SlideModel: Best Tool To Make Online Presentations

Slidemode is the best tool to make online presentations

People from all walks of life at some point in their lives have made a PowerPoint presentation.  For years, PowerPoint has emerged as a powerful presentation tool with great features that many businesses and individuals around the world value.  Today, whether you’ll close a deal or not, is your business pitch successful or were you … Read more

How To Edit A PDF Without Adobe? Learn About 5 Ways You Can Use To Do It

How to edit a PDF without Adobe

How to edit a PDF without Adobe on Mac: Double-click the PDF to open it in Preview. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button. Select the right tool for your needs. You can add text, highlight, strikethrough, or underline text, add notes, and even “delete” text by hiding it behind a white rectangle. I understand how … Read more

Ultrasona: Ultrasonic Cleaning at Home and On the Go

Ultrasona Main

This article is sponsored by Ultrasona. We received a compensation for publishing it. Everyone hates washing dishes, scrubbing laundry, and cleaning between the cracks and creases of hard-to-clean objects. Thanks to a new ultrasonic cleaner, you may never have to again. Ultrasona is a portable cleaning gadget that removes stains and kills germs with sound … Read more

FamiSafe Review: Ensure Your Kids Safety And Well-Being Anywhere Your Kids Go

FamiSafe review

Do you know any young children who already have a mobile phone? Chances are, you do. These days, kids are getting mobile devices at a younger and younger age. Unfortunately, unlike adults, children often don’t have any idea about the dangers of the internet. Being a responsible parent means that we must do what we … Read more

12 Of The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software: Top Tools To Use On Your Phone

Recover lost data iOS

Lost data on your iPhone is one of the most heart-wrenching things. Whether it’s due to a broken screen, accidental deletion, factory reset, or jailbreak failure, there’s nothing quite like losing all of the precious pictures, videos, or important notes on your iPhone.  Luckily, there are loads of great iPhone data recovery tools on the … Read more

How to Download Facebook Chat History to PC

How to Download Facebook Chat History to PC

Do you want to download Facebook Messenger conversations? Maybe you want to keep all the messages to use later or to reminisce. Or maybe you’re planning on leaving Facebook and want to save your Facebook chat history. Whatever the reason, saving your Facebook conversations is pretty easy.  Read on to learn how to download your … Read more

How To Know If Someone Is Online On WhatsApp With These Whatsapp Online Notifiers

how to know when someone comes online on Whatsapp

Do you want to learn how to determine if someone is online on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging tools in the world, and it has tons of features that let people communicate with each other. However, one of the functions that the WhatsApp app lacks is the online status function. … Read more

Upside Down Text Tool Ⅎlᴉd-Iʇ-Noʍ: How To Write Upside-down & Backwards On Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook

how to type upside down caption on Instagram post

Reverse Or Upside Down Text Generator by TechUntold Write Your Text Here: Flip Upside Down Reverse Text Your Transformed Text Is Here: Copy Transformed Text Our tool will work on iPhone and Android, as well as on your PC or Mac. So, you can use it on any of your devices. You just need a … Read more

If You Block Someone On Instagram, Will They Know?

If You Block Someone On Instagram, Will They Know?

When you block an account on Instagram, they won’t know because a blocked account is not notified when you block them. They’ll only be able to tell you’ve blocked them when they realize they cannot interact with your account anymore via tags, mentions, or messages or search for your account. Have you blocked someone on … Read more

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp In 5 Ways

How to know if someone blocked me on WhatsApp

Here’s how to know if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp: you can no longer see any updates to the person’s profile photo. Their last seen or online status in the chat window is not visible, you cannot add them to any group chats, and messages sent to them are not delivered. Did you have an … Read more