8 Best RSS Reader Apps For Android, iOS, Mac & Windows

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Are you someone who likes to be updated with the news and other blogs but hate surfing the Internet to find new things? Then RSS feeds are what you should be looking for. Most of you may already know what RSS is but to give an overview, RSS is s simple page or feed that shows you information from multiple sites in a single place. It can be read with the help of RSS readers for multiple platforms.

It curates content online from your desired websites, blogs or news and shows all the updated information from that page. You no longer have to visit multiple websites and waste a lot of time. It can be said that it will deliver new content to you rather than you searching for it.

To read the RSS feeds, you can use RSS readers. These will let you browse the content of all the possible websites, blogs, news conveniently. So without further ado, let’s have a look at these best RSS reader apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Best RSS Readers

1. RSS Reader

RSS Reader - RSS reader apps

With this app, you can be updated with RSS feeds from various sites and their URLs. To start reading the feed, you have to enter the URL feed of the website and check the given options below if necessary. The best part about this app is that once it downloads the webpage information and retrieves all the required data, it can be seen offline without any internet connections, even the images.

Apart from this, you can search for RSS feeds if you don’t know the URL. Just put the keyword for the desired topics and it will show all the available feeds. It allows grouping the feeds as per your choices to make them easy to access. At last, you can mark your favorite articles and the ones you have read. This way you can check all the read, favorite and unread feeds separately if required.

Download RSS Reader

2. Feedly

Feedly - Best RSS reader android

Feedly is one of the best RSS readers apps for both Android and iOS. This app is best for those people who like to be updated with tech news, blogs, and other online websites. Here, you can select the desired platform from where you would like to get the news and updates from. It has a list of various topics like tech, marketing, fashion, sports and many more.

For all these topics there are different sources from which you can select as preferred. Or you can also search for any other feeds by title, URL or topics. Feedly will show all the latest feeds and updates from the selected topics. You have to keep swiping up to check all the pages and at last, mark it as read. Just like the above app, you can make groups and check all the previously read articles.

Download Feedly from Play Store | Download Feedly from App Store

3. Inoreader – News App & RSS


This is similar to the above app as it will also let you read the feeds from various websites and blogs in just one place. Here you can select from the given list of trusted websites and blogs from which you want to keep yourself updated. Just like Feedly, here you will get various topics, and for these topics, you can select the feeds that you prefer.

Download Inoreader from Play Store | Download Inoreader from App Store

4. Feed Wrangler

Feed Wrangler - Best RSS reader iOS

Feed Wrangler is really a great RSS reader app as it has the simplest interface making it much easier to use. You can add feeds, websites and even your favorite podcasts. This app is available only for the iOS platform, but it can also be accessed through web browsers.

It keeps all the feeds, the ones that are unread and the videos in different sections in iPhones. This makes it easy to surf and browse through different categories of feeds that you have to read. The only downside to this app is that you have to buy subscriptions to use the tools for managing your RSS feeds.

Download Feed Wrangler | Visit Feed Wrangler

5. Reeder 3

Reeder - Best RSS reader Mac

This RSS Reader for Mac is a little advanced from the others in the list. Not only you can manage your local RSS feeds, but sync with other RSS platforms like Feedly, Feed Wrangler, NewsBlur etc. from this app. You can customize its layout with various themes and even share the contents via multiple social and messaging sites. Though it is available on both the iPhone and Mac, it is much better to use it in the Mac as keyboard allows to control it in a much better way.

Download Reeder for iOS | Download Reeder for Mac

6. FeedBucket

Feedbucket - RSS reader online

FeedBucket is an RSS reader online platform for reading and managing your various RSS feeds. Here you can enter the URL for the desired feed and it will open it for you. You can create an account or use it without one. While you can read the feeds directly, creating an account will help you in managing them and other various topics that you have read or want to read.

Visit FeedBucket

7. NewsBlur


With NewsBlur, you can be updated with news regarding different topics and genres. It allows adding feeds either from the URL or by searching from any of the desired topics. You will see all the curated feeds of various websites and blogs for the keyword that you have searched for.

This app will let you have a check on all the stories for the topics that you have selected. You can see all the feeds you have added and the ones that are yet to be read by tapping on the dedicated button at the bottom of the screen. Apart from all this, you can share any desired article or see the articles shared by other users around the globe and save any of them. It will show you how many articles you have shared or saved so that you can keep a check on all of them. It can be used on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Download NewsBlur from Play Store | Download NewsBlur from App Store

8. Fedora Reader

Fedora reader

If you are looking for the best RSS reader for Windows that will let you read the feed on your PC, then Fedora Reader is for you. You can download this RSS reader from Microsoft Store for free. It allows adding RSS feeds via URL or selecting from the vast numbers of curated topics and feeds. You can even mark your favorite articles in case you want to access them in the future.

You can allow it to run in the background and it will update all the topics that you have selected on its own. This is a free application, but if you want to use any other RSS reader for Windows then you can buy Nextgen reader from the Microsoft Store.

Download Fedora Reader

Best RSS Reader Apps That You Can Try

All these apps listed above will let you read your favorite RSS feeds and stay updated with various news, websites or blogs. The RSS readers are available for different platforms as mentioned. Feed Wrangler is the best RSS reader for iOS, Reeder for Mac, Feedly for Android and Fedora for Windows PC. You can also access some of these RSS readers like Feedly, Inoreader etc. from web browsers making them flexible to use across many platforms. And in case you just need an online RSS reader which is simple to use then you can go for Feed Bucket.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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