How To Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days Limit With This Trick

In this Facebook tutorial, I will share how to change the name on Facebook App as well as on the Web. Moreover, you will get to know how to change Facebook name before 60 days limit with a simple trick. This trick is helpful if for some reason you changed your Name on Facebook or maybe one of your Facebook friends changed it just for fun and now you want to change it back to the previous one without waiting for 60 days.

Firstly, let us start with learning about how to change Name on Facebook.

Change Name On Facebook

On Web

1. Open Facebook on a Web browser and log in to your account.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner and Select Settings from the list.

Change Name on Facebook

3. Under General Settings, click on Edit to the right of Name.

Change Facebook Name before 60 days

4. Enter the desired Name and click on Review Change.

Change Name on Facebook Web

5. Select the order in which your First, last and Middle Name will be displayed. Enter your Facebook password and click Save Changes.

Change Facebook name without waiting 60 days

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On App

I will be using the steps and the screenshots from Facebook iOS App. However, the steps remain the same for Android and Windows app as well with slight changes.

1. Open Facebook App and select the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner.

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

3. Select Account Settings from the options presented.

change facebook name on app

4. Under Settings, select General.

5. Tap on Name under General Settings.

change name on facebook app

6. Now, you can enter new Name desired and tap on Review Change.

change facebook name using app

7. Similar to the process on Web select the order of First, last and Middle name. Enter your Facebook password and select Save changes.

change name in facebook profile

With the above methods, you can easily change Name on Facebook app as well as from Web. Now, let us dive into the second part of this tutorial which shares a trick that allows you to change Name in Facebook profile before 60 days limit enforced by Facebook.

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

Follow the steps below to change the name on facebook without waiting for 60 days.

1. Log in to Facebook account and go to Settings using the drop-down arrow at the top right corner.

2. Click on Security on the left-hand sidebar.

3. At the bottom, click on Edit to the right of Deactivate your accountClick on Deactivate your account.

Change Facebook Name before 60 days

4. Select My account was hacked as a reason for leaving.

5. Click on here or secure your account as shown in the image below.

Change Name on Facebook without waiting 60 days

6. Click on Get Started on the next screen and wait for a minute.

7. Next, click on Continue and change your Facebook password and click Next.

Change Name on Facebook before 60 days limit

8. This is the most important step. You will be shown all the names you have used with your Facebook account in the past. Select the name you wish to use and click Next.

Change name on Facebook before 60 days

9. On the next two screens, click Skip.

Finally, click on Go to News Feed and you’re done. You have successfully changed your Facebook name before 60 days limit.

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With this trick, you can change your name on Facebook without waiting for 60 days. If you found this trick useful, share it with your friends on Facebook.

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  1. it only selects names I used on FB but not a new name I wanted. How do I change my name without using the previous names I have already used?


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