10 Of The Best Video Editing Tools For Instagram To Create Beautiful Videos

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Gone are the days when you could make a short video on your smartphone, download it on Instagram, and wait until new followers find it and come to you. If you have a blog or online shop on Instagram, you need to do the utmost to make it interesting, engaging, useful, and funny.  

Your videos must be interesting and catchy

Statistically, a video is considered the most effective tool for promoting your account on Instagram. Therefore, your first and foremost task is to make it interesting. 

And this is where the use of video editing tools might come in handy! If your goal is to incorporate more video content into your marketing strategy, you need a reliable and multi-featured video editing tool.

In this insightful blog post, we’ll take a deeper look at the best and most powerful tools that can help edit your raw footage and finally prepare it for publication. The modern market is overloaded with a wide array of superb video editing programs. 

Get comfortable, have a look at our list of the best video editing tools for Instagram, and choose the best one for yourself.

Video Editing Software For Instagram For Your Desktop


Movavi Home Page

When it comes to choosing the best video editing suite, we can’t pass by https://www.movavi.com/. It’s a time-proven, all-in-one video maker that enables you to create attractive videos, record tutorials, make screenshots and short marketing videos in a few clicks! What’s more – you can download it for free!

Movavi allows you to work with multimedia files everywhere. You can quickly turn your home into a big creative studio, you only need to have Movavi on your computer. Its extensive video editing suite has absolutely everything to make your videos catchy.  

You can also use its slideshow maker to create slideshows, quickly edit your family videos on your smartphone, and download them on Instagram. So far, it’s one of the best tools for video editing!

Get it here.


Magisto Home Page

The main goal of Magisto is to provide users with an extensive set of video editing features. 

To create stunning videos, you need to choose a video editing style, music, and your photos or videos that you wish to edit. By the way, Magisto features an extensive built-in music library.

This tool has also a user-friendly interface and a few templates for hassle-free video editing. You can start with its free version and upgrade for more (if necessary).

Get it here.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Home Page

It’s a superb solution for those wishing to begin with basic video editing functionality. The main goal of this application is to help you create stunning audience-ready videos for Instagram and other social networking websites

You can quickly drag-and-drop videos, add various clips, music, create catchy videos, and even memes with ease. The app comes with a host of useful features and also allows users to incorporate themes, presets, transitions, etc.

Get it here.

Video Editing Apps For Instagram For Your Phone 


InShot Home Page

It’s one of the most popular Instagram video editors, developed specifically for iOS and Android-based devices. Moreover, if you are searching for a powerful tool for editing videos on the go, InShot is the right option for you. However, its free version is limited in functionality.

In InShot, you can easily set frame size for stories, feed, or IGTV. The tool also features numerous filters and exciting effects like glitch or ghost. If necessary, you can also add stickers, text, emoji, blur the background, etc.

Then, you can either share your videos directly to IG or save them to Camera Roll and add them later.

Unfortunately, there’s one disadvantage – if you are going to use its free version, all your videos will come with its brand logo. If you want to eliminate it, you need to pay $3.00 per month.

Get it here for iPhone and Android.


Horizon Home Page

Some users of Instagram prefer recording their videos in portrait mode only because it is most suited for Instagram. But most other platforms support videos shot in horizontal. 

If your overriding purpose is to match your Twitter or YouTube videos, you should opt for Horizon as it’s the best tool that allows you to avoid shooting in portrait mode. 

And it actually doesn’t matter how you hold the camera of your smartphone. This tool helps you make sure that your videos always look professional.

Horizon can also add real-time filters to make your videos look clean. Besides, you can also shoot in 2K resolution, slow and fast motion. If you don’t know how to use the app, there’s a comprehensive in-app tutorial that can answer all your questions.

If you are an Android user, there’s a free version for you, but unfortunately, it is limited in functionality. There’s no free version for iOS users, but to use Horizon, you need to pay only $1.99 (once).

Get it here for iPhone and Android.


Boomerang Loop Video Maker Home Page

If your overriding objective is to make funny videos, Boomerang is at your disposal. 

This tool is not for making formal videos, it’s for fun mostly. With Boomerang, you can create funny GIFs for daily art inspiration and post your videos directly to Instagram. 

The application is absolutely free and very easy to set up. But unfortunately, it lacks some customization features. Remember that Boomerang is not meant for creating professional video footage for Instagram. But it’s the best tool to engage with your followers and show them how funny you can be!

Get it here for iPhone and Android.


VSCO Home Page

If you are using Instagram for a few years, you probably know this tool for photo editing. 

However, four years ago, they also created a powerful video editor – a tool for making Instagram videos. The greatest benefit of this video editing solution is that there’s a strong community where you can borrow a wide array of useful recommendations on how to make your videos more exciting and help them go viral.

So far, the VSCO Instagram video editor includes a library with 200 presets and allows its users to benefit from its powerful editing tools like borders or high-speed links. When you download VSCO, you’ll also get access to many useful tutorials on how to make your videos catchy.

VSCO also enables users to upload 4K videos up to 30 frames per second. Overall, it’s one of the most widely-used tools for editing Instagram content. It doesn’t cost too much (only $20 per year), but it comes with a myriad of superb presets.

Get it here for iPhone and Android.


WeVideo Online Video Editor Home Page

It’s a cloud-based video editing program that has millions of users today. It comes with a set of advanced options, including the capability to share 4K videos, commercially licensed music, and a plethora of editing features. But all these benefits are available for paid users. 

Its free version is limited in functionality. What’s more, there’s also a version for desktop users.

Get it here for iPhone or Android.


Splice Home Page

If you are currently looking for a multi-featured tool for making a moving collage on your smartphone, look no further. Splice is what you really need! This tool features an extensive library of music that you can use as a background for your videos. 

The functionality of this app also allows you to edit and trim various pieces of video, create a blur, or even customize transition lengths.

Overall, Splice has numerous benefits ranging from a user-friendly interface to the capability to use timeline editing with masks and layers. Moreover, there’s no watermark even for free users. However, its paid version is more expensive as compared to its competitors ($12.97 per month).

Get it here for Android.


Mixcord PicPlayPost Page

When it comes to making a video collage, you will hardly find a better tool than PicPlayPost. 

It’s a simple and user-friendly mobile app that allows you to create stunning video collages for your Instagram feed. You can also create live photos and GIFs. 4K exporting is also available. 

All in all, it’s a good solution to consider if you have already tried many video editing tools but still can’t find the best option. But beware, if you are using its free version, your videos will be watermarked. Besides, the best features are available only on the paid version!

Get it for iPhone.

Final Words

The web is overloaded with creativity websites and photo/video editing tools. 

Wrapping up, we can see that the choice of video editing tools is broad. You only need to choose the one that mostly suits your requirements – to create a professional video for Instagram or a funny GIF to entertain your followers. 

Use one of these best video editing tools for Instagram for preparing your catchy Instagram video for publication!

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Tech editor and senior writer Michael Duong is passionate about technology and innovation. He codes open-source projects and plays quiz games in his free time. An expert in his field and an avid learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology. His specialization is mobile security and mobile data safety. Follow Michael on Twitter and Github.

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