires physical access to the phone of that person. Once you get it, install one of the Instagram spy apps.

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See When Someone Was Last Online On Instagram

Instagram has a feature that shows the last active time next to the name of the friend in the Direct section.

It not only shows the time when you last used the app but also the online status. The activity status can be seen in Instagram Direct section. The option is turned on by default for all accounts but you can easily disable it if you don’t want others to know about your online status on Instagram.

Earlier you could get an idea of someone’s last activity by looking at their liked posts and comments. But this information was far from accurate when it came to learning about anyone’s last seen.

But with this option, you can see last seen and online status for accounts with whom you have chatted on Direct previously. Here’s how.

Update the Instagram app from the respective app stores and follow the simple steps below.

  • Open the app and go to Instagram Direct. You can do so either by swiping left on the news feed screen or tap on the paper plane icon at the top right.
  • Here, you will be able to the last seen of the users whom you have had a conversation with below their username. It will be mentioned in the following manner – “Active x hours ago“, “Active x minutes ago” or “Active now“.
See when someone was last online on Instagram

As you can see apart from last seen you can also tell if someone is online at a particular point in time.

You won’t be able to see this information for the user(s) who have disabled the activity status in settings.

In case you turn it off for your account then you too won’t be able to see anyone’s last activity on Instagram. Similar to how last seen works on WhatsApp.

This update is quite debatable as it is a kind of breach of privacy. Having said that, they have given you full control to enable or disable it. So, how are you going to deal with this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Instagram no longer shows what photos and videos Instagram users like.

If you’re eager to see friends Instagram likes or view Instagram photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend has liked, use Snoopreport for monitoring.

The biggest advantage of Snoopreport is that you can track Instagram account even if you don’t follow it. Give it a try from this link.

We hope that you were able to successfully view someone else’s liked photos and videos on Instagram. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about this feature in the comments below.

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