How to View Someone’s Instagram Activity and See Their Liked Posts

Last Updated: May 13, 2017

On Facebook, you can easily see your friend’s activity on your news feed. If you are using Facebook on the website then you can see the all the activity at the top on the right sidebar. But how about Instagram? The news feed doesn’t feed doesn’t show anything else other than the photos or videos posted by users you are following. The option to see your followers activity not being visible upfront doesn’t mean that it is not available. To help with this, we share a method to view someone’s Instagram activity and see their liked posts(photos and videos) and even comments.

See Someone’s Liked Photos and Videos on Instagram

If for some reason you wish to see the pictures and videos someone likes on Instagram then you are not alone. Looking at the activity of others can help you figure out if the Instagram account is active or not or it’s just that they don’t engage with your posts. Whatever your reason maybe to do so but you can do that easily.

So, let’s get to it.

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on the Heart icon at the bottom row which you use to see your notifications.

3.  Now, if you notice at the top,  You tab will be selected by default. This shows all your notifications. In order to view posts liked by others tap on Following.

View Someone's Instagram Activity

Under Following, you will be able to see the following information.

  • Photos and Videos liked by the users you are following.
  • Comments liked by the users you follow.
  • You can also see the user followed by someone you are following.

The limitation is that you need to follow the user to see their activity. Personally, I would like Instagram to introduce a search feature in the Following tab under notifications. It will make a hell lot easier to quickly see the activity of specific friend. Right now the only option you have is to browse until you see the desired friend’s Instagram activity.

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Currently, it is not possible to view someone’s Instagram activity from the website.

We hope that you were able to successfully view someone else’s liked photos and videos on Instagram. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about this feature in the comments below.


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