7 Best Marine Engineering Apps For Mariners

There’s a lot on the plate when it comes to seafarers world. Whether it’s rules, navigation, ports, news, reports, and so on. To gain knowledge about all these things, for example, learning about the abbreviations related to the marine life and other things, we have come up with best marine engineering apps that cover all these … Read more

7 Best Package Tracking Apps To Never Miss A Delivery

Have you ordered something online? Or about to receive any package via courier. Then you must always wonder where your product has reached or when it will get delivered. Couriers are sent through various companies and each of them has different delivery time and conditions. These couriers have a tracking number with help of which you … Read more

12 Of The Best Handwriting To Text Apps For Android And iOS Users

Did you know that there are apps out there that can capture an image and convert the text present in them into a digital text file? Or, instead of the typical typing keyboard, you can write the text yourself. And, you can also make notes by writing using your fingers or the stylus and save … Read more

7 Best SMS Organizer Apps To Keep A Tab On Your Messages

Managing notifications on our smartphones can be messy sometimes. There are so many of them at a time that we tend to miss some of our important texts and SMS. We get texts from companies or advertisements which are annoying and due to that, we may ignore the genuine ones. It becomes hard to track which … Read more

7 Of The Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Heart

Smartphones have made our life so easy in many aspects. Connecting to our loved ones, capturing moments, even helping us to keep track of our health and fitness. Nowadays smartphones allow us to keep a check on our activities and our body. Similarly, Heart rate monitor apps for Android and iPhone will let you have … Read more

10 Best Alarm Apps For Heavy Sleepers On Android & iPhone

Best Alarm apps Android iPhone

Waking up can be hard. Especially when most of us spend our nights just browsing and surfing on our smartphones. Though there are multiple alarm clocks available in both Android and iTunes market, yet they are not enough for heavy sleepers. For them, there’s an extra requirement which can either force or motivate them to … Read more