5 Best ATM Locator Apps To Find Cash Vending Machines Near You

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Let’s say that you are planning for an outing to a completely new location or you are in a different city. And you want to find out the ATMs nearby you to withdraw cash or even check your balance. For that reason, we have come up with the best ATM locator apps for Android so that you don’t have to worry about running out of options while hunting for cash.

Find ATMs Near You With These ATM Locator Apps

1. ATM Locator | Cash Machine Finder

ATM Locator Cash Machine Finder

With this app, users can find the nearest ATMs available based on their location. The app displays the number of ATMs in the list format as well as on the map. In the List tab, you will find 10 nearby ATMs along with approximate distance in miles and on the Map, the ATMs will be pinned on the map with the initial of the Bank name. To have the information of an ATM on the map, you can tap on the desired pin. You can also click on Google Maps icon to find the directions to a particular ATM.

There are two versions of this app available. One is free and the other is the PRO version. After buying and unlocking the Pro features, you will be able to change the distance measuring unit and also search for more number of ATMs being displayed which is 10 in the free version.

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2. ATM Finder ATM Locator

ATM Finder ATM Locator app

This is a similar app like the ATM Locator but with much better tweaks. Just like I mentioned earlier in the above app, you can check out the nearest ATMs either in the List view or the Map view. But here, there is no limit to the number of cash machines being displayed like the above app. Additionally, you can change the radius of the search parameter in the MAP view. The default distance unit is in Kilometers in this app which you cannot change.

Apart from all these features, you can also filter or sort the results on the basis of nearest ATM first, farthest ATM first, alphabetical order and reverse alphabetical order. And if you want then you can also search these machines by entering the pin code of the region that you want.

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3. Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Not only this app lets you find the nearby located ATMs but also the Banks. The number of ATMs that this app display is quite less as compared to the other two apps that I have mentioned earlier. Users can tap on the ATM and it will redirect them to the Google Map so that they can easily find the directions to that particular ATM.

Apart from ATMs, you can also find Bank branches by simply entering the name of the bank, state, district and the branch name. This app even lets you find the bank by entering its IFSC code. Through this feature, you will be able to find the address of the desired branch easily.

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4. Walnut

Walnut - ATM search

The reason behind mentioning this app is because of so many features it provides. First of all, you can find the ATMs near your location by tapping on the Active ATMs Around which will open a Map. You will also be able to help other users or your friends by sharing information about ATM with cash through Social Media platforms and SMS apps.

Apart from the ATM features, this is a perfect app to manage and monitor all your expenses on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can set a budget that you do not intend to surpass and the app will automatically notify you with every expense you make whether if it’s cash withdrawal, online shopping, money transfer, and so on.

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5. Nearby ATM

Nearby ATM - best ATM locator apps

As usual, this app will display all the ATMs in your nearby areas along with their distance from your location. And you can also view these ATMs on Map so that you won’t face any issues in finding the directions.

But, what I personally liked about this app is its method to constantly upgrade the user experience. If you find any ATM that is not listed in this app then you can manually add it. Obviously it won’t be listed right away, still, it is a good way to make the app better for every user by providing your feedback.

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Apart from these ATM locator apps, I also tried some apps through which you can find the ATM machines with cash. But unfortunately, those were not working in my country (India), not even picking up the pin code of my region. Therefore, we have listed the best ATM locator apps only.

Let us know which one works best for you in the comments section!

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