What Is WhatsApp Used For? Cheating?

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Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you via WhatsApp? Has their Whatsapp usage increased over time? Being a popular messaging app, WhatsApp can be used for a variety of things, including cheating, especially since it has features that promote privacy/secrecy. So, don’t think you’re being paranoid or pessimistic. 

I once caught an ex cheating on me with my friend via WhatsApp. It was quite devastating, and that hurt propelled me to explore how WhatsApp is used for cheating. In this guide, I will share some WhatsApp cheating tricks and show you feasible ways to catch a cheating spouse/partner

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that can be used for cheating. 
  • You can use spy apps to catch a cheater on WhatsApp
  • There are signs to look for to know if your partner is cheating, I’ll explain what these are.

The Verdict: What Is WhatsApp Used For – Cheating? 

Whatsapp app icon on the phone

WhatsApp can be used by unfaithful spouses and partners to cheat. Of course, WhatsApp was probably not created to promote infidelity in relationships and marriages. Still, cheaters are actively using it because of the presence of specific features like “Clear Chat,” “Archive Chat,” “Chat Lock,” and “Disappearing Messages,” which help them cover their tracks. Besides, it is the most widely-used messaging app, according to Statista, a global data and business intelligence platform.

Moreover, the app is free to use, and it’s easy to set up or install WhatsApp on a PC or your mobile phone (Android or iPhone). A cheating spouse or partner can use WhatsApp to text, voice call, video call, and exchange documents and media files, such as videos, audio, and pictures, with the person they’re cheating with. 

My ex and my friend nurtured a romantic relationship for over six months right under my nose via WhatsApp. They shared anything and everything, including nudes, bank account statements, etc., all through WhatsApp.

I didn’t suspect anything at first until my partner started to display some behaviors that suggested she was cheating on WhatsApp. I will discuss these WhatsApp cheating signs in the next section.   

WhatsApp Cheating Tricks/Signs: How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating

To catch a cheating spouse/partner, it’s up to you to recognize any WhatsApp tricks and subtle signs. Below are a few to look out for:

Your Partner/Spouse Suddenly Locks Their Whatsapp App Or Changes Their Password 

Your partner can lock their Whatsapp app using a password, PIN, or fingerprint (if their device has a fingerprint sensor). If they recently started to lock their WhatsApp app or suddenly change their password, it’s a sign they may be chatting intimately with someone on WhatsApp. Likewise, the case may be the same if you notice they changed their phone password or suddenly started to lock their device.

Before I found out my ex was cheating on me, I could access her WhatsApp account seamlessly, and she didn’t care, not that I was trying to spy on her or anything! But even when she started to lock her app, she always told me the passcode. 

But, one fateful day, I couldn’t open the app because she had changed the passcode and didn’t want to tell me the new one. That’s when I started to consider the possibility of her cheating on WhatsApp

Your Partner Frequently Clears Their Whatsapp Chat History 

My ex used to text my friend before we broke up, which I didn’t consider an issue. However, on three occasions, when casually going through her WhatsApp, I noticed she deleted their chat history, making it look like they never text each other. Sadly, I noticed the same thing on my friend’s WhatsApp when he gave his phone to me to check his WhatsApp settings. 

It became glaringly obvious that they had something going on and wanted to keep their messages private. If you notice that your partner frequently clears their entire WhatsApp chat history or that of a specific contact, they may be cheating on you.

They Stay Up Late Or Hide Their “Last Seen” On WhatsApp

Most cheating conversations happen at odd hours – in the dead of the night, research tells. So, if you notice your partner or spouse suddenly starts staying up late and always texting on their phone, they may be cheating on WhatsApp.

Also, because your partner doesn’t want you to know they stayed up late into the night chatting with someone, they are likely to hide their “Last Seen” on WhatsApp from everybody or specific contacts, including you. I caught my partner a couple of nights in April 2022, seriously texting on WhatsApp. When I started investigating, I discovered she was having intimate conversations with my friend all those times. 

They Always Excuse Themselves To Take WhatsApp Calls, Reply To WhatsApp Messages, Or Listen To Voice Notes

I understand that everyone needs privacy, even when with your significant other. But when it becomes consistent and unsettling, it is a red flag. A few months before we broke up, my partner always excused herself to take WhatsApp calls whenever I was with her and always used an earpiece to listen to voice notes

Such behavior was unlike her, and they only solidified my thoughts that she was cheating on WhatsApp. So, if your partner excuses themselves when a chat arrives, your fears may be valid – they could be cheating on WhatsApp.

How To Access Someone’s WhatsApp Account Remotely: Catch A Cheating Partner With Ease 

Chats tab of Whatsapp

Whether you’re looking for closure, want to alleviate your doubts, or want evidence to confront your cheating partner, the best way to go about it is to access their WhatsApp account remotely and see for yourself what exactly is going on there. I got access to my ex’s WhatsApp account for a while before I knew what was going on, and I’m glad I did. 

Doing so helped me know my place in both my ex’s and friend’s lives, which spurred my healing process. So, I’ll be sharing different ways you can access your cheating husband/wife or cheating boyfriend/girlfriend’s WhatsApp account remotely. 

Note that the methods I share below require you to have physical access to your partner’s device for at least a few hours. Additionally, these methods are feasible as long as your partner doesn’t notice that someone else has accessed their account and then terminates the connection. Therefore, you’ll have to monitor them quietly (don’t reply to any texts or take calls) to avoid any suspicions. Let’s get into it:

By Using WhatsApp Web/Desktop 

Whatsapp web/desktop is a free feature provided by WhatsApp that allows users to access their accounts via a web browser. Fortunately, you don’t have to jailbreak or root your mobile device to access your partner’s account via this method. I have also used this feature to access my partner’s WhatsApp account remotely. Take a look at the steps below to begin:

  1. Open any web browser on your PC. 

In my case, I used the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser on desktop
  1. Type “https://web.whatsapp.com/” into the web browser’s address bar. 
  2. When the page loads, you will see a unique QR code.

Leave it open.

QR code on the Whatsapp web main page
  1. Then, grab your partner’s phone and open WhatsApp. 
Whatsapp icon in the app drawer
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions on WhatsApp Desktop to set up the “Linked Device” feature on their device. 
  2. Then, scan the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp webpage.
  3. That’s it! You can now access your partner’s WhatsApp account from your PC.
Whatsapp chats on the desktop browser

Note: Your partner, (the actual owner of the WhatsApp account you want to access) can see that someone is using their account from another phone via the “Linked Devices” feature. This means they can disconnect you at any time and that may stir up more issues for you. So, I advise you to get the necessary info you need before you’re caught. 

Are you wondering how they can see that? Well, your partner can see that someone else is connected to their account by checking “Linked Devices.”

Linked devices option in the menu

They can disconnect you by tapping on the browser you linked.

Windows device linked in Whatsapp

By Linking The Target Account To Your Mobile Phone

This option is similar to the WhatsApp web method I mentioned above, as it requires using the “Linked devices” feature. The only difference is that it is done between two mobile devices rather than between a phone and a desktop computer. Also, you don’t have to root or jailbreak your device. Follow the steps below to begin:

  1. If you have WhatsApp on your phone, uninstall and reinstall it again.  

Otherwise, download the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Open it and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Then, select “Link as companion device.” 
Link as companion device option in the menu
  1. A QR code will be displayed on the screen. 

Leave it and open WhatsApp on your partner’s phone

Whatsapp icon in the app drawer
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the WhatsApp webpage to access the “Linked Devices” feature.
  2. Then, point your partner’s phone camera toward your phone screen to scan the QR code.
QR code to link as companion device
  1. When the scan is over, your partner’s WhatsApp account/messages will load on your mobile phone.
Whatsapp messages of the other device

Note: Like the first method, your partner can see that someone else is connected to their WhatsApp account from “Linked Devices.” Check the last two images in the method above to see how.   

By Using A Spy App

Spy apps are great tools for mobile phone monitoring. You can use it to catch a cheating spouse or partner on any social media app, including WhatsApp, or monitor their real-time location or live location from your PC. I have used a few of these apps to help my friends who wanted to catch a cheater, and I can tell you that they get the job done with little to no hassle. 

However, most spy apps have a subscription fee. But I personally think that paying a small fee to catch a cheating partner is actually worth it to give yourself peace of mind and gain clarity on the status of your relationship. So, if you can afford it, I advise you to take the chance. Below is my top pick.

mSpy – My Top Pick

mSpy is a mobile phone spy app you can use to access your partner’s WhatsApp account. It allows you to view and track WhatsApp messages and media on your partner’s WhatsApp account. Fortunately, you can also keep it hidden on their device after installation to avoid being caught. The mSpy spy app costs $48.99/month (monthly plan), $27.99/month (quarterly plan), and $11.66/month (annual plan)

I discovered that you need to root the target Android phone or jailbreak the iPhone/iPad to use mSpy on it. So before you start downloading, check the target device’s compatibility status on mSpy’s compatibility policy guide, and make sure you read our mSpy review to learn more about this tool. Here’s how to set up mSpy on the target phone:

  1. Get a mSpy subscription and create your account.
  2. On your dashboard/control panel, click “Add a new device.” 
Add new device button at the top right side on the mSpy dashboard
  1. Select the type of device. 
Device type selection option on the mSpy dashboard
  1. Select device manufacturer.
Device manufacturer selection option
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to disable PlayProtect on the target device.
Instructions to disable play protect on the target device
  1. Afterward, download the mSpy installer on your partner’s phone.

To do this, type “https://getmspy.net/” on any web browser on their device. 

Instructions to download mSpy installer on the phone
  1. Click the “I’m not a robot” box, and then “Download” to begin downloading.
Download button with reCAPTCHA option
  1. While it’s downloading, turn on location services.
Instructions to turn on location on the target device

Click here or here to see how to turn on location services for Android and iOS devices, respectively. 

  1. When the download is over, tap “Open” to install the app and get it running.
  2. Go back to your mSpy control panel/account, locate “WhatsApp” in the left corner of your dashboard, and start tracking your cheating wife or husband’s WhatsApp messages. 
Whatsapp option in the left side bar

Note: You can also try other spy apps like uMobix, EyeZy, iKeyMonitor, and Cocospy.  

Things You Can Do On Your Cheating Partner’s Whatsapp Account 

When you have gotten access to your partner’s WhatsApp account by any of the methods above, here are things you can do to check if they are cheating:

  • Read their WhatsApp messages: You can read every message your partner has sent and received on WhatsApp, see the sender/receiver, and check the accompanying time stamps.

However, note that every new and unread message will get a double checkmark, indicating that it has been read, which could make your partner suspect that someone has access to their WhatsApp account.

  • View their WhatsApp status: You can view all the statuses your cheating husband or wife and his/her contacts have shared. If they’ve sent out any private status, you can also view them.
  • Listen to their WhatsApp voice notes: You can listen to their WhatsApp voice conversations, check the data & time, view the duration, and other details. However, just like WhatsApp messages, every new and unplayed voice note will get a double checkmark, indicating that it has been played when you listen to it. This could raise some suspicions. So, I advise you to focus on only voice notes your partner has seen and listened to.
  • Access their WhatsApp media files: Check their WhatsApp media folders to see sent and received photos, videos, documents, and gifs over a specific time period. 


How do you know someone is guilty of cheating?

Someone may be guilty of cheating if they are defensive over the smallest things. They may also seem unusually secretive or begin to exhibit the WhatsApp cheating signs discussed above. 

Is WhatsApp used for dating?

WhatsApp is sometimes used for dating to meet the communication needs of both parties. In other words, you can use it to chat with someone you’re in a relationship with. 

What’s Next?

The things you’ll see after accessing your cheating partner’s WhatsApp account may not be pleasant. I saw and read things that left me broken after accessing my ex’s WhatsApp account. But I handled it the best way possible without causing more damage. So, I implore you not to make rash decisions. Instead: 

  • Take some time out; see a therapist or talk to someone you trust (a friend or family member). 
  • Learn more about WhatsApp and its other features if you want to make further discoveries.
  • Use mSpy to see beyond their WhatsApp account if you feel there’s more.

Drop your thoughts/questions below, and do well to share this article.

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With over 7 years in the tech industry, Oluwaniyi has transitioned from being a mere tech enthusiast to becoming a seasoned technical writer. He began writing in 2019, and has worked with esteemed tech blogs, including MakeUseOf, PrivacySavvy, and TestGorilla. Furthermore, his career reflects his desire and ability to help people navigate the tech landscape with technical pieces, including user guides and product documentations. In his free time, you can find him diving into tech newsletters or going for evening rides. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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